Monday, November 16, 2015

Have you heard of Cyclonious & Tha 4orce?

Now you have. More great artists from the U.K.

Cyclonious & Tha 4orce are...
Uhuru - 5 Track Album Sampler

The ‘noteworthy’ duo, Uhuru (Cyclonious & Tha 4orce), are releasing an album sampler giving an insight into their remarkable sound. With a back drop of slick production and engaging lyrics, this debut reveals the potency from their collaboration.

Expect The Unexpected - The first single on the album, this fire starter of a track intends to get you out of your seat. Expect the unexpected.
African Wisdom - This atmospheric song grips the listener with its tribal 3/4 beat pattern and lyrics that come across as a chant. Pulsing, engaging, Africa.
Test - Vocal prowess is the name of the game here. A knowledge and love of hip hop help create a tune for real hip hop heads and authentic music lovers.
Deeper Understanding - This second single taken from the album takes more of a thought provoking approach. Race, religion and  capitalism..... no subject is out of bounds.
Prestige Feeling - Classic hip hop, classic bars, this track is for the hip hop fans who desire authenticity. With a vintage boom bap sound, dope lyricism, scratching and cuts, its all here.

This is a limited edition album sampler introducing you the listener, to Cyclonious and Tha 4orce's amazing collaborative sound, 
brand new yet authentic, professional and thought provoking,
Uhuru The Album is set to be the longed for return to the high bar level in UK Hip Hop missing from the United Kingdom for a while.

Connect with Uhuru:

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Latest From Black Stax

From Felicia Loud (Black Stax):

"As 99 is our latest video, it is also a reflection of our past video's, "I Love My Life" & "Spell On You." All three video's have a specific concept(s) that we create, along with specific directions. However, the participants in these video's engage through their own creative expressions. That creative expression is welcomed and related to The Producers Series Vol. II. Each producer who participates in the series is creatively contributing music that they feel is our, Black Stax sound. And we do have our own sound. ;-)  Jace-Ecaj and myself narrow the choices to 6-8 instrumentals, title them, then we proceed to develop the sound with the producer. Or as we sometimes say, "we be staxin' 'em." For this series, Movement Music by Rob Eramia (Rob Bank Beats) we did ALL that, and as a result of continued collaboration we came up with 6 new pieces, one of which we chose as a live piece.
I will say that one purpose of the 99 video is to encourage people to continue to understand that power is built on personal strength as well as collective work. Nothing survives on it's own.
Stay Staxin'

 For those of you unfamiliar with Blackstax please feel free to check out our latest video entitled 99. ( visit or YouTube-Enjoy!!!!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Album Review: "Delirum" by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has been tearing up the music scene for years now, more noticeably with her collaborations to lend her vocals on tracks with Calvin Harris. As explained before on this blog, Ellie knows how to put a great live show, and well her past music has not disappointed.

Ellie is known for her sultry voice, upbeat music due to her mutual love and respect for electronic dance music, plus her well written songs.  From the music to the vocals to round out each song, Ellie has found the perfect formula to keep and grow her fan base.

This brings us to her latest album release "Delirum" that of course entails the popular song from "The Fifty Shades of Grey" movie soundtrack "Love Me Like You Do" as well her smash hit with Calvin Harris "Outside".  These inclusions add to the 'Deluxe' edition that has 22 tracks in total. Thus, not sure why you would not listen to every track on the album.

Let's begin with "Aftertaste", "Something In The Way You Move",  & "Keep On Dancin'" all of which fall after the album intro "Delirum". Each song is upbeat with great lyrics, vocals, and great musicianship. You should recognize "On My Mind" from radio, TV spots, and plays out in society. This song has been gaining it's way up the Billboard charts for weeks now, and probably will stay there with more promotion. Should mention if you aren't dancin' to "Keep On Dancin'", then you have some sort of issue. Obviously this song is infused with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) influences.

"Around U" and "Codes" are upbeat great story teller songs, but "Holding On For Life" has elements of Gospel and Folk genres that add to the eclectic mix of the album. "Don't Need Nobody" encompasses many genres from EDM, Funk, R&B, & Rock.  To conclude, highly suggest to take a listen or two to this album, support Ellie on tour, and marvel in a talented women in the music business!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Album Review: "Unbreakable" by Janet Jackson

Just in case you haven't been paying attention this year, another music icon has released a new album and is currently touring to support this album as well as all of the former hits. That icon would be Janet Jackson. There may have been claims over the years that Janet followed in her brother's footsteps, but if you have any musical awareness whatsoever, then you would know that this woman has set herself apart in many ways.

