Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Concert Review: 20/20 Experience by Justin Timberlake

There could be an elaborate analysis of the concert in Phoenix, Arizona December 2nd at US Airways Center, however, it has been done already. (I will just share a couple of photos from my experience, as well as a great review from Melissa Fossum of the Phoenix New Times.)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Album Review: "Marshall Mathers LP 2" by Eminem through L*A*W


On his new album "MMLP2", Eminem takes it back to basics by stripping down his usual heavy orchestrated beats to give his excellent lyricism, spellbinding wordplay & maniac flow the spotlight especially with songs like my favorite "Rap God" where he basically goes into beast mode. My other favorites "Rhyme Or Reason", "Survival", "Asshole" & "Brainless" which pretty much solidifies how much Em has allllllways stood & represented Real Hip-Hop regardless of his mega super-stardom & winning Oscars/Grammys. Em recognizes the lack of creativity & potent lyricism in Hip-hop & he supplies that need viciously with this album ! 

 Eminem should also get an award for the best & smartest collaborations which he has been doing since his first album. Rihanna shows up again on the very future classic "The Monster" & of course, the brilliant "Love Game" with the one & only Kendrick Lamar. Overall, "MMLP2" is a combination of his last 2 releases which were "Recovery" & "Relapse" which in my personal opinion I thought were still excellent albums though many other critics didn't agree & it was all depending on what they was basing it off of especially since Eminem pretty much was outshining other artists on their own songs when he guest appeared during that run of those 2 albums. "MMLP2" also proves that age will never ever have nothing to do with skill level...Em is 41 & still raps circles around the 99% climate of today's younger MC's...and to top it off, HE WENT PLATINUM AGAIN. NUFF SAID ! 

L*A*W can be found on Twitter @planet12law. On Google+ +lawrence worrell.  For all information visit  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Album Review: "ARTPOP" by Lady Gaga

ARTPOP the long awaited album by Lady Gaga. Where should we begin? Well, suppose track one "Aura".  It begins with a guitar melody followed by a catchy percussion beat.  Then comes Gaga's vocals and lyrics introducing what is to come on the album.  It's clear that the break, although from a tour injury, allowed the Lady Gaga we all fell in love with when "Fame" was released suited her well.

Set aside the costumes, Lady Gaga can sing, write great music, and is original.  The comparisons to artists before her should only come from her goal to create art in a new and different way.  Now back to the album itself. Track two of "Venus" incorporates great vocals with great back up melodies.  Introduces more of the subject matter ARTPOP is really about. The next track of "G.U.Y" is up for individual interpretation, but more about the give and take by men in women in relationships. "Sexxx Dreams" just dives lyrically into the subject, and basically does not hold back about the subject.

From past work such as "Fame Monster", collaborations with Lady Gaga is not new, and adds to her style. "Jewels 'N' Drugs" featuring T.I.,Too Short, Twista is brilliant, because their rhymes coincide with her vocals really well. Nice to bring back the fast paced rhymes from Twista.  T.I. and Too Short don't disappoint either.  "MANICURE" incorporates that Lady Gaga charm of upbeat vocals and music.  However, it is not about your average manicure, just listen to the lyrics.

"Do What You Want" first of all brings an old school vibe to the album by R. Kelly's feature.  The song has currently gained approval from radio and the masses as it has turned out to be a top hit.  Check out their performance from Saturday Night Live. The give and take from Lady Gaga and R. Kelly meshes flawlessly. Then again the subject matter is more on the mature sense.

"ARTPOP" is an upbeat, yet the abnormal vibe of the song gets you shaking your head or any other body parts. By listening carefully, Lady Gaga's vocals work.  Instead of the auto-tuned world we live in, you can tell the vocals are RAW.  "Swine" well is an intelligent take on people being the pigs they are when it comes to art and sex, to be blunt. "Donatella" is an interesting song about the finer things in life, and well brings an accent to the album. "Fashion!" continues to tackle to the world of caring so much about appearance in society. What is your interpretation?  The piano at the beginning of the song proves that Lady Gaga comes from an musician point of view.

"Mary Jane Holland" is a personal song from Lady Gaga. Perhaps her recent interview with BBC would better explain where she is coming from with the song.

Moving on to the last, but not least few songs on the album. "Dope" is a great song with the same vocal quality as the songs before.  "Gypsy" continues on the theme of the eccentric vibe that suits Lady Gaga and the album well. It's interesting that "Applause" the mega hit off of the album, and first released single, is the last song on the album.  However, it works after listening to the songs previously mentioned.

Congrats Lady Gaga on your hit album. You deserve some Applause for ARTPOP!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Album Review: 'Word of Mouth" by The Wanted

Yes, suddenly need to share my thoughts on the LONG awaited album by The Wanted. Why? You ask. Well, to be honest, this blog is about THE MUSIC, I want to give my honest opinion. (As if I am really qualified music critic. Yet some people enjoy my opinions)

Let's just re-live LONG.  Yes, it has taken two years for this album to finally be released. Why is this significant? Well, The Wanted was formed in 2009, and the popularity has grown significantly worldwide.  They began with school tours all over the U.K., Europe, and other places, then the tours have become bigger and better.  You are asking why you should pick up a album by a "boyband" when there is so much out there? Well, The Wanted aren't your average boyband. They realized they aren't about choreographed dance moves is not their style. The Wanted focus on the music and their vocals.

