Thursday, July 4, 2019

Album Review: 'Different' by Ruben de Ronde

If you are an avid listener and/or viewer of A State of Trance radio show, you have heard the name Ruben de Ronde as Armin van Buuren's co-host.  Ruben has made a name for himself as a great trance producer and DJ over the years. The launch of his own label Statement! under Armada has been welcomed by the trance music community as a nice addition to other labels and artist endeavors.

'Different' encompasses a multitude of progressive, vocal, and uplifting trance tracks with great collaboration both in production as well as through community ideas. As explained by Ruben in a previous ASOT episode, production ideas were implemented while streaming on Twitch, and in turn created a "different" environment to create the album. This non-traditional approach created a great all around trance album worthy of your support.


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mix Compilation Review: 'Magic Island Vol. 9' by Roger Shah

Every Summer, fans and artists of electronic dance music descend on the Spanish island Ibiza for the International Music Summit, club residencies, and overall magical sunrises and sunsets. In fact, beaches around the world have become destinations for more than the obvious. That is why Roger Shah's Balearic sounds have resonated for years for fans of electronic dance music.

'Magic Island Vol.9' truly encompasses the progressive and Balearic vibes relaxing by a beach or imagining you are relaxing by a beach entails. Each track is magnificently mixed together for a journey to relaxation and hope.  Just like 'In Search of Sunrise' by DJ Tiesto and company did for the trance genre, 'Magic Island' keeps positive vibes alive. Please support this compilation via any method or platform of your choice! 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Album Review: 'Moons of Jupiter' by GAIA

In Trance music, DJ/Producer's aliases can be just as respected as their original names as it gives both the artists and fans the chance to embrace new creativity. Despite attempts to keep the identity of who GAIA really are a mystery based on performances in dark robes, the collaboration of Armin van Buuren & Benno de Goeij has become quite revered in electronic dance music, more importantly trance music.

'Moons of Jupiter' embraces ambient, melodic techno, and trance sounds both artists have explored via solo careers, but as GAIA, the journey they have created to honor space exploration and Jupiter's moons is quite brilliant. The connection between space and trance music has continued to intrigue and puzzle fans of the genre. As explored on this blog before, a complete album as a "mix cut" allow for a complete experience as they performed the album live before it was actually an album. You are encouraged to listen to the album in it's entirety to get the full experience, and perhaps more than once.  The long wait for this album has been well worth it, and please support the album via the many avenues and platforms available.


Saturday, May 25, 2019

Album Review: 'Fate' by Rodg

Across electronic dance music genres trance, house, and techno, a particular sub-genre has been gaining steam in the form of progressive. Depending on who you talk to or your own particular research, the actual definition of progressive varies.  However, progressive styles feature a range of BPMs (beats per minute) from the lower 100s.  Thus, it provides a chill vibe, and wide array of melodic possibilities. Rodg has become a prolific artist on the Armada roster boasting great progressive trance. The ability to create aforementioned styles within the genre provides overall variety.

'Fate' is a wonderful 18 track album that takes you on a journey through progressive melodies and beats. It is hard to pin point a particular favorite track after listening through the entire album a couple of times. However, specific tracks featured on radio shows/podcasts tend to be top of mind as singles. If you like delightful progressive styles within electronic dance music, then support 'Fate' through your favorite music portal.


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Album Review: 'Confirm Humanity' by Mark Sherry

Despite highlighting many artists and genres of music on this blog over the years of its existence, it should be quite obvious the love for trance and other various forms of electronic dance music is showcased regularly. Mark Sherry has been well revered as a producer and DJ among the best for over 20 years, and yet has never released an album...UNTIL NOW.  Many revere Mr. Sherry as one of the pioneers of sub-genre Tech Trance.  The hard hitting trance with elements of techno, hence the name, tech-trance, has been gaining in popularity over the years. Outburst Records & Outburst Radio have both become well known focal point throughout the trance scene proving a great legacy by Mr. Sherry.