This brings us to the review of her latest album "Unbreakable", which fittingly begins with the song "Unbreakable" where Janet sings lyrics about a great love and connection she has learned to embrace over the years to a great R&B/Funk vibe.  The next song is a collaboration with hip/hop icon herself Missy Elliot "BURNITUP!" that immediately starts with a catchy vibe on its own as well as rhymes from Missy.  This song will sure to get plays at clubs, parties, and road trips alike. What Missy Elliot has done for the music business will be kept for a separate post. The next song is "Dammn Baby", and well if you like great R&B musicality mixed with Janet's vocals you will be shaking your head along to this song; oh, don't discount the breakdown of the song for a change of pace.

Next song is "The Great Forever" that begins with funky electronic vibe with a lyrics and vocals from Ms. Jackson that provide great story telling. Just listen. The following songs "Shoulda Known Better", "After You Fall", "Broken Hearts Heal", "Night", "No Sleeep" featuring J.Cole, and "Dream Maker/Euphoria" provide a narrative to the album along with remaining songs on the album.

As you listen to this album from the first track to the last one, you will notice that the adoption of electronic music has been adopted by Janet and her producers.  Electronic Dance Music is not considered a underground genre anymore, thus lending to the R&B, Funk, Rock, Classical undertones that has always been associated with Janet Jackson throughout her illustrious career. This album deserves to be bought, but if you are the streaming type, check it out on Spotify, then add the album to your collection. It's clear that Ms. Jackson took some time to live life, observe music, and put a labor of love into this album since it's been since 2008 for a new album.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Package Tour 2013-NKOTB, Boyz II Men, & 98 Degrees

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy!

