Monday, December 18, 2017

Track Review: "Talisman" by Sodality Presents SDLT

The discovery of new music is always welcomed here at this blog. The team at OHM Music is on a roll.  Whether your tastes leans toward the progressive side of things or trance or a combination of both, rest assured you will find a many gems throughout the releases on OHM Music.

Sodality has been mentioned in previous posts here through remixes provided on other tracks, thus the blog is delighted to highlight "Talisman" under a new alias SDLT. The layers of melodies and beat drops open up the world for many possibilities, hence the progressive and electro house remixes provided by Jackob Rocksonn.  Considering the definition of a talisman is a lucky charm, it is safe to say that this track will be a lucky charm for everyone involved. Please support the track when it is released December 22nd! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Album Review: 'The Only Road' by Gabriel & Dresden

First and foremost, if you aren't acquainted with the duo of Gabriel & Dresden, and their profound way of propelling trance/electronic dance music over the years, then it is time for a history lesson. Let's go back to the early days when Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden combined. They produced such hits as "As the Rush Comes" featuring JES under the name Motorcycle, "Without You Near" in collaboration with Markus Schulz, "Tracking Treasure Down", and "Dangerous Power".  Not to mention, their producing power for other artists.

Let's fast forward to November 21, 2016, when they launched a new album Kickstarter. To their surprise, their absence in dance music had created a hunger for a new album, and the backers raised over $73,000 to fund the project. It also helped that they went on a Open to Close "Classics" tour all over the United States recently. It was apparent that this duo has cemented a lasting respect for many fans.

When Above & Beyond hit the stage during ABGT 250 ( September 16, 2017), the announcement that Gabriel & Dresden had returned to Anjunabeats, and were going to be releasing their new album on that label. In fact, a couple of tracks off of Gabriel & Dresden's album were featured in Above & Beyond's set. It is suggested that whether you stream or buy the album, you listen to every track. The duo have put their heart and soul into this album.

It may not be the in your face trance and/or electronic dance music that you are used to currently, but this album can not help but hit your emotions. The singles off of the album certainly prove that: "This Love Kills Me", "White Walls", "Waiting For Winter", and "You".  Have you found your favorite track yet?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

When a playlist gives you life!

It should not be a shock to you that trance is a favorite genre around here by now. If you are new, you will have to get acquainted with many track and album reviews on this blog. Another thing you should be able to gather, is that the passion for music is quite intense here. Thus, finding a playlist on Spotify can have a really gratifying effect. 

There are many arguments for or against the state of streaming in music nowadays, however, when money can be tight, finding new tracks or mixes on many different platforms fills your world with music. Many different labels in trance have been compiling different playlists to feature artists in many ways. As linked in the previous paragraph, a CLASSIC TRANCE playlist can spark so much emotion. 

It is very important to list all 50 songs on this playlist. Why? Well, all of these have made trance what it is today.  There was a time where they weren't called trance, they were called electronic dance music. Yes, this was before the abbreviated "EDM". Just let this 

1. "Universal Nation"- Radio Edit by PUSH
2. "Gouryella" by Gouryella
3. "The Beauty of Silence" by Svenson & Gielen
4. "Carte Blanche"-FM Radio Edit by Verracocha
5. "Punk"-Vocal Radio Edit by Ferry Corsten
6. "Such Is Life"-Radio Edit by Rank1, Shanokee
7. "For An Angel" by Paul Van Dyk
8. "Out of the Blue"-Radio Edit by System F
9. "Twisted"-Energy Radio Edit by Svenson & Gielen
10."GODD"-Single Mix by MarcoV
11. "Beautiful" by Ferry Corsten
12. "Take Me Away (Into the Night)-Original Vocal Club Mix by 4Strings
13. "The New World" by Markus Schulz
14. "Simulated" by MarcoV 
15. "Sssst...(Listen)[Mix Cut]-Original Mix by Johah
16. "Silence (featuring Sarah McLachlan)-DJ Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise Edit by Delerium, Sarah McLachlan, Tiesto
17. "Greece 2000"- Original Radio Mix by Three Drives On A Vinyl 
18. "Big Sky"-Radio Edit by John O' Callaghan, Audrey Gallagher
19. "Lethal Industry" by Tiesto
20. "Proximus"-Radio Edit by Mauro Picotto
21. "Meet Her At The Loveparade (Radio Edit) by Da Hool
22. "The Sound of Goodbye"-Armin's Tribal Feel Mix by Armin Van Buuren, Perpetuous Dreamer
23. "The Age of Love"-Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Radio Edit by Jam & Spoon
24. "Renegade"-(The Official Trance Energy 2010 Anthem) by Sander Van Doorn
25. "Sun & Moon"-Radio Edit by Above & Beyond, Richard Bedford
26. "Madagascar" by Ferry Corsten
27. "1998"-Gouryella's Radio Edit by Binary Finary
28. "The Future"-Radio Edit by Joop
29. "Pulverterm"-Radio Edit 1 by Niels Van Gogh, Eniac
30. "Joyenergizer"-Psico Radio Edit by Joy Kitikonti, Psico
31. "It's A Find Day"-ATB Radio Mix by Miss Jane
32. "The Theme"-Radio Edit by Jurgen Vries
33.  "Luvstruck-Klubbheads 2005 Radio Mix by Southside Spinners, Klubbheads
34. "Loneliness" by Tomcraft
35. "Reachers of Civilisation"-Radio Edit by York
36. "Advanced"-Short Mix by Marcel Woods
37. "Rock Your Body Rock"-Radio Edit by Ferry Corsten
38. "Exploration of Space"-Radio Edit by Cosmic Gate
39. "Saltwater" by Chicane
40. "As the Rush Comes"-Radio Edit by Motorcycle
41. "I Remember"-Vocal Mix by deadmau5, Kaskade
42. "Sandstorm"-Radio Edit by Darude
43. "Time to Burn"-Video Edit by Storm
44. "Fucking Society"-Radio Edit by Reeloop
45. "Dance Valley Theme 2001" by System F
46. "Silver Bath"-Radio Edit by Plastic Boy
47. "You're Not Alone" by Olive
48. "Anticipation" by Lemon, Enar K
49. "Cafe Del Mar"-Three 'N One Radio Edit by Energy 52
50. "The Silmarillia"-Radio Edit by Carlos