'Confirm Humanity' is a 18 track LP album that will take you on a journey from track #1 to #18.  For those unfamiliar with tech-trance, but love both techno and trance, you will love this entire journey.  The sub-genre has been known for artists including Mark, releasing a track or a few tracks, thus the art of a full length album should still be celebrated. Every track has great driving beats and melodic layers while offering a fresh take than other tracks within the sub-genre. As you will notice, the collaborations with other artists throughout the album, give it that flare to entice you for more. This album is released through Black Hole Recordings and is currently out for you to support where ever you support music.


Friday, May 10, 2019

Track Review: "The Last Thing" by Yoel Lewis & Jochen Miller

When a track is so captivating, it's hard not to highlight the talent who produced it.  The team at Coldharbour Recordings has been on a roll with recent releases on the label. Jochen Miller has been a juggernaut within the trance scene for years with brilliant melodies, and the same is true with this collaboration with Yoel Lewis.

"The Last Thing" takes you on the journey you might expect from trance music. The intro slowly builds as more melodic elements are revealed, then the beats kick in, igniting more within. As you may or may not gathered with all of the trance music featured on this blog, trance music grasps at your emotions.  Great job by Yoel & Jochen on this beautiful track! Please support this track where you support tracks!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Track Review: "Attack" by Nifra & Fisherman

Time for another track review from the Coldharbour Recordings family.  Both Nifra & Fisherman have been featured on this blog before, but this is the first track collaboration highlighted. Feel free to check out past reviews featuring these artists.  The model within electronic dance music, more specifically trance music, is to test the track out in DJ sets and on radio shows/podcasts for reaction and sound quality. That being said, this track has been an "ID" for awhile, and finally premiered on a recent episode of Global DJ Broadcast presented by Markus Schulz.

"Attack" is a driving big room trance track aligning with familiar Coldharbour sound that "attacks" your senses. As shown above by artwork, your imagination is triggered by the melodic layers and driving beats.  Looking forward to supporting this track when released May 3rd!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Soundtrack Review: 'Don't Go' (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Ferry Corsten

A review for a movie soundtrack or score on this blog is a long time coming. How many times have you said this to yourself after watching a great film, "What a great soundtrack!"? If you are just an novice consumer of entertainment, probably many times, or as a more dedicated consumer, you have probably lost count. This blog has highlighted the brilliance that is ambient music and it's connection to trance music, but now, it is time to highlight the connection of soundtrack or film scores to trance music. Ferry Corsten has been revered as one of trance music's pioneers, and by various aliases as well as the brilliant release of album 'Blueprint', the release of 'Don't Go' cements his brilliance tenfold.

For those still unaware of trance music's appeal in the world of electronic dance music, it is the classical, ambient, and/or emotional sub-genre fit for anyone willing to listen. As you listen to this soundtrack, close your eyes, and imagine the scenes each track might describe. The theater of the mind fits perfectly to your imagination, and hopefully to the themes within the film.  Just like other pioneers in trance such as, Paul Van Dyk & BT, the ability to create a journey through trance directly translates into soundtracks and/or scores. Listen for yourself on your favorite platform!


Monday, April 15, 2019

Artist Highlight: Bryn Liedl

Discovering or becoming aware through encouragement of new and talented artists is always welcome on this blog. That being said, a few of the tracks on the debut album 'SURREAL' by Bryn Liedl have been featured in recent months on various radio shows/podcasts, thus the release of this album has been anticipated. Mr. Liedl joins the talented roster on Euphonic Records, which is spearheaded by the talented duo Kyau & Albert. Looking forward to hearing more of his music in Progressive Trance/House/Techno. Pick up your copy here:


Bryn Liedl is a Canadian producer and DJ, born and raised in Vancouver. His
childhood years of studying classical piano and music theory helped lay the
groundwork for the evolution of his musical career. Bryn’s love of music would bring
him to perform with multiple bands and musical projects as he explored his passion.
Over the past six years, Bryn has focused his attention on trance and progressive
music. His blend of driving rhythm and melody infused hooks, have helped define his
Bryn says: "My debut artist album is a story about finding yourself. Finding your true
purpose. Finding a path through the chaos of life. New dimensions are discovered as
we strive to evolve into the best version of ourselves. The whole experience can feel
quite Surreal."