Well, each member can play instruments as well as sign. Nathan has a well ranged voice with his pianist ability. Max's voice is delightful, along with his ability to play the bass guitar. Tom has a great upper ranged voice with great electric guitar skills. Siva has a lower, but beautiful voice along with guitar skills. Last, but certainly not least Jay has a great upper range voice with percussion skills. With their musicianship, comes great personalities and need for the music ti be good quality. Despite pressure from their record label, and management, the took the time to spearhead the making of their album.

With the time passing over the years, The Wanted released singles from albums not worldwide released.  With the worldwide success of "Glad You Came" , "All Time Low", "Walks Like Rihanna", and the new singles "We Own the Night" & "Show Me Love" the accolades were sure to come. 2013 has also brought a People's Choice Award  to their list of victorious events. The TWFanmily (name of their fans) has grown all over the world, so the anticipation of a worldwide released album and tour has grown.

The album titled "Word of Mouth" has met expectations. It begins with "We Own the Night", which carries the party anthem feel good song they have released before. "In the Middle" is an upbeat yet poignant song with great lyrics.  The inclusion of hit singles "I Found You", "Walks Like Rihanna", & "Glad You Came" is great.  However, those aren't the best songs on the album.  "Summer Alive" is a great party song about that feeling during the Summer. "Glow in the Dark" is another party anthem sure to get clubs banging granted DJs add this song to their mixes. "Everybody Knows", "Love Sewn" are lyrically mature songs that obviously was coming from personal experiences the lads have had over the years. "Running Out of Reasons", "Could this Be Love", & "If We're Alright" add the the lyrically and musically poignant writing The Wanted and their producers worked together over two years. "Demons" is a great song about the angst the male psyche can experience. "Drunk On Love" changes the tone of the album with a fun useful party song.

 Ending the deluxe version of the album is "Heartbreak Story".  Yes, the song title alone stirs you in THAT direction. Granted the song was written by Max and Jay, Jay to start off the song by singing flawlessly just worked. The rest of the band lends their best vocals as well, and the break in the song with the great piano sound, you immediately remember and know Nathan is the reason.  The lyrics and the music were intertwined like a vine around a pole.  Anybody who listens to this song will relate and probably end up in tears by the end of the song.  Live performances on the upcoming world tour will become a moment everybody attending remembers.  Just listen to this song!

Whether or not you are fan of The Wanted, give this album a listen from the first song to the last.  You may be surprised by the quality and understand why it took two years to make.

Congratulations Max, Nathan, Tom, Sivan, and Jay on your new and best album YET!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


A few of you have asked where my inspiration to become a musician came from. In 2003 I bought a general admission ticket to a Springsteen concert, got lucky and ended up against the stage right below his mic stand. I didn't know what to expect as I had only ever listened to his music on the radio. Little did I know I was in for the rock n roll experience of a lifetime. From the moment he took the stage, strummed the first chord to The Rising I was hooked. The intense energy that buzzed through that arena was absolutely incredible! We were all invited to go on a musical journey with he and his band. The power of Bruce's storytelling through his voice, his musicianship on the guitar and raw emotion was really quite amazing. I knew that night I wanted to tell stories as well. 
So I picked up a guitar not to long after that and began to teach myself to play and I wrote and wrote and wrote. I heard Johnny Cash say once in an interview that if you don't believe in the story you're telling as a singer then why would you expect anyone else to believe it? As a singer songwriter I live by that quote and apply it every time I play. That night in a packed house in Charlotte, NC. Bruce believed every story he told and so did the other 20,000 people. That's inspiring and for me it was life changing. Who knew that 10 years later I would be on the same album as Bruce? ONE Campaign's Agit8 Protest Song album. Hard work and belief in a dream does pay off.......

Ryan Van Sickle is a brilliant singer-songwriter who can be found at Follow him on Twitter @Ryan_VanSickle. Follow him on Google+ at +Ryan Van Sickle.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Package Tour: A Review by @heatherk330

The Package Tour is one that is filled with the music of the 1990’s, Boyz II Men,

98 Degrees and of course, New Kids on the Block (also known as NKOTB).   For the

Rosemont concert on 7/18, one of three concerts I’ll be attending on the tour, the

audience got three hours of fun and bit of nostalgia.  For me the day began with a 5 Star

VIP package which included a Meet and Greet.  The way the Meet and Greets operate

is that you get into a group of ten, many fans try to form groups prior to the show to

ensure they can stand by their favorite, and get to meet the guys in that group.   Now

every fan has their favorite, many refer to it as being a “insert their name here” girl

(personally I’m a Donnie girl), but each one of the guys usually holds a special place in

the hearts of their fans (myself included).

