Friday, December 29, 2023

Album Review: '93' by Maceo Plex out on Lone Romantic


        FIRST and FOREMOST, let's highlight the artistry of Maceo Plex as he has been a favorite of B.B.'s for MANY years.  The amount of tracks and remixes that have become staples in DJ sets throughout electronic dance music primarily in subgenres of house, techno, tech house, and electro have been revered by the community as a whole. A personal favorite being the Maceo Plex remix of Gus Gus's track "Crossfade".  

    Now let's move on to the task at hand. The album review of '93' will entail a review by track just like previous reviews on this website. Here's the description of the album from Maceo Plex: 

"The wait is over. ‘93, my newest album, is finally out. It’s a fusion of diverse influences throughout my musical career—from techno to drum and bass, rap to pop, and beyond. Dive into it, I’m excited to hear your first impressions!"

1. "Wervik": A delightful introduction track filled with the feeling that the listener is about to go on a journey such as those by Maceo Plex DJ sets. 

2. "You Don't Have To Wait" featuring Cubicolor: A great collaboration of artists featuring a well written track and well executed vocals to set the mood. The story behind the lyrics is intriguing. 

3. "Revision" featuring Gio Santi: This track has made the rotation in many DJ sets, radio shows, and podcasts throughout 2023. A personal favorite featuring elements of music that you can't help but sing along and vibe. 

4. "Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) featuring AVNU (UK): An up-tempo track that begins just as the last one ends. Perhaps garnering your attention just like the "clickbait" of content on the internet.

5. "Nasty" featuring Tyler Hill: The vibes are fun now and the beats provided here are just as the track suggests, "nasty". Are you dancing yet? 

6. "Serpent Jazz" featuring AVNU (UK): Another collaboration by these artists on this album that showcases elements of Jazz fused with electro. The dancing continues. 

7. "Get Out of Here" featuring Perry Farrell: The nuance of the track titles continues as you dance to this fantastic collaboration. The story behind this collaboration based on mutual respect is also very intriguing. 

8. "Stop That": The delightful tracks continue almost as an interlude of albums throughout music history, but also reminding us to enjoy the music. 

9. "Hooligan Plex": More delightful yet weird vibes to enjoy as the dancing just keeps going.

10. "Just You And I": Without trying to sound repetitive, another delightful track to remain upright trying out the next dance move. 

11. "All Night (Garage Version)" featuring Oscar and the Wolf: Another staple in DJ sets, radio shows, podcasts in 2023 that will get a crowd going.  I challenge you to NOT sing along nor dance. It's IMPOSSIBLE. Might as well add it to the personal favorite list of the album.

12. "Moon Sky (House Version)" featuring Ishi: These intricate collaborations just keep the fantastic vibes going. 

13. "Go Back" featuring Desire & AVNU (UK): Never underestimate the power of collaboration within music and the inspiring input it can have on a track and an album. How are you enjoying this track? More dancing.

14. "You're My Desire" featuring Mystic Bill:  Another collaboration to get onboard the delightful vibes train of this album. ALL ABOARD! 

15. "Shine On & On (Orbital Tribute)" featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw: Choosing the FINAL track of the album must have been difficult, but this track was GREAT. The utilization of vocals mixed with the musical elements sends the listener on their way.

    The beauty of music as an artform is as every previous track on this album suggests, is to evoke emotion, and you guessed it, DELIGHTFUL vibes throughout your listener journey.  You could say that this review may be biased due to the respect of Maceo Plex already, however, full length albums present a risk of not living up to the hype. In this case, this album should be revered for years and another accomplishment for his legacy. 

PLEASE support this album wherever you support music! Here's a handy link as well as the Spotify version. Also check out the Album Video below.