Upcoming Tour Date: 
21. April 2019 Berlin (DE)- A Seven

Friday, April 5, 2019

Track Review: "Perception" by Markus Schulz Featuring Justine Suissa (Johan Gielen Remix)

Well over 10 years ago, Markus Schulz & Justine Suissa covered the classic trance track "Perception".  The combination of Justine's vocals mixed with the simple yet enticing melodic layers fit for the beach at sunrise/sunset or any relaxing setting for that matter helped propel Markus as one of trance music's signature producers.

Fast forward to present day, where this track in any form is timeless. 2018 saw the return of the signature compilation 'In Search of Sunrise', and the remix provided by Johan Gielen.  Without compromising the cover, Mr. Gielen has captured a sense of uplifting euphoria with this remix. This remix has been featured in recent DJ sets as well as radio shows/podcasts. The track is currently out NOW via Coldharbour Recordings, and will continue to be timeless for years to come!


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Track Review: "Cannison" by Theology

It should not be a surprise this blog supports the efforts by the team at OHM Music as it has proven to be quite the independent label in progressive and trance music the past couple of years. This label has created their own unique sound while staying true to the roots of these genres. Theology has been featured on this blog before, so his grind of over 10 years is paying off in a big way.

"Cannison" is your quintessential trance track with big beats and melodic layers sure to be featured for time to come. The extended mix allows for fellow DJs to mix brilliantly while showcasing the talent throughout the track. If you are DJ and/or producer, please give this spin live or on your radio show/podcast. For those new, trance music, well electronic dance music, it has many emotional triggers. By dedicating this track to his friend, Theology shows depth. Please support this track at your earliest convenience!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Track Review: "I'll Be Gone" by Nicholas Gunn featuring Alina Renae (Nitrous Oxide Extended Mix)

A few months back, an ambient album by Nicholas Gunn called 'Riding The Thermals' was highlighted on this blog.  That review explained the inevitability for ambient and trance music to collide in a great way. Both carry elements of euphoria and relaxation upon listening to them. Thanks to Raz Nitzan and the team at Amsterdam Trance Records, this new mix featuring Nitrous Oxide is available.  The extended mix not only allows for rich and enticing beats per minute natural to great trance, but the mix incorporates original melodies and vocals by Alina Renae. Please support this track currently out at your earliest convenience!


Friday, March 8, 2019

Track Review: "Heartbeat" by ATB & Markus Schulz

Many months ago, both ATB & Markus Schulz shared photos and videos of them on social media collaborating in the studio. It sparked some excitement for the trance music world to enjoy as both have contributed to the scene in different ways. As the trance music scene continues to grow, it is always nice to see unity in the form of collaboration of quality music when competition via music business tends to consume the scene as a whole.

As of today (March 8, 2018) you can now support "Heartbeat" as the first release on ATB's RUHRTONE RECORDS.  The beauty of this track is how they encompassed both of their signature sounds in the track through interesting vocal to intricate melodic layers to intriguing back beats to entice you to dance. Despite recent plays on radio shows/podcasts, looking forward to hearing this track in DJ sets for years to come.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Track Review: "Mexico City" by AIKA

Every week tracks are debuted on radio shows/podcasts in electronic dance music. In a passionate scene that is trance music, you will often hear these tracks as IDs within sets for weeks or even months. Thus, when the debut happens, it is very exciting. This is one of those tracks that pretty much every radio show/podcast is featuring.