One thing I will certainly say, is that these five men do not disappoint up close

and in person.  Even in a few short moments of meeting the group and taking pictures

they make you feel as if you are the only person in the room during that brief moment.

They are happy to see their fans, and when they say they love their fans and appreciate

everything that we do for them, you can feel it.  Some will say that they can be rendered

speechless upon meeting them, which I can certainly relate.  Meeting the group you've

loved and enjoyed since you were a child in person can certainly do that.

After the VIP experience, I got to the hardest part of the night: waiting.  With

plenty of other fans around (NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men) you always have

someone to talk to.  I met some fans who had traveled from Europe just to see the

tour, others that had been to multiple shows just because they couldn’t get enough.

It’s easy to see how NKOTB fans (or Blockheads as we are also called) become friends

even though we may live on opposite sides of the country or around the world.  There’s

always something to talk about, whether it’s the possibility of a cruise for 2014 (yes,

there is an NKOTB cruise), which song is their favorite on 10 or what surprises might be

in store for us.

The concert in and of itself is an experience.  NKOTB’s set begins with the pledge

(as recited by Donnie Wahlberg) that we all repeat, “I do hereby pledge to spend the

next two hours having the time of my life.  I leave all the drama, all my worries, and all

my fears behind me.  I promise to celebrate tonight like there is no tomorrow.  For this

is my night! I worked hard for this night, I deserve this night!  I earned this night and

together we own tonight!” This leads immediately into “We Own Tonight,” the opening

track from their newest album 10.

There are of course their most popular songs, like “Hangin’ Tough” and “The

Right Stuff” and ones from The Block like “Summertime” and “Single.”  Mixed in with

songs from 10 like “Remix (I Like The)” and “Survive You.”  However, there are also

moments where each member gets to showcase their talent.  “Survive You” is a perfect

example as each member gets their own moment during the song, which elicits cheers

and applause from everyone.  Goosebumps and shivers are prevalent during Joe

McIntyre’s performance of “Please Don’t Go Girl,” showing just how much “the Kid”

(as Donnie playfully calls him) has grown up into a performer.  Jordan Knight gets to

showcase his incredible vocal range in “Kiss” and “Tender Love.”  One moment where

you may hear the loudest screaming is during “Cover Girl,” when Donnie happens to

tear off his shirt.  Danny Wood break dances, which is always a fan favorite, and Jon

Knight just has a blast on stage, but also gets his moment with crowd renditions of

“Sweet Caroline” being turned into “Sweet Jonathan.”

During all of the songs, the energy is electric, and fans are on their feet from

beginning to end.  There is really no sitting down at a NKOTB concert and no bad seats in

the arena. In what seems like the blink of an eye, you begin to hear Dropkick Murphy’s

“I’m Shipping Up to Boston” and know that sadly, the end of the night is here.  The band

dons their Boston jerseys (sometimes the Red Soxs, in this case the Boston Bruins) and

begins the closing number “Hangin’ Tough.”  For some, after the concert comes the

After Party experience.

In some cities, some lucky fans are able to go purchase tickets to the After Party

that takes place at the venue.  The party is usually hosted by Donnie Wahlberg and Boyz

II Men, with special appearances from other members of NKOTB.  (The Rosemont one

also included Danny, Jordan, and Jon.)  This part of the night begins with a quick photo

op before the partying begins.  The guys tend to circulate around the room, taking

pictures and mingling with fans, but a party hosted by Donnie is definitely one that you

should go to if the chance arises.  The best thing about the After Party is not only getting

to meet other fans but also seeing the band have fun off the stage.  Jon takes a turn

being the DJ, Donnie makes sure the party does not stop, and the energy from during

the concert continues on into the After Party.

If you've never been to a New Kids on the Block concert, it’s an event you will

not forget.  While they may have been around for 25 years, it’s as if the feeling from the

first time you heard one of their songs on the radio, or saw them in person comes back

ten-fold.  Thankfully, fans get to relive a piece of this through the new release of “The

Whisper” music video which was filmed during several concerts.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Magna Carta Holy Grail Vs Yeezus by Planet12LAW

Ladies & Gentlemen.....

Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Vs Kanye West's "Yeezus"


Kind of crazy since Jay is partly responsible for Kanye's career while Kanye is the ONLY artist left from the massive MC/Artist collective that was once known as Rockafella. We have seen both these artists changed the hip-hop landscape in the last few years individually and with the classic "Watch The Throne", they did together. But thanks to Kanye's recent Papparazi attack, it brought the already popular opinion on his album to the forefront: YEEZUS IS WACK and I personally felt that Kanye did this stunt to bring more attention to the failing album which even had low 1st week sales after a groundbreaking worldwide building projections as well as a Saturday Night Live. The album itself is seen Kanye trying to adapt dark black lyrical philosophy to hard electronica based beats.

