Monday, December 24, 2018

Band Highlight: Monza Express

Band Biography
Monza Express are a five-piece guitar band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Drawing influences from a variety of sources depending on which member you speak to. 

Formed in late 2017, the band consists of Fraser Bateman (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Greg Burgess (Bass), Kris Fraser (Keys) Shaun Reid (Lead Guitar) and David ‘Deco’ Smith (drums). All members being “the wrong side of 30” are no strangers to live music having played in various bands in Aberdeen over the years. A self promoted debut gig in October saw local bar the Cellar packed with an expectant crowd who were not left disappointed.

The band are looking to make more of a mark on the Aberdeen music scene in 2019 and hope the single provides a good starting platform.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Album Review: 'NEVERLOST' by Kyau & Albert

The last time an album by Kyau & Albert were reviewed on this blog was July 20, 2017 celebrating the release of 'Matching Stories'. If you missed that review, it is suggested you click that link and take a listen or two to that album.  As mentioned there, Ralph Kyau & Steven Albert have been creating well respected dance music for over 20 years. Their signature sound mixed with timeless beats, and in some cases familiar vocals continue to entice trance music fans all over the world.

As evident throughout their previous albums and released tracks, 'NEVERLOST' is sure to please even the novice of fans. However, if you tend to enjoy high octane trance meaning higher BPM (beats per minute), then you might find their repertoire too mellow. Nonetheless, their peers such as Armin Van Buuren, Ruben de Ronde, and Markus Schulz have proven either through collaborations or highlighting them on their popular radio shows/podcasts, that they deserve your respect.

In recent months, a few tracks have been leaked by way of those radio shows/podcasts or in their guest mixes or sets on tour. It is nice to finally be able to enjoy this album in its entirety through the modern day music consumption. As this is their 6th studio album, where will this album rank on your Kyau & Albert list?

03 REVERIE / with Steve Brian
05 MAKE IT HOME TONIGHT / feat. Jeza
07 BULLETPROOF / with Hello Machines

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> All digital platforms: www.EUPHONIC.LNK.TO/EUPH274
> CD (each signed by Kyau & Albert): www.SHOP.EUPHONIC.DE

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Track Review: "Jaiya" by Josh Bailey

For those who are new to this blog, please take the mission statement to heart.  There has been so many great tracks released on OHM Music this year as evident by the abundance of posts here.  Josh Bailey has been featured on this blog before, and it is suggested you take a look at those reviews as well. "Jaiya" offers a dose of melodic layers intertwined in great beats sure to make even the novice fan of trance music become a true trance music fan. Progressive trance is alive and well, and should be respected.  Please support the release of this track on December 14th, and also make sure to check out the latest release on OHM Deep State!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

E.P. Review: 'Global Citizen - E.P. 1' by Los Unidades

A few weeks ago, a new documentary was screened in theaters throughout the world for one day only called 'A Head Full of Dreams'  (which can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video) that chronicled the story of famed band Coldplay.  Friend and filmmaker best known for his Oasis documentary years earlier, Mat Whitecross did a great job creating a narrative of the rise of a brotherhood. How does this relate to this E.P.? Well, Los Unidades is new side project/name for Coldplay. If you are unaware, Global Citizen and their mission is just one cause that is dear to Chris Martin and Coldplay's heart. Global Citizen's mission to end world poverty is noble, but with efforts by many in entertainment and US, the world's citizens, it may be achieved sooner rather than later.

To coincide with this past weekend's Global Citizen Festival in South Africa, 'Global Citizen - E.P. 1" featuring vocals by Chris Martin, quotes from Nelson Mandela,  and collaborations with Stargate, Pharrell Williams, Jozzy, Stormzy & Jess Kent, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Danny Ocean & David Guetta has now been released.  Combining different musical backgrounds not only created 4 great songs, but created a great narrative for the state of the world right now. Please buy/or stream this E.P., and please become a Global Citizen!