Monday, December 5, 2016

Track Review: "Odyssey" by Arkham Knights

This year has brought many good, great, and interesting track releases in the trance music genre. As evident from the other track reviews and even their artist review on this blog, Arkham Knights have been making a name for themselves to those who follow Coldharbour Recordings. Their alignment with the Coldharbour sound spearheaded by Markus Schulz continues to create moments in live sets and radio shows/podcasts that are well received by fans.

To dive deeper into "Odyssey", the introduction the song drives so hard, identifying the intro is really irrelevant. The intertwining of dark grooves and melodies create such a unique twist on "your average" trance track, that you instantly love it. The build up to the beat drop fit perfectly making this track one to be revered and remixed for time to come. Pick up your copy for your collection today!

Friday, November 25, 2016

EP Review: 'Desert Trance Society' EP by The Dream Master: Solo

The love of music tends to bring people together. This is especially true for fans, DJs, and producers within the Trance music scene. You may have noticed that this blog has been covering a lot of Trance artists and tracks this year, thus, it was necessary to bring 'Desert Trance Society EP' by The Dream Master: Solo to your attention. As a fellow member of the Phoenix Trance Family, The Dream Master: Solo has been part of the scene in Arizona for quite some time.  

The EP features four tracks for your Trance and PsyTrance pleasure.  "Lights Over Phoenix", "Sahuaro", "Sleep Paralysis", and "Bird of Fire".  Any or all of these tracks could become a trance staple as evident by the support from well known names in the industry.  In fact, support this EP on Beatport today to add them to your collection! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Track Review: "Beautiful Mystery" by Omair Mirza feat. Avari

In recent months on this blog, Omair Mirza and his tracks have been featured.  His contributions to the Trance scene have been well received by this blog as well as the entire community. With that been said, congratulations Omair on the announcement of your label OHM Music, and the release of "Beautiful Mystery" featuring the vocals of Avari.

Due to the previous success of collaborations with Avari, inclusion of her vocals on "Beautiful Mystery" were hardly a surprise. The mix of the melodies with the vocals follow the uplifting, vocal trance formula that you may be used to, but when the beats kick in, you are in for a great journey.  This track should be added your collection, but just don't take this claim for it.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Album Review: 'I'll Have Another...Christmas Album' by Straight No Chaser

Awhile back on this blog, we featured an artist. Yes, you guessed them, Straight No Chaser, the A Capella sensation that got their break from a viral video on YouTube.  In fact that video was their rendition of "12 Days of Christmas".  Naturally, they were labeled as a "Christmas or Holiday" act.  Then they started touring, and quickly you can see that despite their great arrangements, harmonies, and performance prowess that not many genres of music are skipped by them. Their changing roster and other album releases should be a test to that.

'I'll Have Another...Christmas Album" includes a track list of your favorites along with a few SNC originals.  So naturally the tour of the same name was going to be quite the mix of non-holiday and holiday music. Definitely check out "Feels Like Christmas (feat. Jana Kramer)" or "To Christmas! (The Drinking Song)" to understand their talent that much more. Obviously, their vocals and arrangements are on point, and this album won't allow you to be a "Bah Humbug" this Holiday Season! Pick up your copy at your usual retailers or platforms today!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Track Review: "Blackstone" by Mike EFEX

The flare of Trance music has reinvigorated the scene recently. Coldharbour Recordings has carved out a sound that keeps producing great tracks. As mentioned on this blog before, the label is really making its strides in the scene through the DJ/Producers that call the label home. During the return of the AfterDark episode of the Global DJ Broadcast, there was a premiere of a track that joined its dark compatriots nicely.

Now granted this track has been an "ID" during previous episodes as well as during sets by label leader Markus Schulz and Mike EFEX himself. The progressive trance or "dark" appeal of "Blackstone" bodes well with those looking for a chill yet deep sound that many have gravitated towards as Trance music has evolved. If you have ever had the chance to go down the rabbit hole with Markus Schulz, then you would understand why "Blackstone" would need to be an addition to your collection.  Please support this track when it gets its OFFICIAL release very soon!

Track Review: "The Lost Oracle" by Markus Schulz

Despite Markus Schulz being one of the most prolific DJs and Producers in the Trance scene, there's still a need to expose the true beauty of his music.  You may or may not be new to the Electronic Dance Music scene in following the sub-genre that is Trance, but alas you are here reading this post, and perhaps many posts before it.