It's almost like he purposely tries to go there lyrically with a song "New Slaves" to show & prove that his partnership with Kim Kardashian hasnt softened him. For me, only 3 tracks out of the 10 stand out and my theory still remains: KANYE'S LAST BEST ALBUM WAS "GRADUATION"

Jay-Z......HAS DONE IT YET AGAIN !! While Kanye tries to explore new territory, JAY TAKES IT BACK TO RAW EDGE HIP-HOP ESSENCE !
Having Pharrell, Rick Rubin, Timbaland & Swizz Beats all in the same room producing tracks simultaneously is a statement within itself.

Jay addresses everything from Miley Cyrus Twerking to His Daughter in the same cool but rugged demeanor that made him who he is with no compromise. He even got tracks like "Crown" & "F*** Wit Me" that appeal to the current climate of Hip-Hop production but Hov displays his wit, sharp classic  cadence & still illmatic rhymes that complement the tracks. He's always had the ability to adapt in a current state of mind while not abandoning the basic components of his recording style

AND THE WINNER IS.....HOV ! #MagnaCartaHolyGrail

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Love of Music Project Vlog #1

L*A*W PAYS HOMAGE TO KRIS KROSS (Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelly RIP)

It was the So So Def Records Anniversary in honor of its mogul/founder Jermaine Dupri who launched the label that would end up becoming a powerhouse in the 90’s all the way to the mid-2000’s in a very competitive industry. Though members of Xscape, Da Brat & other artists who were signed to the label or benefited from Jermaine’s production like Usher, Lil Jon, Dem Franchise Boyz & many others, THE MAIN BUZZ FOR THAT NIGHT WAS THE REUNION OF KRIS KROSS. After years of You Tube Footage & interviews which showed the trailblazing former teen rap duo in their separate different directions, many fans had been waiting to see Mack Daddy (Chris Kelly) & Daddy Mack (Chris Smith) in their adult stages performing the classics that made them a household name like “Jump”, “It’s Alright”, “Warm It Up Kris”, “I Missed The Bus”, “Tonight’s The Night” & “Live & Die For Hip-Hop”. When they came out, the crowd went crazy as the duo kicked ass & showed promise of easily being a great nostalgic touring Hip-Hop act.  It was almost like they never left & for a duo who hadn’t perform in damn near 20 years,  their timing, precision & breath control was super in point and would put many new artists to shame. That would make sense especially since Kris Kross was discovered just hanging out in the mall by Jermaine back in the early 90’s & almost overnight, they changed the game as teenagers in terms of their backwards clothing image (which was really their image) & carefully crafted songs which was rugged Hip-Hop production with serious Funk elements, strong catchy hooks & serious Pop appeal courtesy of Jermaine producing genius which enable their debut album to sell over a million copies. Later albums like “Da Bomb” & “Young, Rich & Dangerous” were critically acclaimed albums that showed they wasn’t afraid to grow whereas most labels would’ve tried to keep them as young cute teenagers but sadly on sales level (both these albums did go Platinum &Gold though), it didn’t resonate with the ever changing hip-hop public and before long, you would only see Kris Kross making rare appearances in Da Brat videos before falling out of public light with the exception of Chris Kelly who was reportedly dealing with drug related problems as well as a disease which had caused him to lose his hair over the years.  In between it all, There was talks of a solo career which also would’ve made sense because in all honesty, Kelly was the better MC between the two with his fiery delivery & rapid tongue flow & Smith’s laid back, down to earth complemented perfectly

Sad to say that this amazing reunion proved to be the last time we would see Kris Kross perform as a duo when the shocking news of  Chris “Mack Daddy” Kelly passing away soon after hit the music world. In his Eulogy, Daddy Mack said that he hopes the legacy of Kris Kross will always be remembered & never forgotten. The truth is us real hip-hoppers never did forget especially when you at a party & you witness the fact that the minute “Jump” comes on, EVERYBODY CAN’T DENY IT’S LONG LASTING IMPACT & IT BECOMES  ! All Hail The Daddy Mack & The Late Mack Daddy (RIP).

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The G.O.A.T (LLCoolJ) is releasing a NEW album...

Yes, you read that title correctly. LLCool J is releasing a NEW album with great LLCoolJ style which includes a great new single featuring Babyface.  Yes, for you late 1980's, early 1990's  R&B officiandos the official Babyface.  For those asking yourself, "What has Babyface been doing for the last 17+ years?"  Running his record label Laface Records as well as producing a few familiar artists, does Usher ring a bell?  Moving on, I am really stoked for LLCoolJ's new album. I have loved everything the G.O.A.T has done in his career, yes, that does mean the album "Headsprung" from years ago.

This brings up this interesting thought. It seems the music industry is starting to go through a re-building stage lately. Meaning artists that were gone for awhile are putting out GREAT new music, and proving to those who were not sure the industry was going in the right direction time to reevaluate.  I really hope despite all of the other albums coming out lately, you will pick up a copy of "Authentic" when it drops April 30, 2013!   429 Records-LL Cool J

Artist Highlight-The Gecko Brothas

In my everyday quest to find new music through upcoming artists, my attention was turned to this new hip hop duo The Gecko Brothas.  At first I was weary in checking them out, but upon listening to their music, I have found that these guys have flow.  A couple of samples of great songs surprisingly went well with that flow.

