Thursday, September 29, 2022

Content Creation is the Name of the Game


    For those unaware, this "blog" has been around for many years. In the previous post, it was going to shift to streams on Twitch, but due to the saturation of content creation these days, that was scrapped for the moment.  As we all know by now, there are so many platforms for content creation, it's hard to pin point the best one for what you are trying to accomplish. As this is under the BB Media Industries umbrella, and with the focus on music more than ever with the brand, this "medium" is here to stay.  

    The remainder of 2022 is going to be spent researching ways to help promote musicians/artists who continue to release create art through promotion here and perhaps advertising operations through BB Media Industries. This will be in conjunction of the conversations through Trending Topics with BB podcast. Thank you for your patience and understanding concerning this space! 

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