Sunday, February 26, 2017

Band Highlight: The Idolins

"The Idolins are a Nottingham based folk / acoustic pop act who’s sound is built around the beautiful and heartfelt storytelling of Karen Smalley, delivered by ear-catching vocals and finely laced harmonies, across an evocative, melodic musical mix of slithering strings and iridescent percussion.” 2017 sees the introduction of Tom Dukes on bass guitar after the departure of cellist Hannah Barrs."

The Idolins are: 

Karen Smalley - Guitar & Vocals 
Nick Scott - Guitar / Mandolin / Banjo / Vocals 
Bar Morton - Electric Guitar / Vocals 
Mark Rice - Drums / Percussion
Tom Dukes - Bass 

Their latest single has also been reviewed by Nusic.
"A beautiful, haunting piece of music. Karen’s soothing voice contrasts the stunningly somber soundscapes provided by her fellow band members, plus guest appearances from Rob Rosa and Karen’s own daughter. It’s the kind of composition you just have to sit back and get lost in. And believe me, you will want to get lost in this gorgeous world.”     By Sam @

And Andy Proctor of The Pro-Cast
"Awesome! The Idolins are back and bigger than ever. A great first single from the new EP, it's beautiful and haunting in all the right places.” By Andy @ The Proc-Cast

For more information on the band take a look at

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Band Highlight: The Trend

Please have a look at the official video for the track, shot by NME Award winning photographer, Arpad Hovarth. 

"We are anup-and-coming indie band from Glasgow and we released the track "Just Another Friday" on 18/02/17 via Sound-Hub Records.  Keen to show that we can widen our musical output beyond the Britpop/rock n roll influence which we displayed in our debut E.P. 'Something to Shout About', we have recorded what we believe is our most innovative and exciting track to date. The lyrics are inspired by what can sometimes be the harshness of growing up in and around the inner city but also being able to embrace this."

The Trend are:
Ryan Malone, lead vocals, guitar
Del Greig, lead guitar
Jonny Carroll, bass
Josh Carmichael, drums

Artist – The Trend            
Single – Just Another Friday
Released – 18/02/2017 via iTunes & Spotify
Label – Sound-Hub Records 
Contact – Del Greig 07502610234
Email –

Social media:

Previous reviews:
"Definitely ones to watch in 2017" - The Evening Times
"With all this talk about new tracks and new sounds, it's hard not to be excited" - The Sun

“Much talked about Britpop revivalists… not to be missed” – as part of #JackRocks campaign December 2016

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Band Highlight: A New Nowhere

Artist - A New Nowhere 
Single - You And Me
Released - 17/02/17
Label - Sound-Hub Records 
Contact -

Monday, February 20, 2017

Band Highlight: The Further

"Hailing from the Amber Valley area of Derbyshire, former Ejectorseat bandmates Peter Backler, Barrington MolĂ© and James Dowse bring you their new band, The Further. 
If you enjoy music that stirs the mind as well as the soul, if you appreciate the beauty and the brilliance of bands such as The Smiths, Suede, Gene, Idlewild and Manic Street Preachers then you have just found the band with whose badge you will forever emblazon upon your lapel."

Download The Other Side of the Valley single

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Track Review:"Skygarden" by Daxson

Have you ever heard an ID during a set, and thought, "I have to get my hands on this!" That was the reaction of most #SchulzArmy soldiers that have attended any recent sets from Coldharbour Recordings label owner Markus Schulz.

This brings us to Daxson, who has already released great trance tracks, but with this new alias, another Coldharbour hit has been produced. "Skygarden" begins with an intro that catches your ears, then the dark melodies kick in, followed by the build up to the drop.  You can not help but fall in love with this track as a trance fan.  Take a listen for yourself, then add this track to your collection via Beatport today!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Track Review: "Cosmic" by Danilo Ercole

The last time Omair Mirza's label was mentioned on this blog was for one of his own tracks. However, this time, let us acknowledge the addition of a track by Danilo Ercole who is under the Black Hole Recordings umbrella. Mr. Ercole has produced great trance tracks in recent years, and after listening to "Cosmic", it does not look like he will be slowing down anytime soon. 

After listening to the "teaser", as the official release is around the corner, this track will be included in future sets and radio shows/podcasts for years to come. The production of the track is clearly quality, and will please all trance fans. From the melodies to the beat drops, the depth in "Cosmic" will hit those emotions you experience as a trance fan.  In fact, curious to hear the remixes of the track as well. Take a listen to the teaser, and be ready to support this track on Beatport and other platforms when officially released. 

Listen and sound off on this track here! 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Album Review: 'Materia' Chapter One by Cosmic Gate

In the trance music scene, there is a sense of longevity with certain DJ/Producers.  For this, the scene has seen the duo of Cosmic Gate become one of those artists. As electronic dance music as a whole has gained popularity, the scene tends to respect those artists who produce great music, and provide a great experience during a set.  Just like other artists within the scene, the sound evolves over time, but remains trance in nature.

Knowing this, the release of their album 'Materia' has been anticipated for some time with the singles "Fall Into You" featuring JES, "am2pm", "Halo", & "Dynamic" with Ferry Corsten. This blog has explained the unique way artists collaborate either through the production of a track to including a great vocalist.  As Cosmic Gate has announced this nine track album is "Chapter One", and there is more great tracks to come. Have you picked up your copy on platforms yet? As a trance fan, you should.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

E.P. Review: Darkside E.P. by Dave Neven

As a follower of this blog you may have noticed the influx of posts for artists on the Coldharbour Recordings label.  Depending on your knowledge of Trance music and the scene you might also be aware of the quality of tracks being released from this label. Thus, it brings us to the latest E.P. release by DJ/Producer Dave Neven.  Dave has been producing some great remixes for the label as well as sets mostly witnessed during one of the popular Coldharbour Nights.

The E.P. is comprised of tracks "Darkside", "Resurgence", and "Oubliette", all of which bring that familiar Coldharbour sound to the trance scene. It's clear Mr. Neven is on track to a great 2017 production wise, and looking forward to what is in store. Please support these tracks on Beatport at your earliest convenience, and let the melodies sooth your soul.