Friday, April 27, 2018

Album Review: 'Scars' by Ilan Bluestone

The day is finally here. Yes, the day Ilan Bluestone's album 'Scars' is released.  The loyal fans of Above & Beyond's label Anjunabeats (Anjunafamily) have been anticipating this day for quite some time. Mr. Bluestone has garnered a positive reputation of great remixes and original tracks over the years that (in his accent) represent TRONCE. However, as a overall supporter of trance at this blog, this album has been anticipating this album for just as long.

If you have been paying attention, you have probably already been listening to "Scars" & "Frozen Ground" for awhile now. Both tracks feature the vocals of Giuseppe De Luca, and unless you are incapable, will get you in a great mood. "Everybody" features Maor Levi, another Anjunabeats family member. The track is just so catchy, you will be chanting "everybody" right along with the track. "Rival" is the quintessential vocal trance track featuring the vocals of Ellen Smith. The track is well produced from beginning to end. You will notice the inclusion of sound most on the Anjunabeats roster have garnered over the years as you listen to the album in its entirety. It is highly recommended that you support this album in anyway you can!

Track List:

1. Scars featuring Giuseppe De Luca
2. Frozen Ground featuring Giuseppe De Luca
3. Everybody featuring Maor Levi
4. Rival featuring Ellen Smith
5. Noa
6. Guru
7. Let Me Know featuring Giuseppe De Luca
8. Will We Remain? featuring Maor Levi & EL Waves
9. I Believe featuring Giuseppe De Luca
10. 43+86=129 featuring Sunny Lax
11. Not Alone
12. Cosmic Feeling
13. Another Lover featuring Koven
14. Blue Angel
15. Eclipse

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Track Review: "AR" by Markus Schulz & Cosmic Gate (Sean & Xander Remix)

If you haven't figured out the love for trance music by this blog yet, then you are just not paying attention. From the previous reviews and highlights about the work from Sean & Xander, to the highlights of talent from Markus Schulz and Cosmic Gate themselves, this blog aims to educate. At the end of 2017 leading up to Groove Cruise Miami 2018 (Annual Voyage in January), Markus Schulz & Cosmic Gate held a remix competition for their collaborative track "AR".  With thousands of entries and a deadline dealing with Groove Cruise Miami departure, only one track was declared the winner.

Luckily, Sean & Xander are celebrating the 100th episode of their radio show Inspire with the FREE download release of their remix. Without throwing in the bias, the blog urges you to download and listen to this remix. It captures the essence of the original track, but adds flare to cleanse your listening palette. Hopefully, this remix will be featured in upcoming sets and radio shows/podcasts in the future!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Track Review: "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson (The Remixes)

The success of the original released tracks on OHM Music have garnered fantastic remix attention. Thus, this blog wants to highlight the talent it takes to create quality remixes of a trance tracks while maintaining integrity to the original. The previous review of "Banshee" by Stuart Ferguson will explain the brilliance of the track.

Two of the remixes of "Banshee" have a progressive house feel, and are produced by Alex Moreli and Division One.  While they stray from trance, they still capture magic from the original track. Kjuna and Nameless have produced two great trance remixes that will be revered by the scene in the future. No matter your particular taste, make sure you support the release of these remixes May 4th on Beatport!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

E.P. Review: Markus Schulz Presents 'In Bloom Volume One'

Last year (2017), Markus Schulz introduced the fourth part of series of special episodes on the Global DJ Broadcast called "In Bloom" to feature vocal trance. This special episode features requests through Markus's social media and website. This addition blends nicely with the other special episodes throughout the year on the broadcast. Well, it is spring time, and 'In Bloom' has returned on the Global DJ Broadcast, but also in the form of a E.P.

'In Bloom Volume One' features vocals from JES, Emma Hewitt, Adina Butar, Ellie White and Victoriya. Many fans and players in the trance scene regard vocal trance tracks as a staple for the entire genre. Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Dave Neven, & Anske have all captured those trance melodies while featuring beautiful vocals sure to make you think while uplifting during this Springtime season.  Feel free to show your support on every platform available!