Do you have a favorite? Can you guess which artist has the most listed (aliases included)? 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Track Review: "Beautiful Mystery" (The Remixes) by Omair Mirza featuring Avari

You may or may not know that through our quest to highlight talent, Omair Mirza and OHM Music has become a staple here on this blog. Whether it's a personal release from Mr. Mirza himself or any of the talent on the label, it feels amazing to highlight the releases in anyway via this blog or BB Media Industries.

Please take time to read the initial review of "Beautiful Mystery". The same still applies, but now there are options that will enhance your listening pleasure. Do you prefer the more relaxed progressive vibe? Great, David Thulin has a couple of remixes for your collection.  Do you prefer the melodies and beat drops of trance? Great, Sodality, H3, Nay Jay & Leonard A, and LawrenceQ provide you with many remixes for your collection. Feel free to listen, then support all of their efforts of picking up your copy December 15th to help celebrate OHM Music's 1 Year Anniversary!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Song Review: "Half a Hunner, Still a Stunner" by The Vanities

Time to highlight another talented band from Scotland. Sound Hub Records has found another promising band in The Vanities. Their debut single "Half a Hunner, Still a Stunner" will introduce you to their immense talent. "Half a Hunner, Still a Stunner" is an uptempo song that can't help but be infectious. From the lyrics to the musicianship, this band has a lot of talent to unveil.  The onslaught of talent out of the region releasing on Sound Hub is on a roll, and well, this blog is a fan. Please support them by picking up your copy November 25th! 

Band Notes: We take influence from first wave Punk like The Clash and The Buzzcocks, as well as Indie bands like The Libertines and The Cribs. We have been gigging for roughly a year and have got quite a reputation in the Glasgow music scene, playing venues such as King Tuts Wah Wah hut.

Track Review: "Fragments" by Nameless

One thing about music is that it is subjective to those who choose to listen. Another great thing about electronic dance music in all of its forms, is that an artist can produce under an alias or artist name. This is true for Nameless A.K.A. Jay Rivera who has created a nice progressive/electro house track "Fragments" to be released on OHM Music.  

"Fragments" has also be given trance versions with the remixes by Profetik that are not to be ignored. Nameless has done a great job producing a track that can appeal to your different moods. Whether you prefer the more mellow progressive feel or the layered melodies that make the track trance, you will have a well produced track to add to your collection. Please support this track when it is released December 8th! 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Track Review: "Awake" by Danilo Ercole

The partnership of OHM Music and Danilo Ercole strikes once again! Yes, there is another trance track on the horizon for the pair. If you are just now learning about trance or you are a long time fan, you should be really pleased with the status of the genre.  The scene is producing really great tracks and remixes of these tracks. There really isn't a shortage of talent right now.

"Awake" showcases Mr. Ercole's talent once again. Time to become more acquainted with his talent through this upcoming release. "Awake" follows the pattern of layered melodies and beat drops that just bring out those uplifting vibes many with a love for trance have embraced. Are you 'awake' to this track? Looking forward to hearing this track in sets and on radio shows/podcasts for time to come! Please pick up your copy on November 24th!