The great thing about attending sets and concerts is the ability to listen to tracks during their "ID" phase. Before the world premiere on Global DJ Broadcast and its recent release, "The Lost Oracle" (Transmission 2016 Theme) was tested out as the introduction to a few set along the 'Watch the World' tour this year.  The shear dramatic intro of the track grabs a hold of you, then comes the melodic chants, followed by infections beat drops.

With Transmission being one if not the only all Trance festivals in the world, it was only fitting that its resident DJ/Producer create another theme to tell the story of the community. Support this track here!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Track Review: "Event Horizon" by Ferry Corsten & Cosmic Gate

Ferry Corsten & Cosmic Gate have made names for themselves within the Trance and Electronic Dance Music scene over the years. In fact, the past couple of years have treated Ferry Corsten well as he has brought back the alias Gouryella through new tracks and sets under the name. Cosmic Gate has released new tracks along with touring. 

"Event Horizon" premiered on Corsten's Countdown recently, and has sense been released via Flashover Recordings. The track begins with the electronic/video game melody, followed by great beat drops, then the track builds with more layering of melodies. By knowing  the productions by each separately, the collaboration worked out beautifully.  Have you picked up your copy yet? 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE)

Spearheaded by Aly & Fila, Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE) has been producing great tracks for the trance and dance music aficionado. Ahead of the FSOE450 celebrations, are you keeping up with the latest tracks? 

A & Z have produced an uplifting trance track in "Lyra" sure to get you in the dancing mood. Have you picked up your copy yet

"Kenopsia" by Ahmed Romel has that sound you would expect from this label along with more depth that will pick up any mood. Grab your copy here! 

Arctic Moon has a created an upbeat track in "Serein" that was meant for those looking to get lost in the beats. Pick it up here! 

Darren Porter has made a name for himself in producing solid trance tracks over the years. "To Feel Again" is another one that you shouldn't miss!

From the vocals to the layering of melodies, "Helia" by Omair Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal featuring Crystal Blakk will appeal to more than strictly trance fans. Enjoy it here! 

The infectious beats mixed with background vocals grab you, and the addition of the melody will entice you.  Well done James Dymond! Add it to your collection! 

"Mykonos" by Niko Zografos gets under your skin in that good way. Enjoy the background vocals mixed with layered melodies followed by those beat drops! Get it here! 

Some may say music brings you "Closer To Heaven". Well, Alan Morris did with great track. You will want to add it your collection

"Hypogean" by Stoneface & Terminal will immediately get you HYPED from the infections melodies to the beat drops. Keep these vibes going with your copy here

Andres Sanchez & Michael Kaelios presenting Spanish Armada created "Leyenda" to keep you upbeat. The layering of melodies does not disappoint! You know what to do! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Latest Tracks from Anjunabeats

The trio of Above & Beyond along with a few other artists on the Anjunabeats label just celebrated the 200th episode of the radio show/podcast Group Therapy in Amsterdam. As mentioned before on this blog, music brings people together in a powerful way. Thus, the unity that has come from the worldwide appeal of Group Therapy has contributed to its success.

Genix & Sue McLaren have produced a track with intriguing beats, background melodies, and great vocals. In fact, it happens to align with productions from the bosses of Above & Beyond.  Have you picked up your copy yet?

If you have or haven't been paying attention to recent posts on this blog, you will find a post dedicated to the Above & Beyond remix of the Moby classic. However, this blog would be remiss if it didn't point out the remix by Arty.  Not that the classic "Porcelain" needed to be remixed due to its timeless qualities from Moby, but enjoy nonetheless!

Ilan Bluestone & Jason Ross have made names for themselves individually, but collaborating in Back-to-Back sets along with production has been well received by the label and fans. Collaborations tend to bring out the best, unique, and creative aspects of music. Have you added "Amun" and "Meta" to your collection?

The duo of Kyau & Albert have produced a track that is sure to be timeless in the future.  From the beats, to the melodies, to the lyrics and vocals, not much in this track is flawed.  As evident by its current popularity on Beatport for many weeks now.

Tuskana has outdone themselves again with both "Legacy" and "Champions".  Each track aligns with the overall sound from the Anjunabeats label, yet also add their own flair.  What are your favorite parts of each track? The melodies or the beats? Time will tell with your own copies!

Push created a great track in "Strange World", but the remix by Andrew Bayer added that much more depth to production quality within the label. The intricacies in beats, layered melodies, and vibes you get from this track will make it an instant classic. Pick up a copy for your collection! 

