Friday, January 25, 2019

E.P. Review: 'BX8 E.P.' by Mike EFEX

In recent months, a more techno infused sub-label of Coldharbour Recordings was launched called Coldharbour Black. The label spearheaded by Markus Schulz has always embraced the darker and intense sound of techno, but still put trance melodic layers on the forefront. This time with Coldharbour Black, techno infusion will be the concentration. The launch has featured Markus Schulz, Jam El Mar, Arkham Knights, and now Mike EFEX.

'BX8 E.P.' features the tracks "BX8", "Berzerk", and "Chronos".  Each track magnificently marries melodic layers with the darker beats found in techno. For those new to electronic music, techno is a close relative to trance, and is usually appeals to fans of both. Mike EFEX has been featured on this blog before, and has shown his creative talent once again.  Please support the team's effort on your favorite platform!

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