"Mexico City" by AIKA was first highlighted by Armin Van Buuren & Ruben De Ronde on A State of Trance recently, then featured on by Ferry Corsten on Corsten's Countdown as well as by Markus Schulz on Global DJ Broadcast to name a few. The infectious melody mixed with invigorating beats, makes you immediately understand why Ruben signed this track to his label STATEMENT! Recordings. As a sub-label to Armada, this track will be one of the tracks of the Summer as the entire electronic dance music world embarks on Spring/Summer festival season. Hope you support it in anyway you can!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Track Review: "Our Reflections" by MBX (The Remixes)

With every trance label and artist creating quality trance these days, it is hard to keep up with latest releases even if you pay attention to the many radio shows/podcasts available. However, upon getting an exclusive listen to the remixes of "Our Reflections" by MBX, it's clear the team has once again continued their integral part within the scene. OHM Music may not be a label most know about, but they should.

Upon its official release March 8, 2019, you have 3 separate remixes to indulge. H3 has created a deep mix that aligns with a progressive feel. Both Ambyt and Apollo Nash have created extended remixes that offer a new take while keeping the integrity of the original track. Despite your opinion on remixing music, please listen to these remixes and commend the entire team for their artistry.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Track Review: "Predator vs. Prey" by Fisherman

Your challenge as a reader or new reader of this blog is to search for previous posts featuring tracks by Fisherman & Hawkins. Together, this duo created some great tracks on Coldharbour Recordings and beyond. However, they are no longer a duo, but Fisherman has continued with great solo tracks sure to keep the great vibes going.

In order to follow up 'Jaguar' and the successful Airwalk Festival, the release of "Predator vs. Prey" is upon us as trance fans. Fresh off the presses on Coldharbour with plays on Global DJ Broadcast as well as in various DJ sets, this track not only incorporates the signature sound by the label, but also melodic layers you may think you have already heard. As the artwork above suggests, there is an overall theme to this track, which happens a lot in trance. Either way, please support this track currently out now!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Album Review: 'Tales From The Temple' by Key4050

Perhaps an explanation of who is Key4050 is necessary for those who have yet to warm up to the world of trance music. Bryan Kearney and John O' Callaghan have teamed up in both DJ sets and production to create Key4050. While both Bryan Kearney and John O' Callaghan have made a name for themselves through their solo production, DJ sets, and labels, this collaboration has been well received. They pride themselves in changing live DJ sets to showcase musicality.  Without going too much in depth about sub-genres of trance, they both feature uplifting, euphoric, and vocal trance in which some would revere as the core of trance.

'Tales From The Temple' is a labor of love by the duo that features 32 tracks on two "CD's" (parts for those who stream their music in this day and age).  Upon learning it took years to produce this album, release of this journey is fantastic. For those who have been fans of trance music for awhile, this album does not take word journey lightly.  In fact, as you listen to this album in it's entirety, you might get the sense of nostalgia of the trance released in the 1990's.  This collaboration just works, and they truly have created a masterpiece in a L.P. album. Please support this album in anyway you choose!


Monday, February 18, 2019

Track Review: "Traffic" by Tiesto (Arkham Knights Remix)

A history lesson is necessary prior to this review. One of electronic dance music's pioneers was DJ Tiesto back in the 1990's, in which most of his tracks were of the trance music genre. Then as electronic dance music became more popular, DJ was dropped from his name, and his sound and style changed. However, back then, one of Tiesto's most iconic tracks was "Traffic".

As evident time and time again on this blog, Arkham Knights have truly made a name for themselves in production out of Coldharbour Recordings.  This brother duo has been mentored by Markus Schulz, and has become one of the most sought out trance duos to date. Not only have they had success with original tracks, but their remixes have attracted quite the following.

Arkham Knights have managed to add their signature techno infused beats and re-orchestrate the original track brilliantly. In keeping the original track for the most part, you can not help but love the modern touches they have added.  Please support this track currently out now via Global DJ Broadcast February Top 20 Compilation!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Track Review: "Gemini" by Euphoric Nation

It's been awhile since we featured a track or artist from OHM Music, but upon listening to this tune, it was necessary to highlight the talent.  If you go back to previous posts, you might recall Euphoric Nation as a reliable artist on the roster. The collective team spearheaded by Omair Mirza has certainly made their name for progressive, trance, and soon techno.