The Latest Tracks from Flashover Recordings

Under the direction of Ferry Corsten, Flashover Recordings has been producing some great tracks for the Trance music community to enjoy. The beauty of the trance community not only is the loyalty of the fans, but the crossover and collaboration of DJs/Producers within the genre.

Pierre Pienaar may or may not be on your radar, but after listening to "Novus Vitae" he will. The melodies grab your attention from the beginning of the track, and transcend that "hands up in the air feeling" that Trance music is supposed to give you.  How about you check it out yourself?

Coming off his release of "Bail Sunrise", Dan Dobson brings us the track "The Distance Between Us".  From its uplifting melodies to its intricate beat drops. Even the newest trance fan will appreciate this track. Pick up your copy today!

Solis & Sean Truby just keep producing big room and uplifting tracks for the trance community.  "Nobu" is that track you should expect to hear at festivals as well as in club atmospheres.  The melody will hook you from the first beat. You will want your own copy!

Dimension & Robert Nickson have teamed up to brings "Wormhole".  The collaboration was a match made in heaven as evident by the first beat to the melody to the key change. Without diving too deep into music theory, enjoy this track on Beatport!

Alex Ender brings the Trance community a club banger as they say. "Sunset Beast" is that track that will be played during sunset sets or anytime around a sunset.  The pace of the track will set the mood for a good night. Add this to your collection!

The Latest Tracks from Coldharbour Recordings

The Coldharbour Recordings factory has been hard at work this year as evident by all of the previous posts. The family is creating really great, and unique trance, house, and progressive music right now, and it looks to continue.  From original tracks to remixes, are you keeping up with the latest releases?

This track was highlighted in Markus Schulz' annual Sunrise Set earlier in the year, and is currently out NOW for your listening pleasure. The collaboration between Ruebx Qube and Adina Butar worked beautifully.

Mr. Pit has been churning out great tracks on the label for quite some time now, yet, his latest deserves recognition.  The deep, darker, progressive sound mixed with trance melodies turned out to be a great combination. Pick up your own copy through your favorite platforms NOW!

Anske has contributed some great tracks on the label already, but his latest looks to impress those unaware. The track follows the Coldharbour formula, but keeps you guessing as more melodies and beats are layered as the track progresses. Check it out for yourself, and pick up its sister "Starlight" while you are at it!

You might be aware of Dan Thompson as well as Solis & Sean Truby separately for their music production. However, they have teamed up for the track "Aero", which has been getting quite the support in live sets and radio shows/podcasts for a few months now. Enjoy your copy here! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Track Review: "Sinners & Saints" by Spark & Shade Feat. Goshen Sai

Despite the onslaught of love for the latest tracks in Trance, this blog has explored music of all genres. However, the point of this blog is highlight talent, and continue the conversation through music. Thus, the opportunity to review a track from an Dutch duo within the Trance realm was an obvious choice.

Let's first begin with introducing you to Spark & Shade followed by the vocals of Goshen Sai.  When the track "Sinners & Saints" begins, it immediately grabs your attention through the uplifting vibes, then the vocals kick in adding that much more depth to the track. To finish off the track, more melodies are layered on top, which happen to accompany Sai's vocals well.

In fact, hop over to Beatport for this exclusive track NOW! Then pick up a copy on other platforms October 10th! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Track Review: "Too Big To Fail" by Omair Mirza

It has been couple of months since the last release from Trance DJ/Producer Omair Mirza.  Those privy to his releases are well aware of his affiliations with Armada Music and Coldharbour Recordings. Mirza's contributions to the trance music genre have been well received thus far. For those wondering what sub-genre his tracks fall under:  uplifting, progressive, and vocal.   

"Too Big To Fail" has an uplifting intro through the piano melody then builds with beat drops bringing great vibes. The layering of melodies with background vocals add that much more to the track. The progressive-like foundation of the track sets a great tone (no pun intended) before the melodies kick in.  Those fans new and old to the trance genre should embrace such a well produced track.  Looking forward to hearing this track in live sets as well as on radio shows/podcasts by those in the Trance community.  

Please buy a copy when it becomes available October 17th via Freegrant Music! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Track Review: "We Are" by Paul Van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H.

One of the pioneers of Electronic Dance Music, but more specifically Trance has produced some of the most recognizable tracks over the years. In fact, many who are signed to Paul Van Dyk's label VANDIT Records have been producing some great tracks.  Paul Van Dyk comes from the mentality of DJ first, producer second, thus you can find the passion within the music. Alex M.O.R.P.H. has grown a following among the trance music community for his DJ and producing prowess.  Conditionally, a collaboration among the two was inevitable, and now gives the world  "We Are".