Track List:

1. Calling for Love featuring JES
2. Safe from Harm-Club Mix featuring Emma Hewitt
3. Wild Dream by Andy Moor featuring Adina Butar
4. Try for Me by Dave Neven featuring Ellie White
5. Love Won't End by Anske featuring Victoriya

Tribute to Avicii

DJ Mag

When the news of the death of Avicii (Tim Bergling) happened two days ago, the electronic dance community worldwide began to mourn. When you look at the entire career of Avicii, it is almost hard to fathom just how successful and iconic this man truly was for the electronic dance music scene. Many other producers/DJs and celebrities have already made their thoughts known on social media and other platforms.

The amount of musical genres and styles Tim bridged the gap is amazing. The brilliance of combining Country with Electronic beats in "Wake Me Up" or feature the vocals of Etta James in "Levels" made EDM become mainstream.  The masses began to embrace electronic dance music more, which in turn has changed popular music. From Madonna to Coldplay to many other artists, his skills as a producer have been revered.

On the other hand, if you look at the health problems that lead to his retirement from touring a couple of years ago, and possibly (since details haven't been released) his death, this is all very sad. For someone to die at 28 in any regard is way too young!  Thoughts continue to be with his family and friends.

Sadly as when anyone iconic in music dies (Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis), the support of their art will increase, however, Avicii's legacy will live on.  Shout out to Spotify for your "This Is Avicii" playlist! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Track Review: "Fake News" by OMAIR

In a world where music can be an escape from all of the negativity going on, why not gain inspiration from present times? OMAIR A.K.A. Omair Mirza (featured on this blog many times) has taken upon himself to create a trance track that draws from the current United States political climate.

"Fake News" not only is titled from the catchphrase of the current U.S. President, but the track takes you on a journey of discovery. From the very first beat, to the melodic layers, to the final beat drops, this track should make you reflect on the times. "Fake News" has some progressive trance influence, but will be revered as a pure trance track. Along with the mystery OMAIR has created, make sure you support this track when it is officially released on OHM Music May 11th! Also, make sure to check out OMAIR's set at the quantumVALLEY stage at EDC Las Vegas 2018!

Album Review: 'Gem of the Peak' by FRANK

The vast world of music is showing really no signs of slowing down. The more the blog becomes aware of bands and artists creating great quality music, the more the blog is motivated to highlight their talent. An upcoming band FRANK has been making some waves in the world of Indie Rock.  Their addition to the roster at Sound Hub Records has certainly put them on the map.

Their debut album 'Gem of the Peak' has ten well developed songs.  It's clear that this band has put the time in to hone their craft, and the team at Sound Hub Records believe in their talent. The album is structured beautifully to take you on a journey.  Every song tells a story of love and heartbreak that is sure to relate to anyone. Even more in depth, their musicianship should not go unnoticed along with every vocal.  If you love feel good music with a tad of depth, then it is suggested you support this album when it is released May 11th! Make sure to follow their social media for their single "Life People" May 1st!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Album Review: 'Live At The Hollywood Bowl' by Above & Beyond (Acoustic)

For those who may not be familiar with Above & Beyond by now, should realize that not only are they known for their trance infused dance music, but their musicianship.  Above & Beyond have visited their acoustic roots before, but allowing fans to either live it or re-live it through audio/video recordings as well as a documentary once again shows their love for their fan base (Anjunafamily).

'Live At The Hollywood Bowl' strips away any uncertainty you may have about their craft. From the orchestra and band to the beautiful singers featured, every song has been brilliantly re-imagined. Whether or not you consider yourself a fan, you should appreciate everything represented by this tour and stop at the Hollywood Bowl. This blog can't recommend this enough!   Make sure you stream and/or buy every facet of this new release!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Track Review: "Expanse" by MBX (The Remixes)

If you are paying close attention to this blog, you will remember the review of "Expanse" by MBX. However, the blog is eager to review the remixes the team at OHM Music have compiled. Overall, the label has been successful fusing progressive sounds with pure trance sounds. Regardless of your taste, the quality of tracks really have been at the highest level. 

