Sunday, April 28, 2019

Track Review: "Attack" by Nifra & Fisherman

Time for another track review from the Coldharbour Recordings family.  Both Nifra & Fisherman have been featured on this blog before, but this is the first track collaboration highlighted. Feel free to check out past reviews featuring these artists.  The model within electronic dance music, more specifically trance music, is to test the track out in DJ sets and on radio shows/podcasts for reaction and sound quality. That being said, this track has been an "ID" for awhile, and finally premiered on a recent episode of Global DJ Broadcast presented by Markus Schulz.

"Attack" is a driving big room trance track aligning with familiar Coldharbour sound that "attacks" your senses. As shown above by artwork, your imagination is triggered by the melodic layers and driving beats.  Looking forward to supporting this track when released May 3rd!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Soundtrack Review: 'Don't Go' (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Ferry Corsten

A review for a movie soundtrack or score on this blog is a long time coming. How many times have you said this to yourself after watching a great film, "What a great soundtrack!"? If you are just an novice consumer of entertainment, probably many times, or as a more dedicated consumer, you have probably lost count. This blog has highlighted the brilliance that is ambient music and it's connection to trance music, but now, it is time to highlight the connection of soundtrack or film scores to trance music. Ferry Corsten has been revered as one of trance music's pioneers, and by various aliases as well as the brilliant release of album 'Blueprint', the release of 'Don't Go' cements his brilliance tenfold.

For those still unaware of trance music's appeal in the world of electronic dance music, it is the classical, ambient, and/or emotional sub-genre fit for anyone willing to listen. As you listen to this soundtrack, close your eyes, and imagine the scenes each track might describe. The theater of the mind fits perfectly to your imagination, and hopefully to the themes within the film.  Just like other pioneers in trance such as, Paul Van Dyk & BT, the ability to create a journey through trance directly translates into soundtracks and/or scores. Listen for yourself on your favorite platform!


Monday, April 15, 2019

Artist Highlight: Bryn Liedl

Discovering or becoming aware through encouragement of new and talented artists is always welcome on this blog. That being said, a few of the tracks on the debut album 'SURREAL' by Bryn Liedl have been featured in recent months on various radio shows/podcasts, thus the release of this album has been anticipated. Mr. Liedl joins the talented roster on Euphonic Records, which is spearheaded by the talented duo Kyau & Albert. Looking forward to hearing more of his music in Progressive Trance/House/Techno. Pick up your copy here:


Bryn Liedl is a Canadian producer and DJ, born and raised in Vancouver. His
childhood years of studying classical piano and music theory helped lay the
groundwork for the evolution of his musical career. Bryn’s love of music would bring
him to perform with multiple bands and musical projects as he explored his passion.
Over the past six years, Bryn has focused his attention on trance and progressive
music. His blend of driving rhythm and melody infused hooks, have helped define his
Bryn says: "My debut artist album is a story about finding yourself. Finding your true
purpose. Finding a path through the chaos of life. New dimensions are discovered as
we strive to evolve into the best version of ourselves. The whole experience can feel
quite Surreal."

Upcoming Tour Date: 
21. April 2019 Berlin (DE)- A Seven

Friday, April 5, 2019

Track Review: "Perception" by Markus Schulz Featuring Justine Suissa (Johan Gielen Remix)

Well over 10 years ago, Markus Schulz & Justine Suissa covered the classic trance track "Perception".  The combination of Justine's vocals mixed with the simple yet enticing melodic layers fit for the beach at sunrise/sunset or any relaxing setting for that matter helped propel Markus as one of trance music's signature producers.

Fast forward to present day, where this track in any form is timeless. 2018 saw the return of the signature compilation 'In Search of Sunrise', and the remix provided by Johan Gielen.  Without compromising the cover, Mr. Gielen has captured a sense of uplifting euphoria with this remix. This remix has been featured in recent DJ sets as well as radio shows/podcasts. The track is currently out NOW via Coldharbour Recordings, and will continue to be timeless for years to come!


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Track Review: "Cannison" by Theology

It should not be a surprise this blog supports the efforts by the team at OHM Music as it has proven to be quite the independent label in progressive and trance music the past couple of years. This label has created their own unique sound while staying true to the roots of these genres. Theology has been featured on this blog before, so his grind of over 10 years is paying off in a big way.

"Cannison" is your quintessential trance track with big beats and melodic layers sure to be featured for time to come. The extended mix allows for fellow DJs to mix brilliantly while showcasing the talent throughout the track. If you are DJ and/or producer, please give this spin live or on your radio show/podcast. For those new, trance music, well electronic dance music, it has many emotional triggers. By dedicating this track to his friend, Theology shows depth. Please support this track at your earliest convenience!