"We Are" immediately begins with the uptempo beat structure that make it known as an uplifting track. Then the melodies begin, more melodies are layered, followed by beat drops. It is VERY hard to keep from dancing to this track. The mesh of styles came through by both producers, and it is highly recommend that you join the others out there buying the track on Beatport

Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Porcelain" by Moby (Above & Beyond) Remix

First let's begin with the influence Moby has had on Electronic Dance Music with his producing. From movie soundtracks to original creations. One of his most recognizable songs is "Porcelain".  It only makes sense that the prolific Above & Beyond remix this classic for newer audiences to enjoy along with those who remember the original.

Above & Beyond along with other trance DJ/producers have teased it in their live sets this past Summer. Thus, when the announcements followed by this release on the Anjunabeats label came to be, it was well received. Hence, the high debut on the charts of Beatport!  In fact, this remix should bridge the gap among trance and EDM.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Track Review: "Emerald" by Dimension & Radion6

If you haven't figured out already, the trance music realm is pretty vast these days. Sub-labels are releasing quality tracks to fill the sets and radio shows/podcasts that are ever so popular these days. Ferry Corsten's label Flashover Recordings is among them. Trance DJs/Producers Dimension and Radion6 have collaborated on a wonderful trance track called "Emerald" that has been supported by big names in the community.

Even with a couple of edits released, "Emerald" begins with the fundamental upbeat build up that graciously prepares you for the EPIC melody.  However, the melody is slightly different than other melodies of other tracks out right now. The layering of sounds to create this track have never been so perfect for the Flashover sound!

Track Review: "Unite" by Sean & Xander

The duo of Sean & Xander has been gaining some steam recently with releases on Coldharbour Recordings, and M.I.K.E. Push Studio.  The most recent gem for the genre is "Unite", which can be found right now on Beatport!  The track begins with an upbeat tempo, then the melody kicks in followed by the anticipated drop.  The layering of such a track have and will continue to be featured in sets and radio shows/podcasts for awhile.

The key when listening to this track is to simply enjoy the intricacies of melody layering as well as the beats and drops. The mashup and remix possibilities are endless with this track. Feel free to check out the other tracks and projects by the duo.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Track Review: "Sestertius" by Markus Schulz (Coldharbour Recordings 250th Release)

First and foremost, congratulations Markus Schulz and Coldharbour Recordings on the milestone of your 250th release! The labor of love it takes to maintain a label as well as produce amazing tracks on a continuous basis is phenomenal. Despite the claims that trance music is making a comeback, most astute to the genre believe it has never left.  However, with the United State's music industry grasping on to Electronic Dance Music as a whole, it's nice to see more people educating themselves on the many sub-genres.

The connection of Trance to Classical seems to attract those who are looking for more depth within music than just beats and flare. The layering of melodies with addictive beats and drops allows us to dance and dream.  Thus, "Sestertius" as this milestone release for the label works perfectly.  The build up from the beginning of the track instantly grabs your attention. Then the melodies take a hold of all of your senses, and you can't help but draw parallels with the theme of the Unicorn Slayer's latest album 'Watch the World'.  It did not require the artwork to come to this conclusion.

Please take a listen to this track here, then BUY it on Monday August 29th! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Selections Part 41

In past months, many who have attended a set by Markus Schulz or listen to his radio show/podcast Global DJ Broadcast weekly have been teased with ID tracks. Well, a few of them have been revealed with the latest release by Coldharbour Recordings.

Kris O' Neil has graced us with a great remix of "Perfect Imperfection" by Omair Mirza and Avari.  Without losing too much of the original track, O' Neil's remix has a great tempo, beat, and added a few new melodies to accompany Avari's vocals perfectly. Take a listen here...

"Brainstorm" by Mike Efex vs. Sean & Xander is a great track. They have collaborated nicely to incorporate the darker Coldharbour sound, then layering great melodies and beat drops sure to be a staple in many upcoming sets. This track is trance at it's finest. Take a listen here...

This compilation is great to add to your collection. Including the Jordan Suckley remix of "Tomorrow Never Dies [Bombay]" by Markus Schulz and VASSY.  Just DO IT!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Power of the Remix

According to, Remix is defined: to mix and re-record the elements of (a musical recording) in a different way.  In the history of music, this has proven to be the case, but due to the world's love of Electronic Dance Music in its various forms, more now than ever. Yes, hip-hop/rap has embraced the remix over the years, but not like EDM.  

