Friday, November 7, 2014

Album Review:The LoBros "defy the usual music"

When embarking on a musical career in college, you never know what it will bring. So when asked to review an album that has been in the works by friends from college who you know are talented, it has come down to this post.
Disclaimer: Yes, I could be a little bias as I have a respect for hardworking musicians, and the Saxophone.

The LoBros can be found on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube.  They recently just celebrated the release of their album "defy the usual music".

Let us just dive right into the sound, shall we? The "Prelude to Funk" introduces the album nicely with the emphasis on the groove by the rhythm section, but highlights the horn players through their intricate solos. "Friends" shows the range of creativity as much, as ease between the music as well as vocals to bring the theme of the song to its head. Congrats on tempo changes to switch between genres on this song!  "Little Symphony" is basically an ironic classification of this song as the sound is huge, yet sustained. The Bass solo is a great way to "defy the music" in this song.

"Too Pooped to Pop" is a funky song with great saxophone features, and "perfect" vocals to tie the melody to your ears for that continuous urge to sway or even dance to the music. The control of sound from the trombonists matches the grooves from the saxophones. How can you NOT want to dance to this song? "Agnus Dei" hit your ears with a Latin feel, yet the melodic lines from the lead saxophone keep you guessing on each genre the song highlights. The overall sound, or in this case, the "defy of the usual music" showcases the ease to which talented musicians can transition between sounds. "Final Bow" sounds like a song that you would hear on the radio of popular music. The grooves keep you on your toes, and the dark yet optimistic tones from the flawless horn sound of each trombone and saxophone. (I urge you to listen for yourself, and interpret the song.)  This song highlights the keyboards and piano well adding just that much more to the overall sound.

"Castrum Osse" is that ballad you would expect on an album to begin with,  however this isn't your average ballad. It's much more than that. It's has a Jazz infused intro, followed by a funky groove, with instances of Blues to keep your heart yearning for more. The groove change to the Bass, with another melody hit you with surprise, but that good kind of surprise.

What sets this album apart? The arrangements of each song!

To this point, there has been a breakdown of each song, however, YOU need to pick up a copy of this album. This album really shows that labor of love between honing on your craft, and passion to produce an honest album for all of those authentic music seeking fans out there. Too many a time an album like this can be swept under the rug with the state of the music industry these days.

Congrats and shout out to The LoBros for reiterating how important studying, practicing, and collaborating with like minded individuals can create an album that needs to be listen to again, and again!