Song Review: "Amber" by Bottle Note

The term "Indie" tends to be associated with alternative rock music or has in recent years. As recent posts on this blog suggest, "Indie Rock" is alive and well across United Kingdom and surrounding areas. Thus, when a band out of Edinburgh, UK by the name of Bottle Note found the blog, a review of their current single "Amber" was definitely in order.

"Amber" is an uptempo, catchy song from beginning to end. The intro hooks you, then more layers of the song kick in by guitar riffs, vocals, and drums. It may take a couple of listens to understand the lyrics, but overall, the song is well produced with great musicianship. The talent by all members of the band craft a great song. Looking forward to more and more "Indie" talent from the U.K. in the future! Please pick up or stream your copy of "Amber" right now via Apple Music, Spotify, or their Soundcloud!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Song Review: "Interstellar" by L Sicario

The world of alternative rock in the U.K. is alive and well via Sound-Hub Records these days. L. Sicario is a rock band with a diverse line-up in every sense of the word. "Interstellar" is a well-rounded song from its lyrics to the musicianship.  It may take a few listens of the song to understand the uniqueness of the lead and background vocals though. The lyrics are very simple, yet compliment the song well. Looking forward to following their career! Please support the release of "Interstellar" on November 24th!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Song Review: "Lay Me Down" by Fleer

For those just now getting acquainted with this blog, you should know that this blog has been around for years and is a shining example of not giving up on highlighting talent. Music seems to unite and ignite passion throughout all people. Thus, when the song "Lay Me Down" by Fleer was introduced, a review was in order.

"Lay Me Down" is that new alternative rock song that is in your face loud with great guitar riffs and smooth drums.  The lyrics are simple, yet fit the song well, and match their bio. Look for this song to be featured in the alternative rock scene for years to come. Please support them by picking up your copy November 11th on Sound-Hub Records!

Band Bio - We are a 3 piece alternative rock band from Warwickshire. Our band consists of singer and guitarist Liam Garratt, singer and bassist Wilem Thomas and drummer Martyn Nicholson. Our sound is inspired by bands such as Nirvana, Tool, Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones. We have a dark dynamic sound fused with a raw energy.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Track Review: 'Pathkeeper" by Maglev & Josh Bailey

Recently OHM Music owner and friend of this blog Omair Mirza chatted on Trending Topics with BB Podcast about trance music, the label, and more. After listening to that conversation, you will learn that the label is on the brink of exploding in the trance scene. The hard work by everybody at the label is getting noticed throughout the scene.

Fresh off his successful collaboration with Omair Mirza, Josh Bailey returns with a collaboration with Maglev in "Pathkeeper". The track begins with a build up of beats and melodies, then more melodies grace your ears for a solid trance track. The intricacy of the track is evident throughout especially with the vocal "laugh" track from the "pathkeeper". You see what they did there. Please support their efforts when this track is released November 10th!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Album Review: 'From Then On' by Paul Van Dyk

This may be a broken record, but longevity in music industry and more specifically in the electronic dance music genre is quite the feat. Paul Van Dyk has been lending his expertise to trance and techno music for over 20 years through his releases, label, and touring. The Vandit Records owner also contributes through his weekly VONYC Sessions radio show/podcast. Thus, when it was announced earlier in 2017 of the release of a new album, fans were stoked.

'From Then On' has many collaborations with others in the scene such as Vincent Corver, M.I.K.E. Push, Fred Baker, Ronald Van Gelderen, Eric Lumiere, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Jordan Suckley, James Cottle, Pierre Pienaar, Leroy Moreno, Steve Allen, Tristan D, Emanuele Braveri, and Rebecca Louise Burch. So take the time to listen to the album from beginning to end. This album encompasses everything euphoric and uplifting in trance. The layers of melodies are beyond infectious, then beats kick in, and well, you will be dancing.

The quality from Paul Van Dyk and company really should not go unnoticed. In fact, since its release October 20th, the album has received critical and fan acclaim through sales. Regardless if you stream it or BUY it, this trance album is an instant classic!

Song Review: "Love Drugs" by The Incarnations

Despite the recent focus on a specific genre of music lately on the blog, it is nice to find new songs and artists. Thus, when "Love Drugs" by The Incarnations was brought to the blog to review, it was an obvious "yes". As you know, the purpose of this blog is to highlight talent that may not be "mainstream" and encourage conversation.  

"Love Drugs" is an uptempo song with catchy lyrics and quality musicianship. From the guitar riffs to the percussion, the song is well produced.  If you are looking for a 1960s Indie-Rock song, then you have found one in "Love Drugs".  In fact, if you do your research of the band, that is how they describe their entire repertoire. Please show your support when "Love Drugs" is released October 28th!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Track Review: "Destiny" (The Remixes) by David Thulin & Euphoric Nation feat. Spencer Lloyd

When a great track is made to begin with, the remix possibilities are endless. This is evident by "Destiny" by David Thulin & Euphoric Nation featuring Spencer Llyod. The original mixes were reviewed on this blog many months ago, and the time has come to highlight new remixes. As explained many time before, the world of electronic dance music is vast, and thus many sub-genres can get the love via one track. Want a few chill progressive house mixes? You are covered thanks to Kris Haulund. Let's embrace all of the trance with the remixes by John Gregory and Michael Feron.