Check them out for yourself!

For more information on The Gecko Brothas, visit their website!

Friday, March 15, 2013


The Oscars….WHERE DO I START ?
Hollywood’s biggest night & one of the last racist institutions left that still has its own way of carrying on tradition. You would think after 75 years & with all the severe great accomplishments us blacks have made in films as well as change the film industry that we would be more celebrated or at least have special awards for black film innovators like Melvin Van Peebles, Spike Lee, John Singleton & Tyler Perry. Shit…Samuel L. Jackson should get a special merit Oscar  just for being one of the oldest dudes in the game STILL MAKING BOX OFFICE RECORD BREAKING MOVIES ! People always try to remind me of how far my people have came just because Halle & Denzel won a couple. True but the underlining is still the same & throwing us a few bones doesn’t change the premise. 3 Hours of often lackluster stage filler unless you are into movie making process or enjoy the flight of structured musicals.

Or maybe you like me where you just enjoy the recording artists who contribute an incredible song to a movie & you just want to hear them sing it live or see what type of stage presentation is gonna go along with it. Outside of seeing Ted The Bear on stage, THERE WERE GREAT MUSICAL MOMENTS ! This year’s Oscars rules in that department thanks to Jennifer Hudson who sang her classic rendition of “And I’m Tellin You” From “Dreamgirls” while Adele gave a wicked visual & audio performance of her hit “SkyFall” which is the theme for the latest James Bond movie that ended up winning the Oscar for Best New Song.  Moments like this at the Oscars are very much how it is at the Grammys now which is VERY RARE so I have to say it felt good to turn in on those solid moments. Everything else in between ? Nah….That’s what good movies or classic TV show reruns come in at. See You Next Year…PARTIALLY.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"I Wish Adam Were Here" By SuperStarDJROS

Hello Everyone! Back at ya again to share a thought I’ve had on my mind all weekend concerning the role of a DJ in regards to entertaining his/her audience in a nightclub setting. These words may go against the views of someone of you. Still, I hope you’ll consider my position….
I watched a video Friday where a guy described a DJ’s job when playing out is to “make everybody dance….period”. To paraphrase his thought, he stated that a DJ should play the songs that makes everyone want to dance; that our job is to give them what they want to hear. That we are there for them, not for ourselves…
Not sure I agree with that 100%…..
Now, don’t get me wrong. Above all other things, a DJ’s job is to rock the spot. Our stated goal is to entertain our audience. It’s in that regard that I agree with the statement. Still, the part that says “We are not there to entertain ourselves; we are there to play the songs that they want to hear”….well, that’s where I take a bit of an issue. 
A great DJ knows that the true goal of any DJ set should be to find that zone where the audience and the DJ connect. In a sense: The DJ is the ringleader of a nightclub circus on any given night and our challenge is to find that place in the universe where ‘where we want to take our crowd’ and ‘where they are willing to go’ intersect. You cannot do this by simply throwing Top 40 hit after Top 40 hit at them. It may seem like that’s the winning formula to a successful set but, in reality, this manner of set programming makes a DJ nothing more than a living, breathing………………………….iPod.
That brings me to Adam….
We can all agree that DJ AM was a wildly successful DJ, right? We can also agree that, even prior to his untimely passing, he was considered a legend, correct? If so, let’s consider why both of those statements are fact and why it matters.
Beyond who he dated or what celebrity party he played for, Adam was a stellar party rocker. Therefore, even though he became the first real ‘celebrity DJ’ of this era, few of us clowned his tabloid-ready notoriety. What mattered to us was his skill set. Here, he was unassailable. 
Still, what I personally feel gets overlooked by many was his DJ philosphy. Though DJ AM came to rock the party; He also took great pride and enjoyment in throwing the audience a curveball just to see what happened. I mean, what crowd do you think really came to a club wanting to hear the theme from ‘RENT’ or the theme from classic fight film ‘ROCKY”?? 
However, if you look at YouTube videos of the nights where he dropped these gems on unsuspecting celebutantes and frat boys, the crowd went nuts. It takes elephant cojones to play something like a grimy, Wu Tang set in a club filled with bottle-service types but Adam had the chutzpah to do that type of thing on the regular. Yeah, they may have come to the club wanting to hear Lady Gaga but he, by the sheer will of his talent, made them react to a Biggie medley just as energetically. It was in this manner that he inspired me….inspired us. In my opinion, we were better for it. Open Formant was truly “OPEN”, led by one of the bravest DJs many of us had ever seen.
Then…………..he left……………too soon.
In my opinion, the impact of the loss was felt immediately. It’s almost as if we went from the “Do It Live So They Know It’s Real” mentality to simply a sea of Crooklyn Clan pre-fab mashups & transitions. Additionally, it also appeared that many DJs, without a steady stream of new YouTube vids from AM sets, lost the inspiration to widen their personal playlist pallets. Started playing things a bit to safe. Playing only “what they want to hear”…
Hence, things have gotten a bit lame in the booths in recent times people.
To close, I propose this: In honor of Adam, let’s rewind the tape and pretend it’s 2008. Let’s re-ignite the fire in our community that led us to do battle with our crowds to see who would come out alive by the end of the night. Let’s dig a little deeper, be a little braver. AM gave us the blueprint. We owe it to him, ourselves, and our crowds to carry on tradition. Don’t just give them what they want; give them what they need: A Challenge.
Ante Up!
P.S. - We miss you homie…