"Gemini" incorporates driving beats that build in order to include the necessary melodic layers key to trance.  You can not ignore the progressive feel throughout the track, which bodes nicely with the overall sound the label has established. As the artwork and artist name suggest, a euphoric theme enhances the overall mood of the track. Please make sure to pick up your copy February 22, 2019!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Track Review: "Lethal" by Dave Neven

As you may know as a frequent reader of this blog, Coldharbour Recordings gets a lot of love around here. The darker sound spearheaded by Markus Schulz adds another layer to trance as well as techno with Coldharbour Black. In fact, Dave Neven has been featured many times in previous posts on this blog for his integration of melodic layers and interesting beats that align with the sound of Coldharbour.

"Lethal" is a track full of anthemic melodies mixed with deep yet enticing beats that set it apart from tracks released in the genre. No matter what label or sound is your favorite, you should support the evolution of trance as a genre. Mr. Neven has already shown his range through tracks that are vocal, collaborations, and solo efforts. "Lethal" is currently out NOW, so please support it anyway you can!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Track Review: "Need To Feel Loved" by Reflekt (Cosmic Gate & Foret Rework)

Unless you pay attention almost to the degree of unhealthy obsession with the happenings in trance, you might not realize the 20 Year Milestone Cosmic Gate is celebrating. However, this blog is well aware of all the previously mentioned, and excited to listen to new album, and to see where their world tour takes them.  The German duo has been creating great trance anthems and remixes that have been pleasing the masses (check out their remix of Gabriel & Dresden's "Only Road").

"Need To Feel Loved" is a great track by Reflekt in its own right, but a rework to celebrate longevity in electronic & trance music should be welcomed. The combination of deep driving beats, melodic layers, and delightful vocals make this rework fantastic.  Check it out for yourself!

For more information:


Friday, February 1, 2019

Album Review: 'Into Clouds' by Luttrell

Despite the fear of sounding redundant, it's time to highlight a close relative of trance music.  House music has inhabited many forms over the years, and just like trance, embraced what is called a progressive sound. That explained, a sister label to the popular label spearheaded by Above & Beyond Anjunbeats has spawned Anjunadeep.  As you can garner, the "deep" is a tribute to the house and techno sound that seems to bridge the gap among genres in electronic dance music.

Eric Luttrell was once in group embracing the many forms of electronic dance music, but has now found his solo way to the Anjunafamily as Luttrell.  His mellow yet invigorating melodies have garnered quite the following, and it's nice that 'Into Clouds' is doing just that. Whether a track features distorted/modern vocals or enticing melodies and deep beats, the entire album is unique while embracing familiar sounds in progressive house. This style of music featured on Anjunadeep is just catchy enough to get you to dance without wearing out its welcome.  Pick up your copy of 'Into Clouds' at your earliest convenience today!


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Album Review: 'Daggers' by All Hail The Silence

The world of electronic dance music is vast and evolves quite fast.  As you may know or find out, this blog respects the talent found in trance or related electronic music. All Hail The Silence is comprised of members BT & Christian Burns, which if you have been paying attention over the years have collaborated quite nicely on many tracks.

'Daggers' is a what those in the music business refer to as an L.P. (Long Player) made up of 14 tracks. Each track marries BT's composition with Burns' lovely vocals for a delightful listening experience. It's clear as you listen to 'Daggers' from beginning to end that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into writing comprehensive tracks. Without knowing too much in depth about each member, a new fan of electronic music in any form will enjoy this album. Please support this album on your favorite platform of choice at your earliest convenience!