One thing is for sure, that OHM Music is making it's stride with available talent. Those looking for some great new sounds for their collection should not be disappointed with these remixes. Enjoy a taste of what is to be released November 3rd!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Women Power in Music As Needed

After attending two concerts recently that just happened to be big tours of well known musicians, it felt important to highlight their opening acts a little better. One band that was a pleasant surprise, and two others, that proved to be great singers. One thing other than music in common, all women. Yes, time to showcase more talent by the "inferior sex". Did you catch the sarcasm?

Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stone

Warpaint: Opened for Depeche Mode on their Global Spirit Tour with their original songs. The musicianship was fantastic, and the quality of songwriting did not go unnoticed. They have been highlighted in Rolling Stone as well:

Photo Courtesy of

Alina Baraz: First of two opening acts for Coldplay on A Head Full of Dreams Tour, and it was evident by her vocals and electronic influenced music that it meshed with the overall vibe of the night. Looking forward to following her career for future years! For more information:

Photo Courtesy of Billboard

Tove Lo: Second of two opening acts for Coldplay on A Head Full of Dreams Tour. With her collaboration with Coldplay to her hits on the charts, this only made sense. The best part of her performance was listening to her lesser known songs. Loved her mic announcements of both "Bitches" and "Disco Tits" due to the shock and awe from the crowd. Billboard Article:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Track Review: "The Kingmaker" by Omair Mirza & Josh Bailey

When passion for quality music outweighs the business side of things, the sky is the limit. In this case, OHM Music is slowly but surely infiltrating the trance scene through their releases. Label owner Omair Mirza is back with "The Kingmaker" by collaborating with Josh Bailey.

"The Kingmaker" captures trance in its purest form with intriguing melodies and fantastic beat drops. The background vocals/chant leave you guessing more throughout the track. Do you prefer the original mix or the extended mix?  Highly recommend you pick up your copy on October 20th!

Monday, September 25, 2017

E.P. Review: 'Bliss' by Dave Neven

Let's not sugarcoat it, you know Coldharbour Recordings is having a great year of releases in the trance scene. More specifically, Dave Neven has been one of those with great original tracks as well as remixes of beloved tracks. 'Bliss' E.P. has THREE great tracks for your trance loving heart to enjoy!

"Bliss", "A Trip Around the Sun", and "Moon Shadow" not only have a obvious theme by name, but also in music. The anthemic melodies and beat drops with the signature Coldharbour sound are just too infectious to pass up. This is evident by plays in sets by Markus Schulz as well as others within the scene. Please pick up your copy now to support all the hard work by Dave Neven!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Song Review: "Lightning" by A New Nowhere

In a recent Band Highlight on this blog, you were introduced to A New Nowhere. Contrary to popular belief, this blog does not just favor certain genres of music. Read the mission statement above. This Alternative Rock band from the UK is set to release their new album, and along with that comes their latest single.

 "Lighting" begins with great percussion, then the guitars hit you in the face, but in a good way. The vocals begin, and well you are hooked. The song continues to build with each layer of vocals, key changes, and drums. The song is well written from beginning to end. The lyrics take you on a journey, and as previously written, so does the musicianship. "Lightning" is released on Spotify and iTunes on September 30th! Please support them by picking up your copy!

Track Review: "Something Deeper" by Sunlight Project

It's time to shed some light on the genre of house music. A close cousin to trance, house has kept its longevity in the world of electronic dance music (EDM).  Along with OHM Music, Sunlight Project has been featured on this blog for a previous trance track, but a review of their new house track "Something Deeper" is necessary.

For those new to house, enjoy the slower yet enticing vibes. House is known for a more relaxed vibe than intense beat drops previously mentioned in the world of trance. "Something Deeper" is one of those tracks. The vocals and melodies in the track are just as infectious as the house beats, and this leaves the world open for great remixes. Pay close attention to the Ellez Ria remixes once this track is released on October 2nd! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Track Review: "Collider" by Danilo Ercole

Regardless of the bias here at the blog, a new trance track has been making its rounds in sets and radio shows/podcasts in recent weeks. OHM Music has once again teamed up with Danilo Ercole. "Collider" in the original mix has infectious melodies and delicious beat drops. The extended mix only enhances your listening pleasure. The Harry Square mixes add even more layers to the track. Please Pre-Order this track, and support the wonderful trance by the team! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

What are your favorite Uplifting Trance tracks of all time?