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Aside from the poignant words by ROS, I too have to agree on DJ AM's skills from my own experience at the club Pure at Caesar's Palace on St. Patrick's Day 2009.  R.I.P. Adam

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I recently read a piece on about good friend of mine, DJ Robbie Wilde aka “The Deaf DJ”. I beamed with pride as this internationally distributed news site discussed his overcoming of his hearing impairment as a young man, the recent partnership with technology giant HP, and his burgeoning DJ career. For me, a friend and fellow DJ, this was a moment of triumph not only for Robbie, but for our entire DJ culture as a whole. It emphatically stated that, after all our years of toiling away tucked in darkened DJ booths, our profession was finally having our moment in the light. I was ecstatic!

Until…….I began to read the comment section…..

Time after time, commenters were choosing not to applaud or celebrate the story of inspiration detailed in the piece. Instead, many chose to dismiss the validity of Robbie’s hearing impairment AND, with others, chose to belittle DJing itself as a whole. Entries like, “This isn't exactly Beethoven. This culture of making DJ's out like they are Yo Yo Ma is ridiculous” or “To think that it is considered "talented" to spin records for a drug-crazed audience..” really threw me for a loop. “Is this what they really think about us?”, I pondered aloud to no one in particular though my dog looked like she wanted to offer her take on the inquiry. Did the general public only see us as “that douchebag dude playing the pre-recorded music…” and nothing more?

Truth told, I probably trolled that comment section far longer than I needed to. As a DJ and lover of overall DJ culture as a child, I just couldn’t fathom how others refused to see, or at least acknowledge, the beauty of the genuine art of manipulating sounds on two platters to create a seamless audio narrative…..track after track. I know that may sound artsy & self-indulgent to the outsider, but anyone who knows or appreciates DJ culture will appreciate exactly what I mean.  An ideal “live DJ set”, when executed skillfully, can contain as many subtle story arcs as any Hollywood flick. How could anyone not see the apparent art in that?

Comments like the ones I read began to make me realize that, in many ways, I’d been operating inside a bubble. Most of my friends and colleagues are either fellow DJs or recording artists, engineers, producers, etc. Basically, others who also operate inside this same ‘bubble’ or similar variations thereof.  We think and speak highly of our respective “hobbies” that have morphed into professional careers. We understand that it is not “just music” and it never, ever was. We know all too well the disapproving glances given by parents, friends, and others when it became apparent that these “hobbies” of ours were beginning to take on a larger role than the pursuit of the 9-5 zombie walk that most of the general population aspires down to.

If you detected venom in that last passage, you would be correct.  Us creative types, especially us “all they do is press play” cats are tired of seeing our career paths and passions minimized.  Yes, we, like many others, stood at the proverbial career crossroad and pondered that major life decision: Left (follow my degree and parental advice) or Right (follow my talent and my heart). We…….well, let me speak for myself, I, am tired of seeing that ridiculed. I mean, let’s keep it funky: How many people who sat in their little cubicle criticizing Robbie have done ANYTHING in their careers that would make a Fortune 500 company like HP want to put their face on a billboard or personal story in a national TV ad? We all know the answer to that….

Regarding DJing itself, on an even more personal level, let me take it back even further and explain why I would like to see people view this art differently. In many instances, the entrance into to the profession was about more than the music. To that point, I’ll quickly share a bit of my own story.

Truth told, DJing probably saved my life. When crack came to my city as a youngster, it hit many around the town hard. To many kids around my age at the time, it also became the primary employment provider for those who wanted new Jordans or walking around money. Why bag groceries at the local Harris Teeter all week when you could peddle dime bags or rocks for a few hours for triple the amount of the bag boy check? I was one of those kids attempting to navigate adolescence with that perilous temptation as a backdrop.

Difference with me: I was also the son of a DJ. My dad collected 45s & LPs at a rate that would make “diggers” of today sick. He literally had everything. Access to these sounds and interest in learning to do what he was doing with them provided just enough of a diversion that kept me away from the ills that circulated just outside our door.

