Sunday, June 21, 2015

Album Review: " Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses" by Jaime Foxx

When most people think of Jamie Foxx, they look at him as a great comedian, actor, & impressionist. However, the man is a classically trained pianist, and singer. Jamie Foxx has had a few hit songs and albums over the years. So it's time to call him a musician as well.

After hearing, seeing appearances on talk shows, I knew I had to review his latest album, "Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses".  Jamie's ability to collaboration with other popular artists is not forgotten on this album. The song "You Changed Me" features Chris Brown. The only gripe with this album right off the bat is the use of the N word lyrically.  R&B music shouldn't be alienated as "Black Music" anymore, thus the use of this language set us back as a society. 

"Like a Drum" features rapper Wale, and aside from the beat and music, the song is a amateur lyrically. "Another Dose" is much better with the vocals by Foxx as well lyrically, it also has a great R&B beat. This song makes you wonder why the collaborations thus far aren't really that good. Then comes the collaboration with Pharrell Williams "Tease" and you are instantly dancing along. 

It's clear why the first single off of the album is "Baby's in Love" featuring Kid Ink. It has an infectious beat, killer vocals by Foxx, and Kid Ink adds a flare to the song you would  expect. "Text Message", "Hollywood", "Vegas Confessions", "Socialite", all tell person stories along with great beats and music composed by Jaime. It's clear that this album is a way for Jamie to get many things off his chest about life, love, and being a celebrity.

"Dozen Roses" interludes add to the album, but that's about it. "In Love by Now" tells a heartbreaking tale of being single in the public eye as well raising a daughter. "Jumping Out the Window" displays Foxx's skills at the piano as well as a songwriter. "On the Dot" features Fabulous, and is also has an infectious beat to dance to. Take a listen to "Right Now", "Pretty Thing", & "Ain't My Fault" to round out the album as the you might hear homage to Michael Jackson, as well as other in the R&B music game. 

Overall, it's a good album, but I expected it to better. Then again the competition in the music industry these days, and need to stay relevant.