Monday, April 1, 2013

The G.O.A.T (LLCoolJ) is releasing a NEW album...

Yes, you read that title correctly. LLCool J is releasing a NEW album with great LLCoolJ style which includes a great new single featuring Babyface.  Yes, for you late 1980's, early 1990's  R&B officiandos the official Babyface.  For those asking yourself, "What has Babyface been doing for the last 17+ years?"  Running his record label Laface Records as well as producing a few familiar artists, does Usher ring a bell?  Moving on, I am really stoked for LLCoolJ's new album. I have loved everything the G.O.A.T has done in his career, yes, that does mean the album "Headsprung" from years ago.

This brings up this interesting thought. It seems the music industry is starting to go through a re-building stage lately. Meaning artists that were gone for awhile are putting out GREAT new music, and proving to those who were not sure the industry was going in the right direction time to reevaluate.  I really hope despite all of the other albums coming out lately, you will pick up a copy of "Authentic" when it drops April 30, 2013!   429 Records-LL Cool J

Artist Highlight-The Gecko Brothas

In my everyday quest to find new music through upcoming artists, my attention was turned to this new hip hop duo The Gecko Brothas.  At first I was weary in checking them out, but upon listening to their music, I have found that these guys have flow.  A couple of samples of great songs surprisingly went well with that flow.

Check them out for yourself!

For more information on The Gecko Brothas, visit their website!