You see, back then, pre-laptop, you couldn’t become a DJ in a day. It required time and commitment. On the real, it is one of the most lonely endeavors one could take on back then because itdemanded that an individual spend copious amounts of time alone in a room with nothing but the music and the decks. The beginning of a real DJ’s career is never sexy. It is an extremely singular, solitary walk. I thank God to this day that is was because the time required to get ‘decent’ provided zero time for the streets.
Instead, I DJed every party from then (6th grade) through the end of college. I sold mixtapes for the newest kicks instead of selling crack. At every turn, when life threw a pathway to the ills that plagued most inner-city kids back, DJing always made sure I didn’t have moments to spare for them.
Now, let’s fast forward to present day. The PROFESSION of DJing has done more for me than I could have POSSIBLY imagined back then: youngest Program Director of a commercial radio in Virginia history (age of 18), College Grad (financed solely by funds generated by playing EVERY party under the sun), globally-traveled, festival rocking jock that constantly has to find new marks to hit because he’s far beyond the dreams he had when he started.

I am also a brand ambassador for such industry leading brands such as Ortofon, Sony, and Native Instruments. Additionally, I am a distance student at Harvard Extension School with a concentration in Environmental Management. I have toured the globe as DJ / music director for The Voice’s Christina Milan & played the Red Square to 100k people during the G-8 summit. Point being: I, as well as many of those you see in the booths of clubs around the country are more than ““that douchebag dude playing the pre-recorded music…”. We are people that at worst want to play the songs the crowd wants to hear. No harm in that, right?

Sure, it’s not Beethoven and DJing is not brain surgery……but…..think how different my, Robbie’s, and many other Djs around the world  story would be had be not picked up this “hobby”.

Show your DJ a little love, people. More often than not, there’s a lot more to see than apparent from afar.
And you don’t stop,



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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What albums are you most excited for this year?

Just like every year, there seems to be anticipation about the albums that people are most excited for versus the albums the music industry critics are supporting. With the ever so popular way of buying albums these days( iTunes, Google Play,, it seems the anticipation does not grace us with so much presence. For instance, you can Pre-Order a myriad of albums right now.

The overdue anticipation for Justin Timberlake's new album as well as the new album by New Kids on the Block comes to mind.  Have you bought tickets to their upcoming tours?  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 2013 Grammy Awards by Planet12LAW

Ahhh….The Grammy’s….The Music Industry’s BIGGEST night & in the last 8 years in terms of performances & award snubs,  A HUGE NIGHTMARE. 2013 was no exception as we noticed that the award presentations are getting shorter & the majority of the awards including the major awards are given out in the pre-show. That brings me to our first form of expected fuckery that happened this year.

The eclectic Rock band Fun took home 2 Grammys for the popular chanting record “We Are Young” which also featured Janelle Monae. The group gets up to accept & DOESN’T EVEN THANK HER NOR ASK HER TO COME UP !!! It’s bad enough that she doesn’t get the press or accolades THAT SHE SHOULD’VE BEEN GOTTEN so for them NOT to be courteous enough to do the right thing just made me lose even more respect for them in addition to the fact that they are extremely wack. Then there’s Taylor Swift who opened the show with extreme theatrics which was by all accounts wack as hell. Thank God for Justin Timberlake’s comeback performance with Jay-Z & the amazing Bob Marley Tribute featuring Sting, Bruno Mars, Rihanna & 2 Of Marley’s children Ziggy & Damien which was hands down the 2 best performances that night.  Rihanna also turned in a good solo performance as well as Kelly Clarkson & SHOCKINGLY , Miguel did too though he really didn’t need Wiz Khalifah. OH AND THANKS TO JACK WHITE FOR SHOWING WHAT THE REAL DEFINITION OF ROCK N ROLL IS !  He may not be the best singer but his guitar grunge attack level was doing it for me !! Because honestly, I don’t know what them other bands thought they were doing though I have to say that I dig Mumford & Son’s vibe.

Frank Ocean…..the famous avaunt garde  artist who had a strong victory by beating out Chris Clown…oops that’s Chris Brown in every category they were competing in. It was the biggest revenge considering the beatdown that CB reportedly gave to Frank 2 weeks prior. But then it was short-lived when Frank Ocean performed & HE DIDN’T SOUND GOOD AT ALL which pretty much throws all the genius accolades out of the window. I hope Chris Brown wasn’t laughing at that because at least Frank WAS REALLY SINGING whereas we all know that CB has pretty much hasn’t sang live since his 2
nd album LOL. If Frank is the true artist that he claims to be, I hope he reviews his performance & work on it.

I truly miss the days where people would rush home to watch the Grammys, because you knew it was gonna be dope, exciting, & you expected the unexpected from your favorite artists. With the exception of us & some of the other kick ass real artists who are still around, those days are long gone. So when I watch any award show, I wait to see the artist who are constantly being praised by critics & co-signed by other artists to bring it, but as most times I get let down 90% of the time. Hopefully next year will be better, but that depends on the industry if you know what I mean.

Planet12Law is a Grammy award nominated artist who has a strong passion for music.

L*A*W's 7-Time Grammy Nominated Debut Album "Tha Planet 12 Syndrome" On ITunes:

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If you want to know more about LAW, check out his profile L*A*W's Critically Acclaimed Mixtapes ! FREE DOWNLOAD ALL 4 ! :

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Musical Shoutouts...

