Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Track Review: "Aria" by Monoverse

This blog has been well aware of Monoverse through his rise in the trance scene over the years.  Monoverse's addition to the Future Sound of Eqypt label by way of the Parallels division has been a match made in heaven. His production sound meshes so well with the uplifting vibes of the label.

"Aria" immediately begins with a driving tempo, then the melodic layers kick in, followed by infections beat drops. With support from many radio shows/podcasts which includes A State of Trance, Corsten's Countdown, and various others, this track is going to keep gaining acclaim throughout the trance scene. Please make sure you support this track when it is released, in fact, it is available for pre-order NOW!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Track Review: "Atlas" by Sean & Xander

From the previous track reviews to the 'Ode to Sean & Xander' recently on the blog, you should be well aware that this duo from Seattle is churning out great trance tracks. As stated before most of their releases have occurred on M.I.K.E. Push Studio, Coldharbour Recordings, and Flashover Recordings. However, their latest release comes to us from Blackhole Recordings, which is the label that oversees the aforementioned labels.

"Atlas" encompasses every element that trance fans treasure in a great trance track. From the initial beat intro, to the melodic layers of uplifting vibes, to the beat drops, this track deserves more love from the scene. In fact, since it's release about a week ago, this track has been relatively absent in sets and/or radio shows and podcasts. Please support this track ASAP! Their hard work should not go unnoticed!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Track Review: "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson

Yes, it is true our friends at OHM Music send us music to review. This blog likes to be transparent on all fronts, but if The Love of Music wasn't there to begin with, this blog is pretty sure the team wouldn't want our reviews. That being said, "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson was brought to our attention. 

"Banshee" has an introduction that is reminiscent of a Coldharbour Recordings sound, but then a melody kicks in followed by a great beat drop. Oh, did you hear that? More intricate melody layers that put you in a state of trance. This blog is actually surprised that this track has not made its way onto recent sets or radio shows/podcasts yet, however, it is only a matter of time. Make sure you support "Banshee" when it is OFFICIALLY released April 6th!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Track Review: "Xeno" by Theology

Simply stated, OHM Music is churning out some really great trance tracks. It is just a matter of time when this little label will be a well respected label within the trance scene. For those who have been a fan of trance music for awhile may already know the name Theology (Matthew J. Bentley). Theology has had recent plays on Group Therapy with Above & Beyond as well as work on his own label Preterist Recordings.

"Xeno" shares both progressive and uplifting trance vibes. The layers of melodies are simply enhanced by the intricate beat drops. Thus, the extended remix by Jon Fast only adds to the overall package. Be on the lookout for OFFICIAL release March 23rd, and add "Xeno" to your collection to enjoy for years to come.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Track Review: "Drift" by DYLHEN

It has been awhile since this blog featured a new release from Coldharbour Recordings, however, the team has been churning out great tunes. The blog needed some variety, and with the vast world of  trance music, not every track or label can be posted at once. If you are new to the traditions set forth by Markus Schulz's Global DJ Broadcast and aforementioned label, you will find four annual episodes; one popular year ending set being the Sunrise Set.  At the end of 2017, a particular ID made onto GDJB as well as many other sets throughout the trance scene.  It's infectious melodies and beat drops intrigued many trance fans and followers of everything Markus Schulz.

"Drift" by DYLHEN brings that particular Coldharbour Recordings sound without compromising fundamental progressive trance vibes. The evolution in sub-genres within trance has allowed the art to attract those looking for something slightly different.  Being that the production quality is top notch, it is highly recommend you support this track currently out now at your earliest convenience!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Track Review: "A Slice of Heaven" by Ferry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold

The world has been going through a rough patch lately to say the least. The divisiveness of the political climate in societies across the world have been playing an integral part in the arts. People have always sought after escapism, but it seems like that has grown exponentially recently. There are many debates that can arise from passion in music, such as, a favorite artist or track/song. People seem to be forgetting how subjective arts are, and that a difference in opinion is not a bad thing.

The trance scene and community's passion comes in many different forms. A track by two well respected artists in trance with a positive message could not come at a better time. "A Slice of Heaven" by Ferry Corsten & Paul Oakenfold through the UNITY movement has garnered a lot of support. Both Mr. Corsten and Mr. Oakenfold have cemented themselves as trance music pioneers, and it showed in this collaboration. The track captures that euphoria that many experience while enjoying music. The melody layers and beats compliment each other so well, it is hard to figure out who contributed which intricate flare within the track.

As evident by other publications writing about this track, keep expecting to hear "A Slice of Heaven" in many sets and radio shows/podcasts for years to come. This track gets it's OFFICIAL release on March 2nd, so hop on over to your streaming and buying platforms of choice to show your support!