The beauty of honing your craft as a DJ and Producer, is the ability to reach out to the community or create your own remixes for tracks previously released. From experience, knowing who did a remix is just as important as knowing the original track. Every remix is unique, yet brings out the important elements of the original track. 

The power of the remix stems from its ability to change your mood for the better. Even if you love the original track, you find yourself loving a good remix. Any specific remixes that touch your soul? 

Enjoy a few recent remixes that are turning heads!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Track Review: "Counter Strike" by Dave Neven

The Coldharbour Recordings label may be considered under the radar, but has been producing some quality trance tracks this year. Another recently released track goes to Dave Neven called "Counter Strike".  This track has been supported through radio shows/podcasts and live sets alike from big names in the trance community.

The Coldharbour sound has its dark moments, great vocals, followed by great melodies.  "Counter Strike" begins with a solid BPM (Beats Per Minute) to grab your attention. Then the melodies begin to layer on top of each other giving you that warm and fuzzy feeling that trance is supposed to give you.  The track continues this vibe throughout as more layers plus beat drops hook you.

Feel free to buy a copy, because you will thank yourself if you listen to the sample below.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Track Review: "Cygnus" by Novaspace

Yep, that is correct, ANOTHER Coldharbour Recordings artist Novaspace has a new track out now! The track, "Cygnus" has been supported in live sets and radio shows/podcasts such as the Global DJ Broadcast, Corsten's Countdown, & A State of Trance.  

The breakdown of the track is as follows:  the introduction of the track has a break beat that constantly adds more layers for that buildup feeling.  Then the melodies begin, and well, you are already enjoying the track's vibe. A few vocals, then the MAIN melody with that uplifting and big room vibe hits you out of nowhere. You are instantly sucked into this track, and are constantly hoping that this continues, then more beats drop WITH the melody. 

If you aren't as passionate about Trance or the breakdown of what makes a great Trance track, just be aware that this track is brilliant.  As mentioned before on this blog, the Coldharbour Family is on FIRE, and the quality of music will probably keep increasing as time goes on. The boss, Markus Schulz makes sure of this.  

Take a listen here:

Than make sure to BUY HERE: Beatport 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Coldharbour Day 2016

It should not be a surprise that Coldharbour Recordings, the label independently run and owned by Markus Schulz is well respected by this blog. In the world of trance, there are many labels and artists cranking out great music these days. More on those to come, but it felt right to highlight the annual Coldharbour Day that just passed. Well known trance radio station AfterHours.FM hosted this event that featured 23 Coldharbour artists over 31 hours.

The line up included sets by Monoverse, Omair Mirza, Ron Alperin, Tenishia, Ronski Speed, Wellenrausch, Gai Barone, Mr. Pit, Artisan, Darren McNally, Arkham Knights, Fisherman & Hawkins, Rex Mundi, Danilo Ercole, Solid Stone, Grube & Hovespian, Nifra, Dave Neven, Mike Efex, Novaspace, Anske, Radio6, Dan Thompson, Solis & Sean Truby, Harry Square, and a special 4 hour set by the boss Markus Schulz himself.

If you missed any of these sets, take a listen here:

Monday, July 18, 2016

Track Review: "Oblivion" by Fisherman & Hawkins

One of the labels in Trance music that seems to be on FIRE right now is Coldharbour Recordings. That is if you didn't already know as a fan of the genre. Out TODAY is none other than the track "Oblivion" by Dutch Duo Fisherman & Hawkins.  

"Oblivion" fits its name from the beginning. The intro not only catches your ears, but touches your emotions. From the piano melody that is so simple, yet intricate, to the vocal out cry from a choir of a thousand voices. You can't escape the original melody before layers of melodies are added. The drop of the beat only highlights their creativeness as well as the trance distinction.

Take a listen for yourself, then visit Beatport to buy and download this track!

Friday, July 8, 2016

4th of July Weekend Event Reviews: Armin Van Burren & Paul Oakenfold at Release

This past 4th of July weekend welcomed well known DJs/Producers Armin van Buuren and Paul Oakenfold to Scottsdale, Arizona via the Release Pool Parties at Talking Stick Resort.

