Monday, November 16, 2015

Have you heard of Cyclonious & Tha 4orce?

Now you have. More great artists from the U.K.

Cyclonious & Tha 4orce are...
Uhuru - 5 Track Album Sampler

The ‘noteworthy’ duo, Uhuru (Cyclonious & Tha 4orce), are releasing an album sampler giving an insight into their remarkable sound. With a back drop of slick production and engaging lyrics, this debut reveals the potency from their collaboration.

Expect The Unexpected - The first single on the album, this fire starter of a track intends to get you out of your seat. Expect the unexpected.
African Wisdom - This atmospheric song grips the listener with its tribal 3/4 beat pattern and lyrics that come across as a chant. Pulsing, engaging, Africa.
Test - Vocal prowess is the name of the game here. A knowledge and love of hip hop help create a tune for real hip hop heads and authentic music lovers.
Deeper Understanding - This second single taken from the album takes more of a thought provoking approach. Race, religion and  capitalism..... no subject is out of bounds.
Prestige Feeling - Classic hip hop, classic bars, this track is for the hip hop fans who desire authenticity. With a vintage boom bap sound, dope lyricism, scratching and cuts, its all here.

This is a limited edition album sampler introducing you the listener, to Cyclonious and Tha 4orce's amazing collaborative sound, 
brand new yet authentic, professional and thought provoking,
Uhuru The Album is set to be the longed for return to the high bar level in UK Hip Hop missing from the United Kingdom for a while.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

The Latest From Black Stax

From Felicia Loud (Black Stax):

"As 99 is our latest video, it is also a reflection of our past video's, "I Love My Life" & "Spell On You." All three video's have a specific concept(s) that we create, along with specific directions. However, the participants in these video's engage through their own creative expressions. That creative expression is welcomed and related to The Producers Series Vol. II. Each producer who participates in the series is creatively contributing music that they feel is our, Black Stax sound. And we do have our own sound. ;-)  Jace-Ecaj and myself narrow the choices to 6-8 instrumentals, title them, then we proceed to develop the sound with the producer. Or as we sometimes say, "we be staxin' 'em." For this series, Movement Music by Rob Eramia (Rob Bank Beats) we did ALL that, and as a result of continued collaboration we came up with 6 new pieces, one of which we chose as a live piece.
I will say that one purpose of the 99 video is to encourage people to continue to understand that power is built on personal strength as well as collective work. Nothing survives on it's own.
Stay Staxin'

 For those of you unfamiliar with Blackstax please feel free to check out our latest video entitled 99. ( visit or YouTube-Enjoy!!!!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Album Review: "Delirum" by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has been tearing up the music scene for years now, more noticeably with her collaborations to lend her vocals on tracks with Calvin Harris. As explained before on this blog, Ellie knows how to put a great live show, and well her past music has not disappointed.

Ellie is known for her sultry voice, upbeat music due to her mutual love and respect for electronic dance music, plus her well written songs.  From the music to the vocals to round out each song, Ellie has found the perfect formula to keep and grow her fan base.

This brings us to her latest album release "Delirum" that of course entails the popular song from "The Fifty Shades of Grey" movie soundtrack "Love Me Like You Do" as well her smash hit with Calvin Harris "Outside".  These inclusions add to the 'Deluxe' edition that has 22 tracks in total. Thus, not sure why you would not listen to every track on the album.

Let's begin with "Aftertaste", "Something In The Way You Move",  & "Keep On Dancin'" all of which fall after the album intro "Delirum". Each song is upbeat with great lyrics, vocals, and great musicianship. You should recognize "On My Mind" from radio, TV spots, and plays out in society. This song has been gaining it's way up the Billboard charts for weeks now, and probably will stay there with more promotion. Should mention if you aren't dancin' to "Keep On Dancin'", then you have some sort of issue. Obviously this song is infused with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) influences.

"Around U" and "Codes" are upbeat great story teller songs, but "Holding On For Life" has elements of Gospel and Folk genres that add to the eclectic mix of the album. "Don't Need Nobody" encompasses many genres from EDM, Funk, R&B, & Rock.  To conclude, highly suggest to take a listen or two to this album, support Ellie on tour, and marvel in a talented women in the music business!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Album Review: "Unbreakable" by Janet Jackson

Just in case you haven't been paying attention this year, another music icon has released a new album and is currently touring to support this album as well as all of the former hits. That icon would be Janet Jackson. There may have been claims over the years that Janet followed in her brother's footsteps, but if you have any musical awareness whatsoever, then you would know that this woman has set herself apart in many ways.

This brings us to the review of her latest album "Unbreakable", which fittingly begins with the song "Unbreakable" where Janet sings lyrics about a great love and connection she has learned to embrace over the years to a great R&B/Funk vibe.  The next song is a collaboration with hip/hop icon herself Missy Elliot "BURNITUP!" that immediately starts with a catchy vibe on its own as well as rhymes from Missy.  This song will sure to get plays at clubs, parties, and road trips alike. What Missy Elliot has done for the music business will be kept for a separate post. The next song is "Dammn Baby", and well if you like great R&B musicality mixed with Janet's vocals you will be shaking your head along to this song; oh, don't discount the breakdown of the song for a change of pace.

Next song is "The Great Forever" that begins with funky electronic vibe with a lyrics and vocals from Ms. Jackson that provide great story telling. Just listen. The following songs "Shoulda Known Better", "After You Fall", "Broken Hearts Heal", "Night", "No Sleeep" featuring J.Cole, and "Dream Maker/Euphoria" provide a narrative to the album along with remaining songs on the album.

As you listen to this album from the first track to the last one, you will notice that the adoption of electronic music has been adopted by Janet and her producers.  Electronic Dance Music is not considered a underground genre anymore, thus lending to the R&B, Funk, Rock, Classical undertones that has always been associated with Janet Jackson throughout her illustrious career. This album deserves to be bought, but if you are the streaming type, check it out on Spotify, then add the album to your collection. It's clear that Ms. Jackson took some time to live life, observe music, and put a labor of love into this album since it's been since 2008 for a new album.