Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Track Review: "Raker" by Daxson & Harry Square

The beauty of listening to Global DJ Broadcast every week or attending a set by Markus Schulz is hearing those "pesky" IDs.  You know the tracks that you hear, then immediately wonder who produced it. Well, "Raker" by Daxson & Harry Square is another one of those tracks from the Coldharbour Recordings factory. Just like all of the other quality tracks to come from the factory, this track follows the Coldharbour sound formula with those trance factors fans know and love.

The intro immediately gains your attention, then the intertwining of the melodies and beats is literally music to your ears. Yes, there may be a tad bias on this blog, but you can not deny the uniqueness and quality of tracks being released by all at Coldharbour. The track gets its OFFICIAL release June 5th, so be sure to pick up your copy!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Album Review: 'Blueprint' by Ferry Corsten

Those who have respect for the trance genre, usually also have a respect for Ferry Corsten.  The past year or more saw Ferry return to his alias (started with Tiesto back in the day) Gouryella.  The brilliant melodies produced under that alias were just as ground breaking as the show he presented at various events.

Then the announcement of a new concept album back under Ferry Corsten name excited the trance scene. Especially as "Venera [Vee's Theme]" under Gouryella was released, but included on the 'Blueprint' album. Check out A State of Trance, Corsten's Countdown, Global DJ Broadcast, or Group Therapy with Above & Beyond for more information from the man himself.

From start to finish this album is truly brilliant. Why? Well, it includes a story with narration along with great trance tracks to accompany those feelings provoked.  Regardless of your preference of Ferry or his various aliases, the music is great. The passion for science fiction is shown throughout the story.  The vocals and collaborations compliment the story.  Just support this album on any platform as the creativity from Mr. Corsten is so refreshing!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Track Review: "Destiny" by David Thulin & Euphoric Nation featuring Spencer Lloyd

As all who read this blog on a normal basis know, the purpose is to highlight talent or in some cases question it. The time has come to review a new trance track from OHM Music created by David Thulin, Euphoric Nation, & Spencer Lloyd. With the onslaught of love for specific sub-genres of trance over others, it is nice to return to the vocal trance roots through this track.

Let's begin with the music before we review the vocals. The introduction of the track actually isn't too exciting, but the beauty of trance is to wait till the beats drop or the melodies kick in via many forms. Trance can evoke many emotions in a short period of time, so keep listening for the cherry on top that is vocals performed by Spencer Lloyd. The collaboration among singer/songwriters with producers seem to keep on producing great tracks. Highly suggest you support this track on any platform upon wide release!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

EP Review: 'Thankful' by New Kids on the Block

Preface: As somebody who "was" a Blockhead, the news of new music from this group was welcomed. Please refer to the previous song review on the blog as well. 

Those faithful to this group, yes Blockheads, have been anticipating new music for quite some time. The constant touring and cruises have been nice, but let's face it the reunion of 2008 started by a new album; 2011 also brought a new album as well. So, even with solo projects between events, releasing new music shouldn't have been this hard.

Yes, this is a real review. An EP is nice, but with it ONLY having 5 new songs on it, the quality should be up to the quality released before, right? Well, sadly to say all of the songs seemed rushed. It is blatantly obvious Donnie, Jordan, and Joey run the show.  It would be nice to hear more vocals from Jon and Danny.  Thus, the roles of the group are even cemented into NKOTB history these days.

Now, with that being said, it is true that NKOTB is 'Thankful' for their fans. However, some of the lyrics on these songs seem to be corny. Not sure the humor was intended or the members are unaware. Either way, listen at your own discretion. Oh, and "Still Sounds Good" is the only catchy song due to the sampling and lyrics.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Track Review: "Afterworld" by Arkham Knights

As you may or may not be aware of, this blog has been showing a lot of love to the label spearheaded by Markus Schulz in the past year or so, yes Coldharbour Recordings. You may call it a bias, but as a trance music fan, you really cannot ignore the production value being released by all involved with the label.

As evident during sets at events throughout the world or even on your favorite radio show or podcast, Arkham Knights have released another gem in "Afterworld". The track has that dark, techno, progressive feel associated with the Coldharbour sound. Then the melodies kick in, and you are in for that trance euphoria that you strive to experience.  It is highly recommended that you support the track, and add it to your collection!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

What's Your Favorite Coldplay Album?

After recent reflection on life, the realization of how talented and great the band Coldplay truly are as they have been influential to a current generation. However, they appeal to many generations, and perhaps have been herald as "the world's biggest band" on many occasions over the years. So, the idea to conduct a poll to find out their most popular album out of their seven came to mind.

Let us begin by summarizing each and every one of their albums followed by the results of the poll. 

Song List: 1. Don't Panic 2. Shiver 3. Spies 4. Sparks 5. Yellow 6. Trouble 7. Parachutes 8. High Speed 9. We Never Change 10. Everything's Not Lost (Plus Hidden Track). 

HIT SINGLE(S):"Yellow" & "Parachutes".

Song List: 1. Politik 2. In My Place 3. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 4. The Scientist 5. Clocks 6. Daylight 7. Green Eyes 8. Warning Sign 9. A Whisper 10. A Rush of Blood To The Head 11. Amsterdam

HIT SINGLE(S): "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face", "The Scientist", & "Clocks".

Song List: 1. Square One 2. What If 3. White Shadows 4. Fix You 5. Talk 6. X&Y 7. Speed Of Sound 8. A Message 9. Low 10. The Hardest Part 11. Swallowed In The Sea 12. Twisted Logic 13. Till Kingdom Come

HIT SINGLE(S): "Fix You", "Talk", & "Speed Of Sound".

Song List: 1. Life In Technicolor 2. Cemeteries Of London 3. Lost! 4. 42 5. Lovers Of Japan 6. Yes 7. Viva La Vida 8. Violet Hill 9. Strawberry Swing 10. Death And All His Friends 

HIT SINGLE(S): "Lost!", "Lovers Of Japan", "Yes", "Viva La Vida".

Song List: 1. Mylo Xyloto 2. Hurts Like Heaven 3. Paradise 4. Charlie Brown 5. Us Against the World 6. M.M.I.X. 7. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 8. Major Minus 9. U. F. O. 10. Princess of China (featuring Rihanna) 11. Up In Flames 12. A Hopeful Transmission 13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart 14. Up With The Birds

HIT SINGLE(S): "Paradise", "Charlie Brown", "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall", & "Princess of China".

Song List: 1. Always In My Head 2. Magic 3. Ink 4. True Love 5. Midnight 6. Another's Arms 7. Oceans 8. A Sky Full Of Stars 9. O 

HIT SINGLE(S): "Magic", & "A Sky Full Of Stars".

Song List: 1. A Head Full Of Dreams 2. Birds 3. Hymm For The Weekend 4. Everglow 5. Adventure Of A Lifetime 6. Fun (featuring Tove Lo) 7. Kaleidoscope 8. Army Of One 9. Amazing Day 10. Colour Spectrum 11. Up & Up

Poll Results: Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends wins for favorite. However, there were many votes for any or all of the other albums released by the band. Thank you to all who participated, and glad to see others agree about their music. Perhaps take a listen or re-listen to any or all of the albums.