When electronic dance music was in its infancy, there weren't the different genres many see today. In fact, trance, techno, and electronica were all molded into one. This was the time of DJ Tiesto, if you know what I mean? Anyway, now genres have sub-genres, and fans have found their passion in supporting these sub-genres.  What is the difference between PURE trance and UPLIFTING trance? Not much, both have those infectious melodies and beat drops that makes trance just that, trance. However, uplifting really does uplift your moods in a euphoric way.

Knowing this, what are your favorite uplifting trance tracks of all time?

Submitted by Patrick Naranjo

Submitted by Juan Andrade

Courtesy of The Grand Sound 

Album Review: 'Materia' Chapter Two by Cosmic Gate

As a trance music fan, there has been many FANTASTIC album releases and tracks in 2017.  This includes Chapter One of this series, that was previously reviewed. Trance Elitists will tell you that Cosmic Gate has lost their touch, but not here on this blog.  Cosmic Gate have been producing great trance music and sets for many years, and deserve respect from the community. Their collaborations with Emma Hewitt and JES have been some of the best vocal trance tracks ever produced. Not to mention one of the BEST trance tracks of all time in "Exploration of Space".

Not many artists are releasing full length albums these days, let alone, two chapters.  Please listen to Chapter Two in its entirety.  The album has been mastered beautifully, and can remind you of one of their sets. In fact, all collaborations on this album are brilliant.  The vocals from Eric Lumiere in "Bigger Than We Are" continue to slay as well. Enjoy the collaborations with Super8 & Tab, Markus Schulz, Alastor, Sarah Lynn, and Arnej. Please support this album in any way you can by buying AND streaming!


Monday, August 21, 2017

Album Review: 'Sunset Aftermath' Deluxe Edition by 4 Strings

Once upon a time, there was the release of track called "Take Me Away" by 4 Strings.  This track has gone on to be one of the most revered trance tracks if not electronic dance music tracks of all time.  You may or may not be aware of their influence on the genre of trance, but their latest album will support their influence. Over the past year, there has been a release of few tracks off of the album that has gotten support in many sets as well radio shows/podcasts. 

The quality of tracks on 'Sunset Aftermath' is just phenomenal. From euphoric to vocal to progressive trance, there is a track or two on the Deluxe Edition that will suit most trance fans.  "Illumina" immediately sets the tone for the album with its anthemic melodies and beat drops. The vocals by Carol Lee on "Emotions Away" slay, and after a few listens, you will be singing along. In fact, every track featuring a vocalist is just fantastic. From beginning to end, this is just a quality album. Please support this album on iTunes, Amazon or any other buying platform! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

E.P. Review: 'State of Mind' by Arkham Knights

In the vast world of trance music, there seems to be this consistency of quality music. Yes, the blog is biased towards this sub-genre, but due to the passion from the entire scene, it can not go unnoticed. Thus, as explained before on this blog, Arkham Knights has been blowing up the scene. The brother duo signed on the Coldharbour Recordings label has provided some great tracks. Not only original tracks, but remixes of familiar trance tracks as well. 

As most tracks go through a process that includes by being played in sets or radio shows/podcasts as an ID you usually try to figure out the information surrounding the track. However, as these tracks were in this stage, the distinct sound from Arkham Knights was easily identifiable. "State of Mind, "Fractured Future", and "Phantom" have that sound you have come to love that aligns well with Coldharbour sound. The melodies hook you in then you are mesmerized by the melodies, then those beat drops add just that much more. That pinch of dark techno sounds mixed with trance melodies has made this duo one of the most sought out artists in the scene. Have you picked up your copy yet?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Track Review: "Tokyo Dreams" by Alexey Polozok & Hiromori Aso

Another release out of the OHM Music label is gaining some traction. Yes, this label has a knack for finding great talent, and producing great tracks so far. This blog supports trance from many in the scene, but as you may or may not be aware, the purpose of this blog is to highlight talent. It is highly recommended that you read some if not all of the previous posts concerning this hard working label. 

"Tokyo Dreams" is that trance track that will immediately get you dancing. The layers of melodies gain your attention, then the beat drops confirm your new found love for this track.  The pattern of producing other mixes along with the original one aids to the talent founded by Alexey Polozok & Hiromori Aso. Embrace the positive vibes you feel when you hear this track in any form.  Support this track on its wide release August 14th! 

Track Review: "Virtual" by Adip Kiyoi

The beauty of the music business in general is how many adapt knowing that great music is out there to find. In this case, OHM Music is at it again by finding another trance release from an artist gaining steam in the trance scene.  The label is now on a roll with finding talent, and this blog is happy to support. "Virtual" by Adip Kiyoi is going to be one of those tracks found in many sets and radio shows/podcasts.  

