Monday, December 18, 2017

Track Review: "Talisman" by Sodality Presents SDLT

The discovery of new music is always welcomed here at this blog. The team at OHM Music is on a roll.  Whether your tastes leans toward the progressive side of things or trance or a combination of both, rest assured you will find a many gems throughout the releases on OHM Music.

Sodality has been mentioned in previous posts here through remixes provided on other tracks, thus the blog is delighted to highlight "Talisman" under a new alias SDLT. The layers of melodies and beat drops open up the world for many possibilities, hence the progressive and electro house remixes provided by Jackob Rocksonn.  Considering the definition of a talisman is a lucky charm, it is safe to say that this track will be a lucky charm for everyone involved. Please support the track when it is released December 22nd! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Album Review: 'The Only Road' by Gabriel & Dresden

First and foremost, if you aren't acquainted with the duo of Gabriel & Dresden, and their profound way of propelling trance/electronic dance music over the years, then it is time for a history lesson. Let's go back to the early days when Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden combined. They produced such hits as "As the Rush Comes" featuring JES under the name Motorcycle, "Without You Near" in collaboration with Markus Schulz, "Tracking Treasure Down", and "Dangerous Power".  Not to mention, their producing power for other artists.

Let's fast forward to November 21, 2016, when they launched a new album Kickstarter. To their surprise, their absence in dance music had created a hunger for a new album, and the backers raised over $73,000 to fund the project. It also helped that they went on a Open to Close "Classics" tour all over the United States recently. It was apparent that this duo has cemented a lasting respect for many fans.

When Above & Beyond hit the stage during ABGT 250 ( September 16, 2017), the announcement that Gabriel & Dresden had returned to Anjunabeats, and were going to be releasing their new album on that label. In fact, a couple of tracks off of Gabriel & Dresden's album were featured in Above & Beyond's set. It is suggested that whether you stream or buy the album, you listen to every track. The duo have put their heart and soul into this album.

It may not be the in your face trance and/or electronic dance music that you are used to currently, but this album can not help but hit your emotions. The singles off of the album certainly prove that: "This Love Kills Me", "White Walls", "Waiting For Winter", and "You".  Have you found your favorite track yet?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

When a playlist gives you life!

It should not be a shock to you that trance is a favorite genre around here by now. If you are new, you will have to get acquainted with many track and album reviews on this blog. Another thing you should be able to gather, is that the passion for music is quite intense here. Thus, finding a playlist on Spotify can have a really gratifying effect. 

There are many arguments for or against the state of streaming in music nowadays, however, when money can be tight, finding new tracks or mixes on many different platforms fills your world with music. Many different labels in trance have been compiling different playlists to feature artists in many ways. As linked in the previous paragraph, a CLASSIC TRANCE playlist can spark so much emotion. 

It is very important to list all 50 songs on this playlist. Why? Well, all of these have made trance what it is today.  There was a time where they weren't called trance, they were called electronic dance music. Yes, this was before the abbreviated "EDM". Just let this 

1. "Universal Nation"- Radio Edit by PUSH
2. "Gouryella" by Gouryella
3. "The Beauty of Silence" by Svenson & Gielen
4. "Carte Blanche"-FM Radio Edit by Verracocha
5. "Punk"-Vocal Radio Edit by Ferry Corsten
6. "Such Is Life"-Radio Edit by Rank1, Shanokee
7. "For An Angel" by Paul Van Dyk
8. "Out of the Blue"-Radio Edit by System F
9. "Twisted"-Energy Radio Edit by Svenson & Gielen
10."GODD"-Single Mix by MarcoV
11. "Beautiful" by Ferry Corsten
12. "Take Me Away (Into the Night)-Original Vocal Club Mix by 4Strings
13. "The New World" by Markus Schulz
14. "Simulated" by MarcoV 
15. "Sssst...(Listen)[Mix Cut]-Original Mix by Johah
16. "Silence (featuring Sarah McLachlan)-DJ Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise Edit by Delerium, Sarah McLachlan, Tiesto
17. "Greece 2000"- Original Radio Mix by Three Drives On A Vinyl 
18. "Big Sky"-Radio Edit by John O' Callaghan, Audrey Gallagher
19. "Lethal Industry" by Tiesto
20. "Proximus"-Radio Edit by Mauro Picotto
21. "Meet Her At The Loveparade (Radio Edit) by Da Hool
22. "The Sound of Goodbye"-Armin's Tribal Feel Mix by Armin Van Buuren, Perpetuous Dreamer
23. "The Age of Love"-Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Radio Edit by Jam & Spoon
24. "Renegade"-(The Official Trance Energy 2010 Anthem) by Sander Van Doorn
25. "Sun & Moon"-Radio Edit by Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford
26. "Madagascar" by Ferry Corsten
27. "1998"-Gouryella's Radio Edit by Binary Finary
28. "The Future"-Radio Edit by Joop
29. "Pulverterm"-Radio Edit 1 by Niels Van Gogh, Eniac
30. "Joyenergizer"-Psico Radio Edit by Joy Kitikonti, Psico
31. "It's A Find Day"-ATB Radio Mix by Miss Jane
32. "The Theme"-Radio Edit by Jurgen Vries
33.  "Luvstruck-Klubbheads 2005 Radio Mix by Southside Spinners, Klubbheads
34. "Loneliness" by Tomcraft
35. "Reachers of Civilisation"-Radio Edit by York
36. "Advanced"-Short Mix by Marcel Woods
37. "Rock Your Body Rock"-Radio Edit by Ferry Corsten
38. "Exploration of Space"-Radio Edit by Cosmic Gate
39. "Saltwater" by Chicane
40. "As the Rush Comes"-Radio Edit by Motorcycle
41. "I Remember"-Vocal Mix by deadmau5, Kaskade
42. "Sandstorm"-Radio Edit by Darude
43. "Time to Burn"-Video Edit by Storm
44. "Fucking Society"-Radio Edit by Reeloop
45. "Dance Valley Theme 2001" by System F
46. "Silver Bath"-Radio Edit by Plastic Boy
47. "You're Not Alone" by Olive
48. "Anticipation" by Lemon, Enar K
49. "Cafe Del Mar"-Three 'N One Radio Edit by Energy 52
50. "The Silmarillia"-Radio Edit by Carlos

Do you have a favorite? Can you guess which artist has the most listed (aliases included)? 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Track Review: "Beautiful Mystery" (The Remixes) by Omair Mirza featuring Avari

You may or may not know that through our quest to highlight talent, Omair Mirza and OHM Music has become a staple here on this blog. Whether it's a personal release from Mr. Mirza himself or any of the talent on the label, it feels amazing to highlight the releases in anyway via this blog or BB Media Industries.

Please take time to read the initial review of "Beautiful Mystery". The same still applies, but now there are options that will enhance your listening pleasure. Do you prefer the more relaxed progressive vibe? Great, David Thulin has a couple of remixes for your collection.  Do you prefer the melodies and beat drops of trance? Great, Sodality, H3, Nay Jay & Leonard A, and LawrenceQ provide you with many remixes for your collection. Feel free to listen, then support all of their efforts of picking up your copy December 15th to help celebrate OHM Music's 1 Year Anniversary!