  Originally posted June 17, 2013

 Hello. How are you? Yep, it's been awhile. Life is busy. For those who keep track of my statements via social media, I had this plan of cruising with NKOTB and my fellow Blockheads. Yeah, that didn't go as plan. Thus, as The Package Tour approached I got the fever, and really the ONLY prescription was to go. I have had so many good times with my fellow Blockheads, and I wanted to keep my "traditions" going. One of these days, I will see Dave Matthews Band and others in concert. Despite having the fever, I really wasn't stressing out about buying tickets. Why? Well, it is normal for Blockheads to over buy tickets of any form. It was inevitable that as shows approached and friends, family or others backed out, tickets would become available. In case you are new, I haven't ever done a 5* (Meet & Greet) for a show. Mainly because the specific package sold out so quickly, and I had never seen the point. Well, there is a first time for everything. While trying to find tickets as plans changed daily, 5* from people became available. I decided that I should try what everybody who has experienced one or many find so great. Not to mention I had only planned on the Las Vegas & Phoenix shows. I appreciate every experience I get when it comes to NKOTB. You can say I continue to grow as a person. It isn't so much about the concert or event as it is hanging out with people who "GET IT". After talking to people selling 5*, it was established that I was finally going to do this. I found groups to join. Honestly, I could care less who I stand with, as long as I had the chance to hug every member and say a few words. I don't get star struck, so I leading up to the day, & majority of the day I was completely calm. Just taking in the experience, such as completing the group. It was nice that there wasn't any drama about spots, and people just filled the spots we needed last minute. I have heard horror story after horror story. Blockheads need to chill. I know we all have a favorite, but GEEZ. I must repeat what I have said in other blog entries about looking at New Kids on the Block as GUYS. Yes, they are human. The experience is what you make it. Upon lining up in the order of how NKOTB was standing, the 5* went as planned. Danny Wood is an absolute sweetheart. Mister asked us how were were doing, if we were enjoying ourselves, and a short conversation about Big Dan Wood. Thanks for hug Jordan (Buddy).  Then came Donnie (Big Papa). Upon receiving my hug, I said "What's up Big Papa? I am saxy15 on Twitter." To which he replied, "Oh, I know who you are, and you are cool one." Then I went for a hug from Joe. I asked him if he remembered the banner I gave him from his "One Too Many at Midnight" run at The Palms Lounge. Special paused, then said, "Oh, I remember you," followed by another hug. Last, but certainly not least Jon (Dude) was next. He gave me a hug then said," Thanks for coming again."  Hilarious considering it was my first time meeting him. Perhaps he's used to seeing people over and over. ;-)  All in all, a great first experience.
The following week was my local show. Yes, the Phoenix (technically Glendale), but I digress. Upon talking to seller(s) of 5*, I was all set to have one for Sunday. Or so I thought. After a morning of hanging out with fellow Blockheads and brunch, I contacted the person I was buying it from to give her the money. I wanted her to know I was good for it.  I proceeded to go to another Blockhead meet up at the Yard House to see and meet everybody I could. While chilling at the table, I received texts from the seller about not being comfortable with me giving her a check. I proceeded to ask her if she would reconsider if I gave her cash. Freaking ATM fees. The time to check in for 5* arrives. She is nowhere to be found. I began texting her, trying to call her. She kept responding with I can't get out of line, and other excuses. Umm, when I see you hours before and tell you the plan of exchange, just be straight up.  I even got permission from VIP Nation to go down to the room to get everything from her, but I am PRETTY sure she ducked into the restroom. Just FUCKING say you are going to take it. I figured it out, and I can take it. Needless to say, I had a plan B. I don't trust people just as much. I had a floor seat available. Which was my plan A at one point. I am too practical, and OCD about planning things. I HATE stressing out before fun. I ended up front row barricade again with this ticket. I didn't get to share Big Papa with a friend, but I knew I had the after party still. After checking in to the after party. I joined a group. Despite "special guests", I went straight for Big Papa.  I have been drawn to that man since I was 3 years old. Standing next to Wanya from Boyz II Men as I was holding the rose he gave me wasn't bad either.
I would have to say my favorite moment other than just partying with everybody would be when Big Papa handed me his mic during "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan for me to sing; since I knew the lyrics. Having him look directly in my eyes as I was "singing" will forever be a memory. I then proceeded to hand the mic back, but he looked surprised. You are the host man, I didn't want to take over. ;-)
As much as I try to quit these guys, I just can't. The shenanigans with friends as well as the overall events just  get better and better.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Greetings Earthlings
This is truly a state of emergency for you Planet 12 fans
As most of you know, I'm currently in the process of finishing up my "Psychotic Chameleon" album & I truly need the fans to start showing up & showing out more on the social media side. I'm not seeing enough presence & I know we can do better. Life does not revolve around me in no fashion, shape or form but this is an investment in your love for music especially mine
I only have a staff of 5 when it comes to handling Planet 12 business so it's truly gonna take the love and support of all of you on high volumes to achieve what I believe can be a major success for this next album because I'm planning a bigger promo campaign for this one than I did when I put out the 1st album so it's truly gonna take strong visibility of the fans showing up, re-tweeting, liking, talking, using the hashtags, downloading and especially purchasing. Even putting L*A*W or Planet 12 in your Twitter or IG bios help too. I just learned that some of you who claim to be Planet 12 fans haven't even purchased the 1st 2 albums. How that's gonna look if a music exec or just an inquiring potential fan coming to you and asking you what's your favorite song & YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE ALBUM. Not being pushy or hasty but We can't win unless the support is there. We accomplished a lot but we still have so much to prove even more now so again, constant support is needed....I go hard for y'all and I do expect that in return because when the smoke clears, you all are gonna be the proud ones to say "WE WERE HERE SINCE IT STARTED"'s your stories that's gonna make the difference in serving notice to an industry that does NOT support indie music. Ask NKOTB & Johnny Gill who put out great albums that would have never gotten noticed if it wasn't for us supporting them since they are no longer on the major labels. Tyrese just recently went #1 on the top 200 Billboard charts with a real R&B on his independent label so again I say.....IT'S POSSIBLE IF WE WORK TOGETHER AND DO WHAT IT TAKES

If it's a movement, we have to act like it & treat as such. For us artists, there are 4 quarters in which we have up until the 2nd week of December to be effective before the industry shuts down so I'm trying to make 5 months count so again I humbly ask.....LET'S GO EVEN HARDER AND SEE WHAT WE CAN DO ESPECIALLY BEFORE I LEAVE FOR LONDON

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Concert Review: 'Heart & Soul Tour' featuring Earth, Wind, & Fire & Chicago

When you talk about longevity in the music business, you might think of Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones, but in my case Earth, Wind, & Fire & Chicago define that word. They have been touring, and creating music for more than 45 years! Yes, that is close to 20 more years than I have been on this Earth.

