Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE)

Spearheaded by Aly & Fila, Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE) has been producing great tracks for the trance and dance music aficionado. Ahead of the FSOE450 celebrations, are you keeping up with the latest tracks? 

A & Z have produced an uplifting trance track in "Lyra" sure to get you in the dancing mood. Have you picked up your copy yet

"Kenopsia" by Ahmed Romel has that sound you would expect from this label along with more depth that will pick up any mood. Grab your copy here! 

Arctic Moon has a created an upbeat track in "Serein" that was meant for those looking to get lost in the beats. Pick it up here! 

Darren Porter has made a name for himself in producing solid trance tracks over the years. "To Feel Again" is another one that you shouldn't miss!

From the vocals to the layering of melodies, "Helia" by Omair Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal featuring Crystal Blakk will appeal to more than strictly trance fans. Enjoy it here! 

The infectious beats mixed with background vocals grab you, and the addition of the melody will entice you.  Well done James Dymond! Add it to your collection! 

"Mykonos" by Niko Zografos gets under your skin in that good way. Enjoy the background vocals mixed with layered melodies followed by those beat drops! Get it here! 

Some may say music brings you "Closer To Heaven". Well, Alan Morris did with great track. You will want to add it your collection

"Hypogean" by Stoneface & Terminal will immediately get you HYPED from the infections melodies to the beat drops. Keep these vibes going with your copy here

Andres Sanchez & Michael Kaelios presenting Spanish Armada created "Leyenda" to keep you upbeat. The layering of melodies does not disappoint! You know what to do! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Anjunabeats

The trio of Above & Beyond along with a few other artists on the Anjunabeats label just celebrated the 200th episode of the radio show/podcast Group Therapy in Amsterdam. As mentioned before on this blog, music brings people together in a powerful way. Thus, the unity that has come from the worldwide appeal of Group Therapy has contributed to its success.

Genix & Sue McLaren have produced a track with intriguing beats, background melodies, and great vocals. In fact, it happens to align with productions from the bosses of Above & Beyond.  Have you picked up your copy yet?

If you have or haven't been paying attention to recent posts on this blog, you will find a post dedicated to the Above & Beyond remix of the Moby classic. However, this blog would be remiss if it didn't point out the remix by Arty.  Not that the classic "Porcelain" needed to be remixed due to its timeless qualities from Moby, but enjoy nonetheless!

Ilan Bluestone & Jason Ross have made names for themselves individually, but collaborating in Back-to-Back sets along with production has been well received by the label and fans. Collaborations tend to bring out the best, unique, and creative aspects of music. Have you added "Amun" and "Meta" to your collection?

The duo of Kyau & Albert have produced a track that is sure to be timeless in the future.  From the beats, to the melodies, to the lyrics and vocals, not much in this track is flawed.  As evident by its current popularity on Beatport for many weeks now.

Tuskana has outdone themselves again with both "Legacy" and "Champions".  Each track aligns with the overall sound from the Anjunabeats label, yet also add their own flair.  What are your favorite parts of each track? The melodies or the beats? Time will tell with your own copies!

Push created a great track in "Strange World", but the remix by Andrew Bayer added that much more depth to production quality within the label. The intricacies in beats, layered melodies, and vibes you get from this track will make it an instant classic. Pick up a copy for your collection! 

The Latest Tracks from Flashover Recordings

Under the direction of Ferry Corsten, Flashover Recordings has been producing some great tracks for the Trance music community to enjoy. The beauty of the trance community not only is the loyalty of the fans, but the crossover and collaboration of DJs/Producers within the genre.

Pierre Pienaar may or may not be on your radar, but after listening to "Novus Vitae" he will. The melodies grab your attention from the beginning of the track, and transcend that "hands up in the air feeling" that Trance music is supposed to give you.  How about you check it out yourself?

Coming off his release of "Bail Sunrise", Dan Dobson brings us the track "The Distance Between Us".  From its uplifting melodies to its intricate beat drops. Even the newest trance fan will appreciate this track. Pick up your copy today!

Solis & Sean Truby just keep producing big room and uplifting tracks for the trance community.  "Nobu" is that track you should expect to hear at festivals as well as in club atmospheres.  The melody will hook you from the first beat. You will want your own copy!

Dimension & Robert Nickson have teamed up to brings "Wormhole".  The collaboration was a match made in heaven as evident by the first beat to the melody to the key change. Without diving too deep into music theory, enjoy this track on Beatport!

