Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Track Review: "The Kingmaker" by Omair Mirza & Josh Bailey

When passion for quality music outweighs the business side of things, the sky is the limit. In this case, OHM Music is slowly but surely infiltrating the trance scene through their releases. Label owner Omair Mirza is back with "The Kingmaker" by collaborating with Josh Bailey.

"The Kingmaker" captures trance in its purest form with intriguing melodies and fantastic beat drops. The background vocals/chant leave you guessing more throughout the track. Do you prefer the original mix or the extended mix?  Highly recommend you pick up your copy on October 20th!

Monday, September 25, 2017

E.P. Review: 'Bliss' by Dave Neven

Let's not sugarcoat it, you know Coldharbour Recordings is having a great year of releases in the trance scene. More specifically, Dave Neven has been one of those with great original tracks as well as remixes of beloved tracks. 'Bliss' E.P. has THREE great tracks for your trance loving heart to enjoy!

"Bliss", "A Trip Around the Sun", and "Moon Shadow" not only have a obvious theme by name, but also in music. The anthemic melodies and beat drops with the signature Coldharbour sound are just too infectious to pass up. This is evident by plays in sets by Markus Schulz as well as others within the scene. Please pick up your copy now to support all the hard work by Dave Neven!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Song Review: "Lightning" by A New Nowhere

In a recent Band Highlight on this blog, you were introduced to A New Nowhere. Contrary to popular belief, this blog does not just favor certain genres of music. Read the mission statement above. This Alternative Rock band from the UK is set to release their new album, and along with that comes their latest single.

 "Lighting" begins with great percussion, then the guitars hit you in the face, but in a good way. The vocals begin, and well you are hooked. The song continues to build with each layer of vocals, key changes, and drums. The song is well written from beginning to end. The lyrics take you on a journey, and as previously written, so does the musicianship. "Lightning" is released on Spotify and iTunes on September 30th! Please support them by picking up your copy!

Track Review: "Something Deeper" by Sunlight Project

It's time to shed some light on the genre of house music. A close cousin to trance, house has kept its longevity in the world of electronic dance music (EDM).  Along with OHM Music, Sunlight Project has been featured on this blog for a previous trance track, but a review of their new house track "Something Deeper" is necessary.

For those new to house, enjoy the slower yet enticing vibes. House is known for a more relaxed vibe than intense beat drops previously mentioned in the world of trance. "Something Deeper" is one of those tracks. The vocals and melodies in the track are just as infectious as the house beats, and this leaves the world open for great remixes. Pay close attention to the Ellez Ria remixes once this track is released on October 2nd! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Track Review: "Collider" by Danilo Ercole

Regardless of the bias here at the blog, a new trance track has been making its rounds in sets and radio shows/podcasts in recent weeks. OHM Music has once again teamed up with Danilo Ercole. "Collider" in the original mix has infectious melodies and delicious beat drops. The extended mix only enhances your listening pleasure. The Harry Square mixes add even more layers to the track. Please Pre-Order this track, and support the wonderful trance by the team! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

What are your favorite Uplifting Trance tracks of all time?

When electronic dance music was in its infancy, there weren't the different genres many see today. In fact, trance, techno, and electronica were all molded into one. This was the time of DJ Tiesto, if you know what I mean? Anyway, now genres have sub-genres, and fans have found their passion in supporting these sub-genres.  What is the difference between PURE trance and UPLIFTING trance? Not much, both have those infectious melodies and beat drops that makes trance just that, trance. However, uplifting really does uplift your moods in a euphoric way.

Knowing this, what are your favorite uplifting trance tracks of all time?

Submitted by Patrick Naranjo

Submitted by Juan Andrade

Courtesy of The Grand Sound 

Album Review: 'Materia' Chapter Two by Cosmic Gate

As a trance music fan, there has been many FANTASTIC album releases and tracks in 2017.  This includes Chapter One of this series, that was previously reviewed. Trance Elitists will tell you that Cosmic Gate has lost their touch, but not here on this blog.  Cosmic Gate have been producing great trance music and sets for many years, and deserve respect from the community. Their collaborations with Emma Hewitt and JES have been some of the best vocal trance tracks ever produced. Not to mention one of the BEST trance tracks of all time in "Exploration of Space".

Not many artists are releasing full length albums these days, let alone, two chapters.  Please listen to Chapter Two in its entirety.  The album has been mastered beautifully, and can remind you of one of their sets. In fact, all collaborations on this album are brilliant.  The vocals from Eric Lumiere in "Bigger Than We Are" continue to slay as well. Enjoy the collaborations with Super8 & Tab, Markus Schulz, Alastor, Sarah Lynn, and Arnej. Please support this album in any way you can by buying AND streaming!