The original mix gives you that pure trance sound with those layers of melodies followed by those beat drops that make up trance. However, the subsequent mixes for different moods and sets should NOT go unnoticed. If you love that pure trance sound, then support the wide release of this track August 28th! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

EP Review: 'Six PACK Volume 3' by Straight No Chaser

What is the purest form of music? That would be A Capella. Yes, using your vocal chords (voices) to their fullest ability to create beautiful music should be regarded as its own art form. This art form has embraced for many generations, and respect of this art form still needs to be celebrated today. There are many different groups out there that do this, and thanks to NBC show "Sing Off", "Glee", and the "Pitch Perfect" series of movies, A Capella has been gaining mainstream accolades. 

As explained before on this blog, Straight No Chaser began as buddies in college singing for girls and beer. However, when a reunion many years later prompted one member to post videos of their humble beginnings on YouTube, the head of Atlantic Recordings signed them for a contract. Needless to say, they have been recording and touring since 2008 professionally.

'Six PACK Volume 3' is just that, an EP of 6 songs with their signature SNC twist. They continue to produce great arrangements for their roster of talented members. As many members have explained on the podcast Trending Topics with BB, they are more known for their covers, however their original songs are just as brilliant. You will be singing along with "Sweet Dreams/Handclap Medley", "All Time Low", "That's What I Like", "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "Twistin' The Night Away", & "Beyonce Medley". Have you picked up your copy yet?


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Album Review: 'Matching Stories' by Kyau & Albert

The world of electronic dance music is vast, and as explained before, the sub-genre of trance is celebrated a lot here on the blog. Kyau & Albert have been around for many years producing many great tracks through labels like Anjunabeats and their own Euphonic. They have also been known to collaborate with others in the scene on tracks like "Fears" with Markus Schulz on his 2016 'Watch The World' album.

Their talent has not gone unnoticed here at The Love of Music Project, so when contacted by their team to write this review, the blog was honored.  A few of the tracks on 'Matching Stories' have been released as singles and supported in sets by many as well as radio shows/podcasts like Group Therapy with Above & Beyond, Global DJ Broadcast, & Corsten's Countdown. "Memory Lane" is a solid track with great vocals by Mr. Albert. In fact, there aren't many tracks that aren't featuring his vocals, and that is a-okay! However, tracks like "Love Letter From The Future" and "Bring You Back" feature the vocals of Adaja Black and Jeza. Each brings a unique sound with their vocals to each track, and the blog is pretty sure you will enjoy them.

Another welcome detail of 'Matching Stories' is the tracks that are in their native German language ("Mein Herz" & "Spuren"). It's a welcome change to hear quality vocals despite language barriers. Music has that way of breaching those barriers. If you love trance and/or vocal trance, or just learning about it, you will love this album.  Great vibes from start to finish! Have you purchased your copy yet?

Catch up on their radio show/podcast!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella-From the Heavens-The Documentary

Obviously, there are many great documentaries about music covering composition, instrumentation, and so forth. To take it a step further, there have been some great documentaries about artists/DJs or whatever you may deem them in the trance music genre. Markus Schulz' 'Do You Dream' or Armin Van Buuren's 'A Year with Armin Van Buuren' are great in their own right, but the latest documentary from Ferry Corsten and his Gouryella alias is a masterclass on trance.  Huge congratulations to Ferry's team for capturing a journey through music, time, and space!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Track Review: "Scan" by Danilo Ercole

The beauty of the trance music scene is the constant supply and demand of new tracks. Another beauty is the diversity of labels and themes the scene continues to pursue. Danilo Ercole and OHM Music have been featured on this blog before, but with a new track comes a new review. Whether your taste is the uplifting, euphoric pure trance, progressive, or the new era psy-trance, the constant need for new music never ceases to amaze.

"Scan" is one of those tracks where a lot of creativity to come up with an infections melody, great beat drops, and more elements to keep you wanting more has been produced by Mr. Ercole. The following remixes provided by Matt Forner should be added to your collection as well. The anthem like nature of this track regardless of the mix, is going to be featured in sets and radio shows/podcasts for time to come. When this track gets its wide release, please support all involved by picking up yourself a copy!

Follow Danilo Ercole: &

Follow Matt Forner: &

Follow OHM Music:,, &

Monday, June 26, 2017

Track Review: "Antidote" by Fisherman & Hawkins (Dave Neven Remix)

Normally a review comes before the track is released, but it just so happens that today is release day. This remix by Dave Neven of fellow Coldharbour Recordings family Fisherman & Hawkins was premiered on Global DJ Broadcast by label boss Markus Schulz after being an ID in his sets on the broadcast. Fisherman & Hawkins have produced some great tracks in the past (including this one), so a remix should be met with open arms. 