For more information:


Friday, January 25, 2019

E.P. Review: 'BX8 E.P.' by Mike EFEX

In recent months, a more techno infused sub-label of Coldharbour Recordings was launched called Coldharbour Black. The label spearheaded by Markus Schulz has always embraced the darker and intense sound of techno, but still put trance melodic layers on the forefront. This time with Coldharbour Black, techno infusion will be the concentration. The launch has featured Markus Schulz, Jam El Mar, Arkham Knights, and now Mike EFEX.

'BX8 E.P.' features the tracks "BX8", "Berzerk", and "Chronos".  Each track magnificently marries melodic layers with the darker beats found in techno. For those new to electronic music, techno is a close relative to trance, and is usually appeals to fans of both. Mike EFEX has been featured on this blog before, and has shown his creative talent once again.  Please support the team's effort on your favorite platform!

Album Review: 'Riding the Thermals' by Nicholas Gunn

Many veteran readers of this blog are aware of the love for trance music, but considering this blog is almost 8 years old, you may have missed the love for many other genres of music.  Understanding origins within music is just as important as the music itself. In fact, many recognize the classical and ambient undertones within trance music.  The evolution of the genre needs to be examined for trance music to continue its niche intrigue.

Ambient music tends to get a bad reputation or just written off as "relaxing" music for your elevator rides or to fall asleep. However, how is any of this BAD? Music does NOT need to be revered so complicated that you can NOT enjoy the intricacy of those who produce this music. Nicholas Gunn has been in the music business for quite some time, and has a great musical background that spans from rock, to ambient, to trance as explained on a recent episode of Trending Topics with BB Podcast.

'Riding The Thermals' is a brilliant ambient album from top to bottom. In fact, many tracks are being remixed and remastered for the trance audience. From experience, it is suggested you listen to the album WITHOUT skipping a track to get the full effect of the album. The incorporation of vocals marry well with the nature undertones and delightful relaxing "theater of the mind". The album is OFFICIALLY available on your favorite platform of choice, so please support the brilliance of Nicholas Gunn at your earliest convenience.

For more information

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Song Review: "Mr. Wolf" by Jump Stone

In the quest to continue to highlight talent as this blog does, Jump Stone was featured awhile back helping propel this talented band into the music-verse. With access to so much music these days, it's nice true musicianship has not declined. Indie Rock and Indie Music for that matter deserve to be highlighted and introduced regardless of what is considered popular music.

"Mr. Wolf" adds to their repertoire quite nicely with intriguing rhythm combined with enticing vocals. The song may require multiple listens to get then entire concept, but nonetheless, it is a great tune. Please support Jump Stone through your usual channels! 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Track Review: "Embrace the Rainbow" by Woody Van Eyden & Gil Zambrano with Cheryl Barnes

The Trance genre has many sub-genres in this day and age of distinction. However, for those who have been fans of trance from its humble beginnings agree that euphoric vocal trance stand the test of time. This is why the team at Universal Nation spearheaded by well respected DJ/producer Alex MORPH, embraces this sound.

"Embrace the Rainbow" is euphoric vocal trance at its core. From the driving beats, to the melodic layers, to the delightful vocals by Cheryl Barnes, Woody Van Eyden & Gil Zambrano have collaborated to create a great track. The beauty of this track is its ability to entice you sing along to vocals while evoking emotions. Pretty sure this track will be featured in sets as well as radio shows/podcasts for time to come. Highly recommend you support this track through the usual stores and streaming options provided by Black Hole Recordings.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Song Review: "Shadows" by The Incarnations

Awhile back, The Incarnations were highlighted on this blog for the song "Love Drugs". As you will read or realize they are back with another single "Shadows".  But before we dive into the review, let's remind you that this band hails from Scotland, and they fall into the Indie Rock genre.

"Shadows" is an uptempo song with a driving rhythm, and great melodic lines. The vocals fit perfectly with the track as you will find out.  As evident by the artwork shown above, "Shadows" celebrates astronauts and space themes. Highly recommend you support the release of this single January 25, 2019 on Sound Hub Records

For more information: