Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Track Review: "Emerald" by Dimension & Radion6

If you haven't figured out already, the trance music realm is pretty vast these days. Sub-labels are releasing quality tracks to fill the sets and radio shows/podcasts that are ever so popular these days. Ferry Corsten's label Flashover Recordings is among them. Trance DJs/Producers Dimension and Radion6 have collaborated on a wonderful trance track called "Emerald" that has been supported by big names in the community.

Even with a couple of edits released, "Emerald" begins with the fundamental upbeat build up that graciously prepares you for the EPIC melody.  However, the melody is slightly different than other melodies of other tracks out right now. The layering of sounds to create this track have never been so perfect for the Flashover sound!

Track Review: "Unite" by Sean & Xander

The duo of Sean & Xander has been gaining some steam recently with releases on Coldharbour Recordings, and M.I.K.E. Push Studio.  The most recent gem for the genre is "Unite", which can be found right now on Beatport!  The track begins with an upbeat tempo, then the melody kicks in followed by the anticipated drop.  The layering of such a track have and will continue to be featured in sets and radio shows/podcasts for awhile.

The key when listening to this track is to simply enjoy the intricacies of melody layering as well as the beats and drops. The mashup and remix possibilities are endless with this track. Feel free to check out the other tracks and projects by the duo.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Track Review: "Sestertius" by Markus Schulz (Coldharbour Recordings 250th Release)

First and foremost, congratulations Markus Schulz and Coldharbour Recordings on the milestone of your 250th release! The labor of love it takes to maintain a label as well as produce amazing tracks on a continuous basis is phenomenal. Despite the claims that trance music is making a comeback, most astute to the genre believe it has never left.  However, with the United State's music industry grasping on to Electronic Dance Music as a whole, it's nice to see more people educating themselves on the many sub-genres.

The connection of Trance to Classical seems to attract those who are looking for more depth within music than just beats and flare. The layering of melodies with addictive beats and drops allows us to dance and dream.  Thus, "Sestertius" as this milestone release for the label works perfectly.  The build up from the beginning of the track instantly grabs your attention. Then the melodies take a hold of all of your senses, and you can't help but draw parallels with the theme of the Unicorn Slayer's latest album 'Watch the World'.  It did not require the artwork to come to this conclusion.

Please take a listen to this track here, then BUY it on Monday August 29th! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Selections Part 41

In past months, many who have attended a set by Markus Schulz or listen to his radio show/podcast Global DJ Broadcast weekly have been teased with ID tracks. Well, a few of them have been revealed with the latest release by Coldharbour Recordings.

Kris O' Neil has graced us with a great remix of "Perfect Imperfection" by Omair Mirza and Avari.  Without losing too much of the original track, O' Neil's remix has a great tempo, beat, and added a few new melodies to accompany Avari's vocals perfectly. Take a listen here...

"Brainstorm" by Mike Efex vs. Sean & Xander is a great track. They have collaborated nicely to incorporate the darker Coldharbour sound, then layering great melodies and beat drops sure to be a staple in many upcoming sets. This track is trance at it's finest. Take a listen here...

This compilation is great to add to your collection. Including the Jordan Suckley remix of "Tomorrow Never Dies [Bombay]" by Markus Schulz and VASSY.  Just DO IT!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Power of the Remix

According to, Remix is defined: to mix and re-record the elements of (a musical recording) in a different way.  In the history of music, this has proven to be the case, but due to the world's love of Electronic Dance Music in its various forms, more now than ever. Yes, hip-hop/rap has embraced the remix over the years, but not like EDM.  

The beauty of honing your craft as a DJ and Producer, is the ability to reach out to the community or create your own remixes for tracks previously released. From experience, knowing who did a remix is just as important as knowing the original track. Every remix is unique, yet brings out the important elements of the original track. 

The power of the remix stems from its ability to change your mood for the better. Even if you love the original track, you find yourself loving a good remix. Any specific remixes that touch your soul? 

Enjoy a few recent remixes that are turning heads!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Track Review: "Counter Strike" by Dave Neven

The Coldharbour Recordings label may be considered under the radar, but has been producing some quality trance tracks this year. Another recently released track goes to Dave Neven called "Counter Strike".  This track has been supported through radio shows/podcasts and live sets alike from big names in the trance community.

The Coldharbour sound has its dark moments, great vocals, followed by great melodies.  "Counter Strike" begins with a solid BPM (Beats Per Minute) to grab your attention. Then the melodies begin to layer on top of each other giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling that trance is supposed to give you.  The track continues this vibe throughout as more layers plus beat drops hook you.

Feel free to buy a copy, because you will thank yourself if you listen to the sample below.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Track Review: "Cygnus" by Novaspace

Yep, that is correct, ANOTHER Coldharbour Recordings artist Novaspace has a new track out now! The track, "Cygnus" has been supported in live sets and radio shows/podcasts such as the Global DJ Broadcast, Corsten's Countdown, & A State of Trance.  

The breakdown of the track is as follows:  the introduction of the track has a break beat that constantly adds more layers for that buildup feeling.  Then the melodies begin, and well, you are already enjoying the track's vibe. A few vocals, then the MAIN melody with that uplifting and big room vibe hits you out of nowhere. You are instantly sucked into this track, and are constantly hoping that this continues, then more beats drop WITH the melody. 

If you aren't as passionate about Trance or the breakdown of what makes a great Trance track, just be aware that this track is brilliant.  As mentioned before on this blog, the Coldharbour Family is on FIRE, and the quality of music will probably keep increasing as time goes on. The boss, Markus Schulz makes sure of this.  

Take a listen here:

Than make sure to BUY HERE: Beatport