Let's get in to the 'Heart & Sour Tour' shall we? So due to popular demand from the prior 4 tours from these two bands, another one was born.  The amount of hit songs each band has produced over their 45 year career, was probably enough to get fans to buy a ticket to a date, but from previous experience of attending prior tours, it was to be enjoyed.

The concert began with a brief, but awesome trip down memory lane of their hits over the years. Then both bands came out swinging with a collaborative opening of songs from both bands. Upon that, Earth, Wind, & Fire began their set of favorite hits spanning their career.  Despite the age of Philip Bailey, Maurice White, and Verdine White, the show they put on with other younger members is something to rival the newest of act out there today.  Legitimate musicianship and vocals from great bands just adds to a great show.  Chicago followed suit after a brief intermission to keep the show going.

The best part of the concert was the finale of both bands playing their most popular hits.  Everybody FINALLY stood up to enjoy the music. Yes, I don't agree with the behavior of the crowd when the band is older and putting on a great show. Get up, dance, sing along, and enjoy a concert or don't ruin it for others. We ALL pay for tickets!

Enjoying these two bands with my mother was an added bonus knowing how much she adores both bands. If you ever have the chance to catch a show on this tour or any future tours, it's HIGHLY recommended!
A video posted by Brooke Brown (@saxy15) on

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Album Review: " Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses" by Jaime Foxx

When most people think of Jamie Foxx, they look at him as a great comedian, actor, & impressionist. However, the man is a classically trained pianist, and singer. Jamie Foxx has had a few hit songs and albums over the years. So it's time to call him a musician as well.

After hearing, seeing appearances on talk shows, I knew I had to review his latest album, "Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses".  Jamie's ability to collaboration with other popular artists is not forgotten on this album. The song "You Changed Me" features Chris Brown. The only gripe with this album right off the bat is the use of the N word lyrically.  R&B music shouldn't be alienated as "Black Music" anymore, thus the use of this language set us back as a society. 

"Like a Drum" features rapper Wale, and aside from the beat and music, the song is a amateur lyrically. "Another Dose" is much better with the vocals by Foxx as well lyrically, it also has a great R&B beat. This song makes you wonder why the collaborations thus far aren't really that good. Then comes the collaboration with Pharrell Williams "Tease" and you are instantly dancing along. 

It's clear why the first single off of the album is "Baby's in Love" featuring Kid Ink. It has an infectious beat, killer vocals by Foxx, and Kid Ink adds a flare to the song you would  expect. "Text Message", "Hollywood", "Vegas Confessions", "Socialite", all tell person stories along with great beats and music composed by Jaime. It's clear that this album is a way for Jamie to get many things off his chest about life, love, and being a celebrity.

"Dozen Roses" interludes add to the album, but that's about it. "In Love by Now" tells a heartbreaking tale of being single in the public eye as well raising a daughter. "Jumping Out the Window" displays Foxx's skills at the piano as well as a songwriter. "On the Dot" features Fabulous, and is also has an infectious beat to dance to. Take a listen to "Right Now", "Pretty Thing", & "Ain't My Fault" to round out the album as the you might hear homage to Michael Jackson, as well as other in the R&B music game. 

Overall, it's a good album, but I expected it to better. Then again the competition in the music industry these days, and need to stay relevant. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Concert Review: #TheMainEvent Nelly, TLC, & New Kids on the Block

For the past 7 years, New Kids on the Block has been touring, and along with that trying to figure out how to make their shows unique and entertaining. Who can forget the NKOTBSB tour? Most thought a Boyband Palooza was going to come out of that, yet it did not happen.

So when #TheMainEvent tour was announced with tour mates Nelly and TLC, many were just as excited to get tickets like #ThePackageTour with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees brought in 2013.  The questions of whether or not fans of each artist would get a long or if the idea was too weird to wrap a head around weren't asked this time around.

The theme of a huge Boxing match granted the tour started the day before the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas was very clever. Or was that a coincidence? It was nice to see Nelly play all of his hits to bring the nostalgia of his entire career to life on stage with little theatrics. From the first album "Country Grammar" to the latest album, plus a couple other songs to keep the crowd hyped worked to Nelly & company's advantage.