Haven't already seen both play live at the recent Electric Daisy Carnival week in Las Vegas. There were some expectations of what and what not to expect in terms of music within their sets. For instance, as evident by the review written for the Phoenix Trance Family of Armin van Buuren's set at Omnia Nightclub, was Armin going to bring us fans into A State of Trance or play the same set recently witnessed? The inclusion of Trouse and Trap isn't really to the delight of Trance fans, but may work to the party crowd out for a night in Las Vegas. Well, the set began just like previous sets, but quickly molded into a Trance set to the delight of Phoenix Trance Family and crowd out for a day in the sun. At one point, Armin asked the crowd to experiment by "Closing their eyes and raising their hands" to feel the positive vibes of Trance music. Overall, Armin Van Buuren gave a good set.

Paul Oakenfold is known as a pioneer for Electronic Dance Music in general, so the respect for him was evident by the crowd in attendance. Sadly, the crowd was a lot less than the previous day, but nonetheless Paul brought his Perfecto Flouro skills to Release despite the sun overheating the DJ equipment. The pure trance mixed with classics as the crowd got more and more into the set helped the overall great vibe to this Release party. If you are new to EDM, Trance or any other sub-genre, take a minute to educate yourself on the influence of Paul Oakenfold.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Album Review: 'Introspection' by Solid Stone

The Coldharbour Recordings Family and Solid Stone proudly present the album 'Introspection'.  Coldharbour Recordings owner Markus Schulz has played many of these tracks in his sets this year, and a few of them have been revealed throughout the year on the Global DJ Broadcast. Solid Stone hails from Montreal, and the dark underground sound of the city is to be highlighted. The reputation of the city of Montreal with this more progressive trance sound has been credited to the delights of many fans visiting or residing there.

The album begins with the track "Introspection", and immediately gives you a sense of what is to come as the album progresses. "Broken" & "Ursa Major-Wellenrausch" continue the story of upbeat vibes, but with a sense of curiosity.  The journey progresses with even more upbeat, and feel good vibes from the track "Profound".  If you have had the chance to enjoy a set by Solid Stone, Markus Schulz, or have been listening to the Global DJ Broadcast you may recognize this track.  It is the perfect track to begin your night at a club or find yourself in the rabbit hole.

"Heart Call" and "Pushing Up" both featuring the vocals from Jennifer Rene round off the journey in the album. Those who listen to this album in its entirety will have to figure out what that journey with the music is, but nevertheless Solid Stone, Coldharbour family, and Markus Schulz should be proud of this artist album release.

Which track or tracks are your favorite? 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Set Review: New World Punx at EDC Las Vegas

As the line up for Dreamstate Sunday at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas was announced, many trance fans anticipated a schedule full of great trance DJs and producers.  The likes of which included Paul Oakenfold, the return of Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten Presents Gouryella, Markus Schulz, Gaia, and Aly & Fila.

Since Insomniac built an app for up-to-date news and information for all in attendance to download, the New World Punx (Markus Schulz B2B Ferry Corsten) slipped in the schedule in a little intimate venue known as the #SmirnoffHouse.  So if you made your way from the #circuitGROUNDS over to this small house sponsored by Smirnoff and Mixmag, you found yourself another place to dance with other attendees in the 21+ age group.

Upon gaining entry to the Smirnoff House minute before New World Punx were slated to begin their set, another DJ had the party going, but with other vibes. Do not get me wrong, playing other genres of music is welcome at a festival, but not mixing well as a DJ is disappointing. From the constant talking on the mic, to the missed mixing, then the plead to keep going when the new crowd in the house was there for New World Punx, was not ideal. Eh, the exiting DJ got the message when the crowd started to chant "New World Punx".

The set itself included New World Punx tracks, trance favorites, "Free Tibet", a mix of Metallica's "Enter Sandman", and overall great vibes.  The ability to enjoy this fun set in this intimate setting by this duo was amazing! Despite the venue, if you ever get a chance to experience a New World Punx set, DO IT!    

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Track Review: "Eleven 11" by Omair Mirza & Danilo Ercole

In case you haven't figured it out, Trance music (which really never left) is on fire right now. There is something about the intricate melodies infused with drops and beats that satisfy your senses. Thus, with the previous great track by Omair Mirza, he has done it again with Danilo Ercole.

The intro of the track starts with a great series of beats, then builds to a great melody to embody what progressive trance should entail. You feel a sense of calm mixed in with happiness mixed in with unknown feelings, thus that progressive trance. The melodies by different sounds highlight the track to bring that home.

Please take a listen to this teaser, then buy the track when it becomes available June 27th!     