"Antidote" is a great trance track featuring the Coldharbour sound by duo Fisherman & Hawkins already, but by Dave Neven putting his spin on the track, this remix should be added to your collection as soon as possible.  The infectious melodies each version has should satisfy any trance fan.  Take a listen, then head over to Beatport to support this track!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Track Review: "Outer Space" by Kaneis featuring Novel

Despite new found popularity (for some), trance music still has an "underground" feel to it these days due to the many different labels releasing tracks. One of those labels is Omair Mirza's OHM Music, which has been featured a few times on this blog already. In fact, there seems to be a surge of different releases in different genres of electronic dance music recently.

"Outer Space" by Kaneis featuring Novel is another one of those tracks that can be well received for Big Room, House, Progressive House, and trance. The remixes by many in the industry are proving that when a track is great from the beginning, any take on it can be great. From the beat drops to the melodies to the vocals by Novel, this track needs to be added to your collection when it is widely released very soon! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Track Review: "Glorious Days" by Sunlight Project

The beauty of this blog is to discover new music through new artists. Thus, when word from OHM Music of another set of tracks were mentioned, it only made sense to check them out. Label owner Omair Mirza understands the quality of music, and it is showing through these upcoming releases.

Sunlight Project has garnered quite the following from their releases that many have found on their Soundcloud page.  Their versatility is shown through "Glorious Days" as other artists have given their spin via their mixes. It is nice to see a track with fundamental quality that can be great in many sub genres. If you haven't started to follow the label and their artist releases, it is recommended that you do as soon as possible!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Track Review: "Xplorer" by Anske

Yes, it is time for another review of a track out of the Coldharbour Recordings factory. The bias has been established, so deal with it. Anyway, Anske has been featured on this blog before, and the quality of his tracks do not go unnoticed. Do you have a favorite?

"Xplorer" has followed the formula of being an ID in sets by boss Markus Schulz as well as on Global DJ Broadcast. The track immediately begins with a driving beat, dark Coldharbour sound, and great melodies. Looking forward to hearing this track in future sets as well as supporting it when it has its wide release!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Album Review: 'Spirit' by Depeche Mode

When the news broke that Depeche Mode was returning with a new album and adjoining tour, fans and critics were a buzz. Let's face it, they have influenced many different artists in many different musical genres over the years. Their unique take on beats to accompany great vocals has been revered by many. It was nice to see a pre-sale for their tour to try to combat scalpers through a new method as well.

If you haven't picked up a copy of 'Spirit' or at least listened to their single "Where's the Revolution" after many performances on popular TV programs in recent months, then you have been misinformed. 'Spirit' is a brilliant, thought provoking, and relevant album. Highly suggest you listen to the DELUXE version all of the way through without skipping any songs. From the lyrics, to the accompanying music, this album defines their triumphant return.


Track Review: "State of Mind" by Arkham Knights

You should be aware of the quality tracks coming out of Coldharbour Recordings these days. The label may or may not be on your radar, but know the trance, progressive, and the like scenes are better for it. Without much further delay, Arkham Knights have produced another great track called "State of Mind". This track has been featured as an ID throughout sets by boss Markus Schulz for a few months now.

The brothers of Arkham Knights have become known for their consistency of great tracks. Thus, if you have heard this ID on Global DJ Broadcast as well, you knew it was them. The track has their signature Coldharbour sound followed by those melodies to put you in a state of trance. Due to their track record on this blog, there really isn't much more to say about this track other than support it when it becomes available!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Album Review: 'The Getaway' by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Have you figured out the subliminal theme featured on posts over time on this blog? In case you have not, the answer is career longevity. Despite the changes in the music industry over time or your changes in musical taste, one thing that out lives all, is longevity. An artist, band, DJ, producer, singer, musician, or what have you tends to gain respect as their career develops over time.

A band that is revered a lot over the years is none other than Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have produced great songs for more than 20 years. Some people out there may agree that it is hard to top the skills of bassist Flea. Their love for the state of California does not go unnoticed either. So without more delay, it's time to review their latest album 'The Getaway'.  From the title song "The Getaway", you will immediately find yourself immersed in the familiar, but new sounds from RHCP. The high quality of songwriting bleeds throughout the album.  The unique vocals from Anthony Kledis guide you through the journey. The bass lines from Flea are just as brilliant as ever. The percussion by Chad Smith followed by the guitar riffs from Josh Klinghoffer compliment each other so well.

Their current successful tour for this album shows just how fans still love RHCP, their music, and their unique personalities. It is highly recommended you pick up their album if you haven't already! Respect their influence on music when you listen to this album for the first time.


Monday, June 5, 2017

Band Highlight: The Talk

Up and coming Indie Rock band called The Talk. We feel like our sound is influenced around bands like The Smiths, The Stone Roses and Foals and think you might be interested in our music. Our debut single and video "Shake Alone" that is released June 24th on Sound-Hub Records. 