Despite missing the late Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez, TLC and dancers didn't disappoint by performing their hits well. From "What About Your Friends" to "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" to "No Scrubs" and the tribute to their lost member with "Waterfalls" there set was a blast from the past! Remember TLC is still considered the most successful Female group of all time to many.

The boxing theme was alive and well for the entrance of New Kids on the Block after a great music video by Danny Wood, and cheesy commercial from Donnie Wahlberg from the "Blue Bloods" set. Then "Block Party" (released along with the 2013 album "10") to set the tone for the fun to come during their set.  Highly suggest night a fun by buying a ticket to this tour. Check it out for yourself!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Yves Jean's Love for Music

Ever since I was a child, I've always enjoyed music. It was not until my senior year in High School, that I wanted to be creative. I've always wanted to counter what was on the radio, or what was considered popular music. Unfortunately, many talented artist, don’t get to see the light of day, in regards to exposure. However, the internet has given a great path to artist like myself. It allows us to stay creative with our vision and reach potentially millions of people. 

I’ve put out five albums since 2000. I treat my releases as a time capsule to my past. The lyrics and the arrangements showed what influenced me, musically, socially and politically at the time. My current EP Stand A Little Taller, has evolved into a mature, lyrically driven, multi-genre with a pop aesthetic feel. I never planned for the EP to sound this way. It just came out naturally. By being independent, I can do what I want.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Album Review: Rebel Heart by Madonna

It's the month of March in the year 2015 and pop icon Madonna has a released a new album titled "Rebel Heart".  Let's talk about this album as well as the legacy Madonna will leave.

The first track on the album titled "Living For Love" is the first single off of the album as seen by performances on this year's Grammy's and BRIT Awards.  If you have been paying attention to Madonna in recent years, or perhaps her entire career, you will notice that Madonna marvels in telling stories and addressing issues lyrically that may be avoided by others. The beauty of a song by her are the melodies that will in turn make the song appealing to the masses. Madonna's adaptation to the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene has been a good move. Some EDM purists may not like the inclusion, but Madonna's vocals and lyrics add grace to a track meant to bring people to a dance floor.
The second and third tracks on the album "Devil Pray" and "Ghosttown" share emotions that all of us can relate to in life. These tracks are more tied to the Pop genre rather than an upbeat dance track, but should not receive any lack of recognition. As Madonna has called herself an "Unapologetic Bitch" many a time, the fourth tract with a Reggae vibe with the familiar vocals by Madonna will probably turn into an anthem for feminism. Upon first listen of this song, you may find yourself dancing along.

"Illumanati" the fifth track begins with a list of other popular artists laced with electronic beats that vary in tempo keeping you listening. This applies for the next track "Bitch-I'm Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj)". It's clear the choice to collaborate with famed DJ and Producer Diplo was the best thing for this album.  However, it's not the first time these two have joined forces, with appearances at music festivals and the like.

Your challenge is to listen to the album in entirety, (try Spotify for Free).  Each track belongs on the album, and remember Madonna is not known for her voice, but her message that addresses what others miss. Forget her age, and marvel in her ability to evolve right along with music. Perhaps in years to come we will see Madonna not only as an Pop Icon, but also a Evolutionary Artist. Remember Madonna is the most successful female artist of all time!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Artist Review: Straight No Chaser

If you are a music enthusiast, you may have heard of this 10 part A Capella group from Indiana. If you the music novice you probably have not considering the genre of music is not as popular as it once was, and well as it should be now.

Straight No Chaser began at Indian University in 1996 breaking off from a bigger choir to 10 guys to basically sing for girls and food as they tell their story.  Just like any group formed in college, they all graduated, went on to do other things, keep the legacy group at the IU, and well lived life. When the 10 year reunion rolled around, one of their founding members Randy Stine uploaded a video to YouTube for them to reminisce. 

This upload went VIRAL, and the president of Atlantic Records sent a message to get the gang back together as they would be needed to sign a record deal.  Speaking as a Chaser (fan of SNC), their appeal isn't just limited to their RAW TALENT, it's also attributed to their sense of humor.