Sunday, June 5, 2016

EDMBiz Panel Highlight: Beyond the Boys' Club: What's Next for Women in Dance Music

Upon doing research for the upcoming EDMBiz Conference & Expo, one particular panel has caught my eyes. That as evident by this post's title, 'Beyond the Boys' Club: What's Next for Women in Dance Music'.  The prevalence of the topic of gender equality in many different industries is a hot button issue, and many have different perspectives on such topic. However, for a genre of music that has been growing in popularity exponentially in the United State over the past 10 years, this topic is repetitively new to discuss.

From the DJ/artists to the industry leaders, men are well represented. According to the panel description, the panel hopes to discuss this in further detail as well as find ways for others to keep the discussion going. This panel is one step in getting a discussion going, but is this panel going to help make changes happen? Or will we continue to debate this topics in the next 10 years?

Depending on your perspective, and what sub-genre you gravitate towards, you are wondering why such discussion exists or does not exist. With the main focus being on the music or what most fans claim the focus is, the sense of unity should welcome people from all walks of life.

What will it take for the Electronic Music Dance business to have gender equality?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

EDMbiz Conference & Expo

If you have any awareness about EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as a whole, then you are aware of that three days of music, dancing, and merriment that is EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival).  In fact, this is a special year as Insomniac is celebrated 20 editions of this yearly festival.

Back in the 1990s, there was this music called "Techno", it was underground in the United States, yet really popular in Europe.  This was of course the years of pop, hip-hop/rap, rock, and the like of that era. This "techno" music was widely excepted in the LBGT clubs or those "underground" warehouses of cities.

Let's fast forward to present day, to the years of EDM as a whole blowing up in the United States as other genres embrace collaborations, and want to join what is now mainstream. The appeal for this type of music has sparked Jack U (Skrillex & Diplo plus Justin Bieber) among others. Some may even claim the Black Eyed Peas has something to do with the explosion of "new" found popularity.

It's time to connect to the EDMBiz Conference & Expo that marks just one of the events during EDC Week leading up to the big event. The line up of speakers connected to the EDM industry is fully loaded. From artist pioneers Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Moby, Armin Van Buuren, to industry leaders Pasquale Rotella, Geronimo, Dave Ralph, and many more!

Of course, the list of speakers can be found as panels or keynotes, but an impressive list nonetheless. Housed for three days at Caesar's Palace, the conference will also include exhibitors associated with the industry. Since it's inception in 2011, the conference looks to show the more intricate side by including events such as: Hackathon, & EDMBiz Song Contest.

There are ONLY 19 more days to register, plan travel arrangements, and get ready for a really great learning experience!

Monday, May 23, 2016

E.P. Review: Space E.P. by Mr. Pit

If you are follower of this blog or like trance music, you may be aware of the FIRE coming from Coldharbour Recordings. Yes, the label spearheaded by Markus Schulz. You have been introduced to other artists and tracks released by this label, but now, it is time to talk about new the tracks produced by Mr. Pit.

"Destination Kepler" has that familiar dark Coldharbour sound, but with that uplifting trance vibe. The vocals are relaxing yet invigorating, then the first drop hits. You will immediately vibe, dance, and like this track. To dive a bit deeper than just the overarching melody, the background beats are infectious even for the novice trance fan.

"Lychees" has a progressive vibe from the very first beat. However, as the track progresses, you will hear the melodies. Just like the tracks before it, the infectious progressive trance vibe will suck you in, and keep you in a relaxing state of trance. Oh, and the ending of the track is a quite refreshing.

"Space Toy" is has that building, dark, Coldharbour sound from the very beginning, and it does not end. Then the melodies begin to infiltrate your ears. The build up from each new second of the song really is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the listening experience. Take a listen for yourself:


It is HIGHLY recommended that you buy these tracks and spread the word to your fellow trance family. Nice work by Mr. Pit and the Coldharbour crew!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Album Review: 'Bagtown' by Nu Shooz

When you think of the genre of "Freestyle" from the 1980s, you think of Nu Shooz.  If you forgot their artist name, then you know the songs "I Can't Wait" or "Point of No Return".  If you have a TV subscription, you have heard a remixed version of "I Can't Wait" in Target commercials. You must respect that genre, and the artists to have emerged from that era. The Latin influence fused with electronic sounds can be credited with sparking the electronic dance music "movement" to an extent.