Alex Ender brings the Trance community a club banger as they say. "Sunset Beast" is that track that will be played during sunset sets or anytime around a sunset.  The pace of the track will set the mood for a good night. Add this to your collection!

The Latest Tracks from Coldharbour Recordings

The Coldharbour Recordings factory has been hard at work this year as evident by all of the previous posts. The family is creating really great, and unique trance, house, and progressive music right now, and it looks to continue.  From original tracks to remixes, are you keeping up with the latest releases?

This track was highlighted in Markus Schulz' annual Sunrise Set earlier in the year, and is currently out NOW for your listening pleasure. The collaboration between Ruebx Qube and Adina Butar worked beautifully.

Mr. Pit has been churning out great tracks on the label for quite some time now, yet, his latest deserves recognition.  The deep, darker, progressive sound mixed with trance melodies turned out to be a great combination. Pick up your own copy through your favorite platforms NOW!

Anske has contributed some great tracks on the label already, but his latest looks to impress those unaware. The track follows the Coldharbour formula, but keeps you guessing as more melodies and beats are layered as the track progresses. Check it out for yourself, and pick up its sister "Starlight" while you are at it!

You might be aware of Dan Thompson as well as Solis & Sean Truby separately for their music production. However, they have teamed up for the track "Aero", which has been getting quite the support in live sets and radio shows/podcasts for a few months now. Enjoy your copy here! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Track Review: "Sinners & Saints" by Spark & Shade Feat. Goshen Sai

Despite the onslaught of love for the latest tracks in Trance, this blog has explored music of all genres. However, the point of this blog is highlight talent, and continue the conversation through music. Thus, the opportunity to review a track from an Dutch duo within the Trance realm was an obvious choice.

Let's first begin with introducing you to Spark & Shade followed by the vocals of Goshen Sai.  When the track "Sinners & Saints" begins, it immediately grabs your attention through the uplifting vibes, then the vocals kick in adding that much more depth to the track. To finish off the track, more melodies are layered on top, which happen to accompany Sai's vocals well.

In fact, hop over to Beatport for this exclusive track NOW! Then pick up a copy on other platforms October 10th! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Track Review: "Too Big To Fail" by Omair Mirza

It has been couple of months since the last release from Trance DJ/Producer Omair Mirza.  Those privy to his releases are well aware of his affiliations with Armada Music and Coldharbour Recordings. Mirza's contributions to the trance music genre have been well received thus far. For those wondering what sub-genre his tracks fall under:  uplifting, progressive, and vocal.   

"Too Big To Fail" has an uplifting intro through the piano melody then builds with beat drops bringing great vibes. The layering of melodies with background vocals add that much more to the track. The progressive-like foundation of the track sets a great tone (no pun intended) before the melodies kick in.  Those fans new and old to the trance genre should embrace such a well produced track.  Looking forward to hearing this track in live sets as well as on radio shows/podcasts by those in the Trance community.  

Please buy a copy when it becomes available October 17th via Freegrant Music! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Track Review: "We Are" by Paul Van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H.

One of the pioneers of Electronic Dance Music, but more specifically Trance has produced some of the most recognizable tracks over the years. In fact, many who are signed to Paul Van Dyk's label VANDIT Records have been producing some great tracks.  Paul Van Dyk comes from the mentality of DJ first, producer second, thus you can find the passion within the music. Alex M.O.R.P.H. has grown a following among the trance music community for his DJ and producing prowess.  Conditionally, a collaboration among the two was inevitable, and now gives the world  "We Are".

"We Are" immediately begins with the uptempo beat structure that make it known as an uplifting track. Then the melodies begin, more melodies are layered, followed by beat drops. It is VERY hard to keep from dancing to this track. The mesh of styles came through by both producers, and it is highly recommend that you join the others out there buying the track on Beatport

Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Porcelain" by Moby (Above & Beyond) Remix

First let's begin with the influence Moby has had on Electronic Dance Music with his producing. From movie soundtracks to original creations. One of his most recognizable songs is "Porcelain".  It only makes sense that the prolific Above & Beyond remix this classic for newer audiences to enjoy along with those who remember the original.

Above & Beyond along with other trance DJ/producers have teased it in their live sets this past Summer. Thus, when the announcements followed by this release on the Anjunabeats label came to be, it was well received. Hence, the high debut on the charts of Beatport!  In fact, this remix should bridge the gap among trance and EDM.