Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Album Review: 'Introspection' by Solid Stone

The Coldharbour Recordings Family and Solid Stone proudly present the album 'Introspection'.  Coldharbour Recordings owner Markus Schulz has played many of these tracks in his sets this year, and a few of them have been revealed throughout the year on the Global DJ Broadcast. Solid Stone hails from Montreal, and the dark underground sound of the city is to be highlighted. The reputation of the city of Montreal with this more progressive trance sound has been credited to the delights of many fans visiting or residing there.

The album begins with the track "Introspection", and immediately gives you a sense of what is to come as the album progresses. "Broken" & "Ursa Major-Wellenrausch" continue the story of upbeat vibes, but with a sense of curiosity.  The journey progresses with even more upbeat, and feel good vibes from the track "Profound".  If you have had the chance to enjoy a set by Solid Stone, Markus Schulz, or have been listening to the Global DJ Broadcast you may recognize this track.  It is the perfect track to begin your night at a club or find yourself in the rabbit hole.

"Heart Call" and "Pushing Up" both featuring the vocals from Jennifer Rene round off the journey in the album. Those who listen to this album in its entirety will have to figure out what that journey with the music is, but nevertheless Solid Stone, Coldharbour family, and Markus Schulz should be proud of this artist album release.

Which track or tracks are your favorite? 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Set Review: New World Punx at EDC Las Vegas

As the line up for Dreamstate Sunday at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas was announced, many trance fans anticipated a schedule full of great trance DJs and producers.  The likes of which included Paul Oakenfold, the return of Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten Presents Gouryella, Markus Schulz, Gaia, and Aly & Fila.

Since Insomniac built an app for up-to-date news and information for all in attendance to download, the New World Punx (Markus Schulz B2B Ferry Corsten) slipped in the schedule in a little intimate venue known as the #SmirnoffHouse.  So if you made your way from the #circuitGROUNDS over to this small house sponsored by Smirnoff and Mixmag, you found yourself another place to dance with other attendees in the 21+ age group.

Upon gaining entry to the Smirnoff House minute before New World Punx were slated to begin their set, another DJ had the party going, but with other vibes. Do not get me wrong, playing other genres of music is welcome at a festival, but not mixing well as a DJ is disappointing. From the constant talking on the mic, to the missed mixing, then the plead to keep going when the new crowd in the house was there for New World Punx, was not ideal. Eh, the exiting DJ got the message when the crowd started to chant "New World Punx".

The set itself included New World Punx tracks, trance favorites, "Free Tibet", a mix of Metallica's "Enter Sandman", and overall great vibes.  The ability to enjoy this fun set in this intimate setting by this duo was amazing! Despite the venue, if you ever get a chance to experience a New World Punx set, DO IT!    

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Track Review: "Eleven 11" by Omair Mirza & Danilo Ercole

In case you haven't figured it out, Trance music (which really never left) is on fire right now. There is something about the intricate melodies infused with drops and beats that satisfy your senses. Thus, with the previous great track by Omair Mirza, he has done it again with Danilo Ercole.

The intro of the track starts with a great series of beats, then builds to a great melody to embody what progressive trance should entail. You feel a sense of calm mixed in with happiness mixed in with unknown feelings, thus that progressive trance. The melodies by different sounds highlight the track to bring that home.

Please take a listen to this teaser, then buy the track when it becomes available June 27th!     

Sunday, June 5, 2016

EDMBiz Panel Highlight: Beyond the Boys' Club: What's Next for Women in Dance Music

Upon doing research for the upcoming EDMBiz Conference & Expo, one particular panel has caught my eyes. That as evident by this post's title, 'Beyond the Boys' Club: What's Next for Women in Dance Music'.  The prevalence of the topic of gender equality in many different industries is a hot button issue, and many have different perspectives on such topic. However, for a genre of music that has been growing in popularity exponentially in the United State over the past 10 years, this topic is repetitively new to discuss.

From the DJ/artists to the industry leaders, men are well represented. According to the panel description, the panel hopes to discuss this in further detail as well as find ways for others to keep the discussion going. This panel is one step in getting a discussion going, but is this panel going to help make changes happen? Or will we continue to debate this topics in the next 10 years?

Depending on your perspective, and what sub-genre you gravitate towards, you are wondering why such discussion exists or does not exist. With the main focus being on the music or what most fans claim the focus is, the sense of unity should welcome people from all walks of life.

What will it take for the Electronic Music Dance business to have gender equality?