So this brings us to their "Nu" release, and as discussed months back on the Trending Topics with BB podcast, a return to the sound that they intended to release, but the history spoke for it self. 'Bagtown' influenced by their desire to create new music again and the artwork by founding member's son.  The opening and title song "Bagtown" immediately attracts you if you like the fusion of Latin styles with Jazz.  The vocals by all in this song are great.  The funky groove of  "Soul Cushion" will get your toe tapping or in another case you will be dancing along. "Your Perfect Day" is another funky song with a great vocals.

In fact, if you continue to listen to the entire album you will be finding yourself in a really good mood due to the passion that went into creating this album. From the musicianship in the horns to the vocals, to the rhythm section, this album was made for those appreciative of their craft. If you are looking for a "Nu" album to add to your collection, pick up a copy, add the album to your streaming favorites on Spotify, and simply enjoy it!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

'Watch the World' Album Release Show at Exchange LA

The anticipation of the new artist album my Markus Schulz has been building for quite some time.  The #UnicornSlayer takes his time perfecting his craft in the studio unlike other artists. After knowing the album was to be released in April, followed by the announcement of the official release date April 29, 2016, then another announcement of the album release shows. It was clear the decision to attend one or more of these shows was a must. Not to mention the amazing acoustic versions that have been available for weeks now. 

The night began with a great set by Solid Stone that easily set the tone of what was to be a great night. You see at these events, it is about the music and enjoying it with other like minded individuals. As mentioned by the man himself on the podcast Trending Topics with BB, creating and feeding off the energy by the #SchulzArmy and #TranceFamily becomes a spiritual like experience. 

The set was FIRE from the very first note of "Watch the World" till his drop of his New World Punx track "Memories".  The #RabbitHole "surprise" was the cherry on top of a completely sundae of a night.  How can you not enjoy the music released by the Coldharbour Recordings Family right now? This label is just en fuego on so many levels! Huge shout out to the Coldharbour, Schulz Music Group, Exchange LA, and Markus for an incredible night! 

It is already known, that music brings people together, but when you agree on the music, it almost becomes an out of body experience. Having been apart of other "fan groups", there really isn't a nicer more passionate group of people than the #SchulzArmy or #TranceFamily.  The common courtesy, inclusion, and overall encouragement to have a great time throughout is certainly the best HIGH available.  Creating lasting memories through mutual love and respect of a man who had declared his devotion to music and the fans over and over, as evident by this past weekend, will continue.

Thank you to all of you who are becoming new found friends, and till the next event, PLEASE BUY not just stream 'Watch the World'.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Artist Review: Arkham Knights

At first this was going to be a review about one or a couple of tracks from the duo Arkham Knights, but due to how much they are blowing up the trance music scene right now, an artist review is clearly the better choice.

If you are unfamiliar with Arkham Knights, it is okay, they have only been around for a year upon joining the Coldharbour Recordings family.  Before the breakdown of the tracks currently on rotation on Markus Schulz' Global DJ Broadcast as well as many trance fans playlists, it important to point out how fitting their sound of trance with a techno darker vibe is with the signature sound from the label.

Let's begin with the track "Knightfall".  From the minute you press play the intro builds, then builds more, followed by the beat and the first melody to catch your ear. The intricate beats from there add another layer to the track, and you know it is going to continue to build.  The marriage of the beats with the melody will grab a hold of you, and you are in for that trance track that you can't help but love.

"Urban Decay" is not just your average upbeat trance track that the intro presents. Once the melodies kick in, it is clear that this track is meant to be listened to in its entirety. The interlude followed by the drop of a harsher melody layered on top will lend to your enjoyment of the track.

"Blackgate" immediately begins with a driving beat to get your body moving. Then the MELODIES kick in, and you will find yourself with your hands in the air, perhaps with your eyes closed in that state of trance. The layers of beats build once again, but you know the melodies are going to return with such vigor, then they drop! Take a listen for yourself, if you haven't already done so.

Last, but certainly not least, "Legacy". The pattern of intros with such a beat and tempo to grab your attention continues. The layering of melodies kick in to get you moving once again. THEN the track really begins to build, with an intriguing melody to keep the vibe high. The melodies retain strength throughout the track along with the back beats. This recently released track on Coldharbour delights many during a set by Markus Schulz as well as those who tune into the Global DJ Broadcast weekly.

Along with other artists signed to Coldharbour, Arkham Knights is on FIRE right now, and they are just getting started. Can you imagine the tracks not yet released or thought of yet? Whether you are a long time fan of trance or new to the scene, listen then buy a couple or all of their released tracks for your auditory pleasure.

P.S. Be on the lookout for the interview/chat with Arkham Knights on the Trending Topics with BB Podcast!