Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The Re-Branding


    Thinking back to 2013 and 2014 when this "formally known as a blog" began as an outlet to showcase talent that may not otherwise be widely known through the passion of music, it was branded with a couple of logos that were simple for identification. For lack of better words, those logos just stuck around as the BB Media Industries umbrella grew with projects over the years.  The decision to keep creating content through the reviews, artist highlights, and other text that has garnered traffic over the years in 2023 needed to align with the overall Re-Branding of the media company. Therefore, please see the new logo/poster and banner presented here.

Friday, June 30, 2023

Album Review: 'The Rabbit Hole Circus' by Markus Schulz


    First let me address "the elephant in the room", it has been awhile since a new Album Review was published here, and after much deliberation about the content creation on The Love of Music Project under the BB Media Industries umbrella, it seems appropriate to continue.  

    If you are new or have not checked out a post on The Love of Music Project yet, WELCOME! As you may know, the music industry has been changing in certain ways for years, and the recent world pandemic has been adding to the suspense by artists and fans. Markus Schulz has been featured many times here over the years due to B.B.'s appreciation for his artistry and dedication to his craft. Therefore, as his NINTH album has been released today June 30, 2023, let's review all tracks of 'The Rabbit Hole Circus'.

  1. "Death of a Star" featuring HALIENE: This isn't the first track these two have collaborated on and those previous tracks were much more anthemic in the electronic dance scene. However, this slower tempo track is great to begin the album as a warm up. It is refreshing to listen to HALIENE's vocals in a different way than before. 
  2. "Stay Gold" featuring Melody Mane: Another slower tempo track to continue with the "warm up" of the album. Melody Mane's vocals mesh with the overall vibe of the track. 
  3.  "Light On" featuring Sarah de Warren: A new turning point on the album with a longer introduction followed by a delightful mix of vocals and vibes. A testament to good songwriting as these vocal tracks continue. 
  4. "Eternally" featuring Diandra Faye: The FIRST single off of this album that has been on playlists, live sets, and the Global DJ Broadcast in the anticipation of the entire album. This track provides upbeat vibes as you continue on the journey of the album. 
  5. "Stolen" featuring Pretty Poison: A personal favorite track off of the album as the "old school" 1980's feeling provides a groovy vibe for any music aficionado to enjoy. 
  6. "More Than This" featuring Dan Soleil: For those aware or unaware of the "dark, twisted, and wonderful" of the "Rabbit Hole" after hours of Markus's live DJ sets, then this track is perfection for the overall goal of this album. 
  7. "Guide Me" featuring Shaun Jacobs: As the track title suggests, you can't help but marvel in the joyous ecstasy that it provides. This track provides a mix of trance and techno that has become a staple of Markus's music prowess. If you aren't dancing, why? 
  8. "I Fly to You" featuring Radmila Lolly: Let's just keep that "dark, twisted, and wonderful" passion going shall we? For those constantly debating the semantic merit of "melodic techno vs. trance", does the label really matter once the operatic vocals kick in? This track is another personal favorite for it's sheer intricacies. 
  9. "Voiceless":  A brilliant addition to that "Rabbit Hole" passion that has resonated throughout Markus's career in weaving techno and big room trance for us to revel in as we dance. 
  10. "Till We Fade" featuring Emma Hewitt: Another FANTASTIC collaboration by these two that is perfect for the album. As of this review, a personal favorite collaboration of both of their careers. 
  11. "Liquid Night": In keeping with the "Rabbit Hole" fun as described before, the track title makes complete sense as you listen. It's dark, twisted, and wonderful for your soul. 
  12. "Waves of High" featuring Adina Butar: Another brilliant track collaboration by this couple to finish on a high note (pun intended). 
Overall, this album is a masterpiece by Markus and company, and in all honesty feels more true to Markus than the previous album released in 2020 'Escape'.  It encompasses the experience Markus brings when you attend an open to close solo set where ever possible in the world. Whatever your music streaming platform of choice, please save and add these tracks to your playlists! 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Content Creation is the Name of the Game


    For those unaware, this "blog" has been around for many years. In the previous post, it was going to shift to streams on Twitch, but due to the saturation of content creation these days, that was scrapped for the moment.  As we all know by now, there are so many platforms for content creation, it's hard to pin point the best one for what you are trying to accomplish. As this is under the BB Media Industries umbrella, and with the focus on music more than ever with the brand, this "medium" is here to stay.  

    The remainder of 2022 is going to be spent researching ways to help promote musicians/artists who continue to release create art through promotion here and perhaps advertising operations through BB Media Industries. This will be in conjunction of the conversations through Trending Topics with BB podcast. Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning this space! 

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Switching to Twitch


At the beginning of November 2021, the idea to keep The Love of Music Project alive came to light with the advent of technology and platforms.  As this is a project under the BB Media Industries umbrella, it just made sense to repurpose this space from just a blog post host to other possibilities. So, the idea to make this a specifically branded Twitch stream with the ever growing popularity with content creation on Twitch has begun.  The first TWO streams were recorded, but in order to gain access to them, you must join the BB Media Industries Discord server

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Album Review: 'Different' by Ruben de Ronde

If you are an avid listener and/or viewer of A State of Trance radio show, you have heard the name Ruben de Ronde as Armin van Buuren's co-host.  Ruben has made a name for himself as a great trance producer and DJ over the years. The launch of his own label Statement! under Armada has been welcomed by the trance music community as a nice addition to other labels and artist endeavors.

'Different' encompasses a multitude of progressive, vocal, and uplifting trance tracks with great collaboration both in production as well as through community ideas. As explained by Ruben in a previous ASOT episode, production ideas were implemented while streaming on Twitch, and in turn created a "different" environment to create the album. This non-traditional approach created a great all around trance album worthy of your support.


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mix Compilation Review: 'Magic Island Vol. 9' by Roger Shah

Every Summer, fans and artists of electronic dance music descend on the Spanish island Ibiza for the International Music Summit, club residencies, and overall magical sunrises and sunsets. In fact, beaches around the world have become destinations for more than the obvious. That is why Roger Shah's Balearic sounds have resonated for years for fans of electronic dance music.

'Magic Island Vol.9' truly encompasses the progressive and Balearic vibes relaxing by a beach or imagining you are relaxing by a beach entails. Each track is magnificently mixed together for a journey to relaxation and hope.  Just like 'In Search of Sunrise' by DJ Tiesto and company did for the trance genre, 'Magic Island' keeps positive vibes alive. Please support this compilation via any method or platform of your choice! 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Album Review: 'Moons of Jupiter' by GAIA

In Trance music, DJ/Producer's aliases can be just as respected as their original names as it gives both the artists and fans the chance to embrace new creativity. Despite attempts to keep the identity of who GAIA really are a mystery based on performances in dark robes, the collaboration of Armin van Buuren & Benno de Goeij has become quite revered in electronic dance music, more importantly trance music.

'Moons of Jupiter' embraces ambient, melodic techno, and trance sounds both artists have explored via solo careers, but as GAIA, the journey they have created to honor space exploration and Jupiter's moons is quite brilliant. The connection between space and trance music has continued to intrigue and puzzle fans of the genre. As explored on this blog before, a complete album as a "mix cut" allow for a complete experience as they performed the album live before it was actually an album. You are encouraged to listen to the album in it's entirety to get the full experience, and perhaps more than once.  The long wait for this album has been well worth it, and please support the album via the many avenues and platforms available.