Friday, November 25, 2016

EP Review: 'Desert Trance Society' EP by The Dream Master: Solo

The love of music tends to bring people together. This is especially true for fans, DJs, and producers within the Trance music scene. You may have noticed that this blog has been covering a lot of Trance artists and tracks this year, thus, it was necessary to bring 'Desert Trance Society EP' by The Dream Master: Solo to your attention. As a fellow member of the Phoenix Trance Family, The Dream Master: Solo has been part of the scene in Arizona for quite some time.  

The EP features four tracks for your Trance and PsyTrance pleasure.  "Lights Over Phoenix", "Sahuaro", "Sleep Paralysis", and "Bird of Fire".  Any or all of these tracks could become a trance staple as evident by the support from well known names in the industry.  In fact, support this EP on Beatport today to add them to your collection! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Track Review: "Beautiful Mystery" by Omair Mirza feat. Avari

In recent months on this blog, Omair Mirza and his tracks have been featured.  His contributions to the Trance scene have been well received by this blog as well as the entire community. With that been said, congratulations Omair on the announcement of your label OHM Music, and the release of "Beautiful Mystery" featuring the vocals of Avari.

Due to the previous success of collaborations with Avari, inclusion of her vocals on "Beautiful Mystery" were hardly a surprise. The mix of the melodies with the vocals follow the uplifting, vocal trance formula that you may be used to, but when the beats kick in, you are in for a great journey.  This track should be added your collection, but just don't take this claim for it.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Album Review: 'I'll Have Another...Christmas Album' by Straight No Chaser

Awhile back on this blog, we featured an artist. Yes, you guessed them, Straight No Chaser, the A Capella sensation that got their break from a viral video on YouTube.  In fact that video was their rendition of "12 Days of Christmas".  Naturally, they were labeled as a "Christmas or Holiday" act.  Then they started touring, and quickly you can see that despite their great arrangements, harmonies, and performance prowess that not many genres of music are skipped by them. Their changing roster and other album releases should be a test to that.

'I'll Have Another...Christmas Album" includes a track list of your favorites along with a few SNC originals.  So naturally the tour of the same name was going to be quite the mix of non-holiday and holiday music. Definitely check out "Feels Like Christmas (feat. Jana Kramer)" or "To Christmas! (The Drinking Song)" to understand their talent that much more. Obviously, their vocals and arrangements are on point, and this album won't allow you to be a "Bah Humbug" this Holiday Season! Pick up your copy at your usual retailers or platforms today!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Track Review: "Blackstone" by Mike EFEX

The flare of Trance music has reinvigorated the scene recently. Coldharbour Recordings has carved out a sound that keeps producing great tracks. As mentioned on this blog before, the label is really making its strides in the scene through the DJ/Producers that call the label home. During the return of the AfterDark episode of the Global DJ Broadcast, there was a premiere of a track that joined its dark compatriots nicely.

Now granted this track has been an "ID" during previous episodes as well as during sets by label leader Markus Schulz and Mike EFEX himself. The progressive trance or "dark" appeal of "Blackstone" bodes well with those looking for a chill yet deep sound that many have gravitated towards as Trance music has evolved. If you have ever had the chance to go down the rabbit hole with Markus Schulz, then you would understand why "Blackstone" would need to be an addition to your collection.  Please support this track when it gets its OFFICIAL release very soon!

Track Review: "The Lost Oracle" by Markus Schulz

Despite Markus Schulz being one of the most prolific DJs and Producers in the Trance scene, there's still a need to expose the true beauty of his music.  You may or may not be new to the Electronic Dance Music scene in following the sub-genre that is Trance, but alas you are here reading this post, and perhaps many posts before it.

The great thing about attending sets and concerts is the ability to listen to tracks during their "ID" phase. Before the world premiere on Global DJ Broadcast and its recent release, "The Lost Oracle" (Transmission 2016 Theme) was tested out as the introduction to a few set along the 'Watch the World' tour this year.  The shear dramatic intro of the track grabs a hold of you, then comes the melodic chants, followed by infections beat drops.

With Transmission being one if not the only all Trance festivals in the world, it was only fitting that its resident DJ/Producer create another theme to tell the story of the community. Support this track here!