This brings me to the records, albums, lists of songs, or whatever the kids use these days. They began as a group that does holiday songs, but is also known for their covers of pop songs that you know and love.  Their "Straight No Chaser Twist" is just what is needed to a group that not only loves music, but loves to have fun as well. It's translated in their performances throughout their many tours that they have had up until now. This is where you are highly urged to check out "Christmas Cheers", "With A Twist", "Six Pack", "Six Pack Vol. 2", "Holiday Spirits", "Under The Influence", & "Under The Influence: Holiday Edition".

This group is BRILLIANT, been suggested on the Podcast Trending Topics with BB, and deserves even more praise for their talent.

I will leave you with a few more videos for your auditory, and visionary pleasure.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Sound & Connection of Black Stax

Our sound is one where we take all forms of 'Black music' and do our best to 'stack (stax)' them together to create the most Quality material. While paying homage and acknowledging those who have laid the path for us to build on.

Our connection to music is Genuine. We come from the admiration of the artists we have listened to growing up and those that inspire us as our peers. And, see the Future in our youth. Our connection is to the Community we come from, the Struggles that have been fought, the experiences we've had , the responsibility to continue the Culture and the Humbleness to be able to create. We believe we have to be Purposeful in our messages in our music, while having the ability to capture the audience (newborn-80) with the Soul and Spirit that resonates inside our US.

Always being Thankful for our God given Talents! And, speaking for those that are not always listened to or Represented.

@blackstax (on twitter)
black_stax (on instagram)

'Black Stax at Madaraka Festival'-

'Black Stax VOL 2:Staxin Continues' (promo video)-

'STAR' Black Stax ft Naomi WamBoe (Kenyan vocalist)- Produced by DJ Shingi, Visual created by Lady Flava

Thank You!

Black Stax

Monday, February 16, 2015

Antonio Fresco's Love for DJing & EDM....

As person who has always been involved with music since a young age, and coming from a family who is ingrained in music in some sort of facet, it was only inevitable that, I would take my place in the family legacy and continue the tradition. From playing the Alto Saxophone at the age of six, then switching to drums during my middle school years, and then finally picking up the turntables in my late teenage years, my love for music was quite evident. 

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, during a time when the "Baltimore Club Music" sound was so prevalent and dominated the club scene, dance music was a very popular thing. This sound, was my first real taste of dance music, which caused me to dig further deeper into uptempo music. Along side my love for DJing, and music as a whole, my love for music expanded even further as I got into the radio industry as a DJ. 

Working for a college radio station, I got to experience a lot of music that was underground and not as popular as the mainstream sound. This sowed early seeds for me to later become a music producer, as my radio career led me to Dallas, Texas to become a dj on one of the biggest radio stations in all of Texas. Today, producing and DJing is not only my passion, but my career as well. 

Focusing on dance music as my main inspiration for creating, I also try to make sure I consume as much music from other genre's as well to help keep my thinking/creativity "Outside The Box", and keeps my perspective fresh. 

So for me, a love for all music drives me as a DJ, and my love for creating music drives me to become the best EDM Producer and Artist that I can be. 

Until we meet again, continue to Love each other...

-Antonio Fresco

Monday, February 9, 2015

Show Days by Andrea Godin

Show days are my favorite part of being an artist. There is so much preparation and behind the scenes work that goes into each show, and it all pays off when you get to perform and show the audience what you’ve been working on.
The day of a show, myself and my team usually have a very busy day ahead of us, so of course stocking up on coffee is a must before hitting the road! After days and hours of long rehearsals to get my show just right, this is when I really start to get excited and thankful for another opportunity to get on stage. The road trip to the show is always fun because our team is like a 2nd family and I have so many fun and happy memories with them throughout the past 2 years.
Once we arrive, it’s time for hair and makeup! This is when I relax, go through the show in my head, and have tea & honey for my voice. Once the dancers and I are glammed up, I start my warm ups and we begin going through the show together, even if it means rehearsing in our hotel room. I like to be very prepared because giving the audience a memorable show is so important to me.
Sometime in the midst of all this I get to do my sound check. The sound is different in every venue so a sound check makes me a lot more comfortable with the stage and vibe of the venue.
I still get pretty nervous before I go on stage. I always have and I think I always will because, like I said, every show is important to me. But the excitement always outweighs the nervousness. Right before it’s time to go on stage is when I’m the most nervous, but as soon as I start performing the nerves usually disappear. Being on stage is what I work so hard for and to see an audience get so into my show makes me want to work even harder so that I can continue to travel and go on hundreds of more stages in my life.  
After I get off stage, I love meeting and getting pictures with everyone. Nothing makes me happier than someone saying how much they loved the performance or a certain song that I performed. To me, that’s the whole point of making music!
This year I know there is going to be so many more amazing memories and I cannot wait to see what they may be! To anyone reading this who I have met at a show and has shown your support ever since (you know who you are!) thank you so much. Some of the goals I’ve had and will have haven’t been easy, but it makes it that much better knowing you guys are there showing your huge amount of support. Looking forward to more shows, meeting more amazing people, and making more memories with the awesome people that I’ve met.