If you are a follower of Music Saves the Soul, you may have seen my posts of artist that I believe deserve to be featured.  If you aren't familiar with Google+, you should be, but at any rate it has been a great platform for Indie Artists pursuing their dreams.  In fact, it has helped a few get noticed by the music industry to spring into stardom.

Just going to cut to the chase here.  I am a huge fan of Ryan Van Sickle (who I have become friends with on Google+).  Why? Well, he is a singer songwriter who understands music history, looked up to Bruce Springsteen and others, and in my opinion could be the next "Boss".  Look for Ryan to be a guest on the radio show!

Visit Ryan Van Sickle's Website for upcoming album and tour details!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Can you remember your first exposure to music?

For some reason, my first exposures to music as a very young kid shaped my ongoing passion for music, and perhaps why I just love music presently.  I don't think I have met anybody that doesn't like music of some sort, even if it's a genre I may not like. I personally identify with music, because it has this ability to calm me down, and well it is better to be more relaxed.

I bring this topic to this blog, because I remember having a baby sitter (yes, this story is on my other blog), who was a fan of the New Kids on the Block back in their FIRST go around in the late 1980s early 1990s.  It stuck with me to this day, and perhaps the reason I have loved their reunion that began in 2008.  I am sure this will be an ongoing topic on the the radio show connected to this blog  BlogTalkRadio Show & perhaps more interactive ways in the future. ;-)

I want to know why certain bands, artists, and genres connect deeply with people besides the obvious different tastes answer?

Friday, February 8, 2013


Have you noticed that popularity of reality singing competition shows is wavering these days, but "Glee" has a strong following? Now, I have watched "Glee" from the beginning, and seen the plot lines cover controversial, realistic topics, but in a musical and satirical way.  The shows's creator Ryan Murphy has gone on to create "American Horror Story" and "The New Normal", but his creative impact with "Glee" is unwavering.

I say this because of the it's natural way to bring people together via a musical show despite the society's hot and cold welcoming of breaking out into random song & dance. I personally think life would be that much better, if we could sing our feelings. However, not all of us can sing, or dance. I digress.

Before Oprah retired from her long running talk show, she had the cast on, and I remember one of her questions, "Why do you think this show has captured such an audience?" The response, because EVERYBODY can identify with music, and the emotion that accompanies music.

All who say you aren't 'Gleeks', you are, you just don't admit it. ;-)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"The Book of Love"

A few years back there was this movie starring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon, Bobby Cannivale, and others called "Shall We Dance?".  It was the tale of what makes you happy in life and in your personal relationships. It's a great flick, I highly suggest it.

My point is that there was a song used in the movie that caught my attention, and the way they used the song really was very poignant for the plot. I would have to say this song is on my list of most romantic/heartfelt song every made.

Thank you Peter Gabriel for your song "The Book of Love"

Do you have a list of songs that tugs at your heart strings?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How do you define your favorite musical genre?

How many times have you been asked this question when meeting a new acquaintance? "What type of music do you like?" After my life experience with music I usually respond by naming the genres that I can be found listening to on a regular basis. It usually varies between Rap/Hip Hop and Country for the genre people tend to not to like. I have yet to find that person who says that they do not like both, so if you are that person, speak up!

A person's high school years seem to be the musical experimental years as you are influenced or not influenced by the crowd you know or identify with growing up. You can guess that during high school as I began to develop as a musician myself (Saxophone Alto & Bari), my musical tastes continued to develop. I ran across a radio station one day playing Dance/Trance/Electronica/Freestyle etc. one day.  I believe it changed my life. Don't get me wrong I am fan of everything EXCEPT Country, but for some reason I gravitated towards this genre, and as I have grown older and more experienced I just have become a FANATIC!

Enjoy one of my favorite artists in this genre!

What is your favorite genre of music, and how do you define it?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Do you have a personal life theme song?

You will see that my knowledge of music is vast and continues to grow with time. I hope this continues as this project develops.

With that being said, I have come to the conclusion (many months ago) that my life theme song is "Fix You:" by Coldplay. I mean the mix of the lyrics, and overall music is just brilliantly weaved together.  Even if you aren't a fan of the band, this song tends to be very popular. Now, you could be wondering if Coldplay is my favorite band. No, they're not.  I like them, but they are on my long list of musical artists I listen to on a regular basis.

The reason I identify with this song so well is the message. The first lyric is "When you try your best, but you don't succeed."  From there the lyrics everybody can relate to draw you in as Chris Martin (Lead Singer) expertise on the piano connects with you emotionally. The rest of the band music quality just makes it a perfect song. The backup vocals are necessary, and enhance the message within the song. I could go on and on, but my description only paints one picture.


Welcome to The Love of Music Project!

I am saxy15 A.K.A. Brooke Brown.  Ever since I was a young kid, I have always loved music, the business, and everything surrounding the music business. I have blogged personally at for years.  This will remain visible to all, but is much less professional.

Any way the purpose of this blog/space is to highlight incredible talent as well as continue to keep the love of music alive through conversation.