Whether you are a fan of remixes or not, you have to admit that a new take on a track can be refreshing. Lee Fraser, Roman Hope, Cyril Ryaz, and PSHKR have all done a brilliant job adding their flare while keeping with the original track. Make sure you support the entire team by picking up your copy at Beatport on April 27th!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Track Review: "Sparks Fly" by Euphoric Nation & David Thulin Feat. Marisha Mae (The Remixes)

Feel free to search through previous posts on this blog highlighting the power of a remix. In the world of dance music, more specifically, trance music, remixes give a new and delightful take a on a track that the original influenced. In the previous review of "Sparks Fly", much was highlighted in the powerful vocals by Marisha Mae and the collaboration by Euphoric Nation & David Thulin.

The return of "Sparks Fly" in remixes produced by Danilo Ercole, Spark & Shade, & Jackson Snapp not only highlight the original track, but have created new ways to enjoy this track. The team at OHM Music are on target with the quality trance produced. Please support these remixes on Beatport May 4th!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Album Review: 'Golden' by Kylie Minogue

Back in the year 2001, there was this little, well actually, popular song "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" by Kylie Minogue.  The song along with the album 'Live From Sydney' went on to not only get critical acclaim, but acclaim from the masses. The mix of Kylie's vocals with a more electronic back drop in the song appealed to a wider audience. The rise of electronic music in the United States began to take shape, and was no longer "underground" or "just popular in the U.K./Europe".

Fast forward to present day 2018, where Ms. Minogue releases 'Golden'.  If you fall into the streaming side of music these days, make sure to listen to the entire album from the beginning to the end. Every song on this album is fantastic! Ms. Minogue's vocals are brilliantly fused with the many different musical genre influences in every song. The track listing on the album paints a beautiful picture as you realize the quality of writing for every song. Highly recommend you support Kylie by supporting this album currently out now!

Track Listing:

1. Dancing
2. Stop Me From Falling
3. Golden
4. A Lifetime to Repair
5. Sincerely Yours
6. One Last Kiss
7. Live a Little
8. Shelby '68
9. Radio On
10. Love
11. Raining Glitter
12. Music's Too Sad Without You (featuring Jack Savoretti)
13. Lost Without You
14. Every Little Part of Me
15. Rollin'
16. Low Blow

Monday, April 9, 2018

Song Review: "The Fall" by LUCIDS

Another song in the musical world of Indie Rock has reached the blog. A delightful band named LUCIDS from Grangemouth, Scotland has been added to the roster at Sound-Hub.  Along with a many others that have been featured on this blog, LUCIDS incorporate an authentic sound.

"The Fall" carries great vibes for the sound that seems to be coming from the U.K. and surrounding areas. It is a great all around song from the lyrics and vocals to the musicianship. This song grasps emotions as you listen, which is exactly what music is supposed to do. Please support this band by pre-ordering this track now. Official release is slated for May 5th!

Song Review: "Won't Last a Minute" by Jump Stone

It is time to return to our support of Indie Rock and Indie Bands on the blog. The importance as well as the prominence of Independent Labels finding great talent has changed the music industry as a whole. The trio of Jump Stone hails out of the U.K., and adds to the talented roster on Sound-Hub Records. 

"Won't Last a Minute" is an uptempo rock song with a great production. The trio has infused enticing vocals with a guitar feature, and a great drum feature. It is clear that this trio is passionate enough to hone their craft in music. Their sound meshes well with other artists on this label. This blog looks forward to following their career. Please pick up and/or stream your copy of "Won't Last a Minute" when it is released April 28th!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Track Review: "Safe from Harm" by Markus Schulz & Emma Hewitt

The past couple of years have seen Markus Schulz release both 'Watch the World' & 'The Nine Skies' as well as a 'Watch the World' Deluxe version. However, as most in the trance scene are aware, producers never stop producing new tracks. Some of these tracks get official releases or become additions to to their DJ sets around the world. Emma Hewitt has had her beautiful voice featured on many collaborations in the trance scene for years. Ms. Hewitt's collaborations with Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, and many more have been very well received by trance fans throughout the world.

With recent focus on with many sub-genres of trance, we can not forget or overlook the beauty of vocal trance. After all, music is subjective, and evokes different emotions for different people. A collaboration from Emma and Markus has been a long time coming. "Safe from Harm" begins with a solid beat sequence, followed by layered melodies, then Emma's vocals seal the deal. The track is everything you should want in a vocal trance track.  Do not just take our words for it, stream it here now!