Artist - The Talk
Single - Shake Alone
B-Sides - Common Faces, There I’ll Go
Released - June 24th
Label - Sound-Hub Records
Contact - Ben (07596021727)
                Harry (07415624196) 

Instagram - thetalkband_

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Musical Pet Peeves

Due to a current headline trending in the news, a good point came to mind. That is pet peeves of the musical variety. Yes, it is okay to have these.

1. The N-Word: Used in music since the 1980's, more specifically hip-hop/rap. Sure there was racial, oppression, and anger due to these issues in many communities in the United States and across the world. However, the use of this word as slang for "friend" has been over used, and spread to other forms of popular culture like movies and TV.

2. Talking Too Much During a DJ Set: Regardless of the genre, if you stop the vibe to talk or shout on the microphone....shame on you. Yes, the "hype man" became prevalent through the rise of hip/hop and rap, but bringing it to other genres just ruins the vibe. Yes you in the big room culture.  Example: "Put Your Heads Up!"

3. Sampling: Now this one is less of pet peeve than the others listed above, but one nonetheless. It has become a fall for those less talented out there. However, there are some great songs or tracks that has used this quality well. Tread lightly music industry.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Track Review: "Raker" by Daxson & Harry Square

The beauty of listening to Global DJ Broadcast every week or attending a set by Markus Schulz is hearing those "pesky" IDs.  You know the tracks that you hear, then immediately wonder who produced it. Well, "Raker" by Daxson & Harry Square is another one of those tracks from the Coldharbour Recordings factory. Just like all of the other quality tracks to come from the factory, this track follows the Coldharbour sound formula with those trance factors fans know and love.

The intro immediately gains your attention, then the intertwining of the melodies and beats is literally music to your ears. Yes, there may be a tad bias on this blog, but you can not deny the uniqueness and quality of tracks being released by all at Coldharbour. The track gets its OFFICIAL release June 5th, so be sure to pick up your copy!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Album Review: 'Blueprint' by Ferry Corsten

Those who have respect for the trance genre, usually also have a respect for Ferry Corsten.  The past year or more saw Ferry return to his alias (started with Tiesto back in the day) Gouryella.  The brilliant melodies produced under that alias were just as ground breaking as the show he presented at various events.

Then the announcement of a new concept album back under Ferry Corsten name excited the trance scene. Especially as "Venera [Vee's Theme]" under Gouryella was released, but included on the 'Blueprint' album. Check out A State of Trance, Corsten's Countdown, Global DJ Broadcast, or Group Therapy with Above & Beyond for more information from the man himself.

From start to finish this album is truly brilliant. Why? Well, it includes a story with narration along with great trance tracks to accompany those feelings provoked.  Regardless of your preference of Ferry or his various aliases, the music is great. The passion for science fiction is shown throughout the story.  The vocals and collaborations compliment the story.  Just support this album on any platform as the creativity from Mr. Corsten is so refreshing!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Track Review: "Destiny" by David Thulin & Euphoric Nation featuring Spencer Lloyd

As all who read this blog on a normal basis know, the purpose is to highlight talent or in some cases question it. The time has come to review a new trance track from OHM Music created by David Thulin, Euphoric Nation, & Spencer Lloyd. With the onslaught of love for specific sub-genres of trance over others, it is nice to return to the vocal trance roots through this track.

Let's begin with the music before we review the vocals. The introduction of the track actually isn't too exciting, but the beauty of trance is to wait till the beats drop or the melodies kick in via many forms. Trance can evoke many emotions in a short period of time, so keep listening for the cherry on top that is vocals performed by Spencer Lloyd. The collaboration among singer/songwriters with producers seem to keep on producing great tracks. Highly suggest you support this track on any platform upon wide release!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

EP Review: 'Thankful' by New Kids on the Block

Preface: As somebody who "was" a Blockhead, the news of new music from this group was welcomed. Please refer to the previous song review on the blog as well. 

Those faithful to this group, yes Blockheads, have been anticipating new music for quite some time. The constant touring and cruises have been nice, but let's face it the reunion of 2008 started by a new album; 2011 also brought a new album as well. So, even with solo projects between events, releasing new music shouldn't have been this hard.

Yes, this is a real review. An EP is nice, but with it ONLY having 5 new songs on it, the quality should be up to the quality released before, right? Well, sadly to say all of the songs seemed rushed. It is blatantly obvious Donnie, Jordan, and Joey run the show.  It would be nice to hear more vocals from Jon and Danny.  Thus, the roles of the group are even cemented into NKOTB history these days.

Now, with that being said, it is true that NKOTB is 'Thankful' for their fans. However, some of the lyrics on these songs seem to be corny. Not sure the humor was intended or the members are unaware. Either way, listen at your own discretion. Oh, and "Still Sounds Good" is the only catchy song due to the sampling and lyrics.