Andrea Godin is no stranger when it comes to the music industry. Born and raised in St. George, Ontario, this beautiful Pop/Dance/R&B recording artist knew at a young age she wanted to be a singer. After her first performance at 11 years old, Andrea was ready to get her career started.  More information available on her website
Follow her on Twitter

Monday, February 2, 2015

Album Review: "We Are All We Need" by Above & Beyond

Yes, there might be a trend of album reviews of DJ/Artists in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene these days. You must remember that the purpose is to highlight music & musicians for the talent they possess.   That being said, upon finding out that a member of the A Capella group Straight No Chaser is also an EDM junkie, he suggested to check out Above & Beyond's new album "We Are All We Need".

Instead of worrying if there is enough money in the budget for albums, there is the wonderful invention called streaming. Thus, it was easy to get right on this task. As explained in previous posts of EDM album reviews, the vibe to enjoy yourself and the music continues. The concept of this album is explained by it's title.

The first track "Quieter is Louder" is brilliant, as it is what you might call a quiet ambient track, yet it speaks volumes as you listen. Well, that's the interpretation thus far, take a listen for yourself. The next track is the title track "We Are All We Need" featuring the vocals of Zoe Johnson, and it fully delivers on its promise to bring to life Above & Beyond's musical talent adapted to the electronic sound. "Blue Sky Action" featuring Alex Vargus continues the trend.

Let's just say, the break down of each track could continue. However, in this review, not only is the introduction to the album a goal, but deeper understanding of Above & Beyond is warranted. In fact, let this acoustic set the tone.

The adaptation of acoustic to electronic and back again needs to acknowledged. Have you added "We Are All We Need" to your collection yet?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Album Review: "United We Are" by HARDWELL

For a genre that was once considered an Indie not set for mainstream, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has made a name for itself as mentioned in previous posts on this blog. There have been many great EDM albums released in recent years, but today it's time to focus on DJ and Producer HARDWELL's debut feature album "United We Are".

The EDM Movement the we are seeing in popular culture these days stems from the unity both the artists and the fans carry from every event. Attendance records are constantly being broken, and as Las Vegas is seeing, the adoption of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) has helped improve their economy tremendously. Another reason to believe this movement has caught on is the willingness of each DJ/Producer/Artist to collaborate and allow the masses to stream their music on services such as Spotify, Pandora, etc.

"United We Are" begins with the song "Eclipse", which has been an opening track HARDWELL has used to begin his live sets, some of which are posted on YouTube these days. The dramatic music lead in to a solid dance track is sure to pump up those ready to have a good time. In commentary about this release, HARDWELL has said his support and positive vibe from his fans lead to calling the album "United We Are". The second song "Follow Me" features Jason Derulo, which will get both sets of fans in on the fun. Collaborations among dance and popular artists tend to be the trend as of late. The next song "Sally" is just a club/dance jam.

"Let Me Be Your Home", "Colors" featuring Tiesto, & "Where is Here Now" continue to the great dance vibes that will be sure to get people singing along as well as dancing to the sick beats. The title track "United We Are" sets a tone for the entire album, especially when the vocals by Amba Shepard enter the song. The collaboration with Fatman Scoop & W&W on "Don't Stop the Madness" really gets the raging going, and is really brilliant on HARDWELL'S part. Then again in the commentary about this track, HARDWELL explains that using Fatman Scoop a lot in his live sets lead to his motivation and collaboration for this track.

The following tracks on the album do not disappoint as well. HARDWELL created a great album full of great collaborations, sick beats, and great dance vibes. It is really fitting that "United We Are" has the potential to unite all who love EDM, and this movement.