Thursday, June 21, 2018

Remix Review: "Ozone" by Giuseppe Ottaviani

It is no secret that this blog not only appreciates trance music, but remixes of trance music. Thus, when this remix of "Ozone" began to be tested in many sets by Markus Schulz in recent months, many began to wonder when it was going to be released.  Giuseppe Ottaviani has made a name for himself throughout the scene from his own productions to well received live DJ sets. From his label GO Music to his radio show/podcast GO On Air, it is safe to say that Mr. Ottaviani is a staple in the trance music scene.

Both Markus Schulz and Craig Connelly have created unique remixes of a familiar track, but the beauty is that both remixes make sure to maintain the melodic layers that signified the track in the first place. These two remixes have been released on Blackhole Recordings to remind you of the magnitude of that label.  Stream and/or download your copy today!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Song Review: "Lifeline" by Ben Wright

Despite what many readers and subscribers of this blog may think, different kinds of music genres are welcome. The mission of this blog as well as BB Media Industries, is to highlight the talented or those who may not be getting the recognition they deserve. Garnering relationships with record labels and artists through the passion from this blog has been rewarding.  The roster of artists and/or bands at Sound Hub Studios/Records have been finding impeccable talent from their home region of U.K.

Upon watching the video and listening to "Lifeline" by Ben Wright, it is apparent that this man deserves to be highlighted. The song is top quality from the first note to the ending note. The lyrics are not just thrown into match the musicianship, there was heart thrown in while creating this song. It is highly suggested you not only support this song release, but the entire album 'Lifeline'  if you like great folk/Indie Rock music.


Friday, June 8, 2018

Track Review: "Impulse" by Lee Cassells

As the artwork above might imply, the opportunity to act on an "impulse" can dictate future decisions going forward. This is true for the vibes that this track brings to the repertoire of OHM Music. Lee Cassells might not have been on your radar before this post, but his talent deserves your attention now. The trance scene is constantly growing while maintaining a relative "underground" feel in the realm of electronic music.

"Impulse" incorporates some unique sounds that not only resemble the overall sound of the label, but are keeping with the progressive trance vibe. Throw in some intriguing melodic layers, and you have a yourself a track fit to be added to your collection. Be sure to check out the progressive house mix by Bablak as well.  It is highly recommend you support this track on Beatport or any form when it is OFFICIALLY released July 6th!