Monday, November 20, 2017

Song Review: "Half a Hunner, Still a Stunner" by The Vanities

Time to highlight another talented band from Scotland. Sound Hub Records has found another promising band in The Vanities. Their debut single "Half a Hunner, Still a Stunner" will introduce you to their immense talent. "Half a Hunner, Still a Stunner" is an uptempo song that can't help but be infectious. From the lyrics to the musicianship, this band has a lot of talent to unveil.  The onslaught of talent out of the region releasing on Sound Hub is on a roll, and well, this blog is a fan. Please support them by picking up your copy November 25th! 

Band Notes: We take influence from first wave Punk like The Clash and The Buzzcocks, as well as Indie bands like The Libertines and The Cribs. We have been gigging for roughly a year and have got quite a reputation in the Glasgow music scene, playing venues such as King Tuts Wah Wah hut.

Track Review: "Fragments" by Nameless

One thing about music is that it is subjective to those who choose to listen. Another great thing about electronic dance music in all of its forms, is that an artist can produce under an alias or artist name. This is true for Nameless A.K.A. Jay Rivera who has created a nice progressive/electro house track "Fragments" to be released on OHM Music.  

"Fragments" has also be given trance versions with the remixes by Profetik that are not to be ignored. Nameless has done a great job producing a track that can appeal to your different moods. Whether you prefer the more mellow progressive feel or the layered melodies that make the track trance, you will have a well produced track to add to your collection. Please support this track when it is released December 8th! 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Track Review: "Awake" by Danilo Ercole

The partnership of OHM Music and Danilo Ercole strikes once again! Yes, there is another trance track on the horizon for the pair. If you are just now learning about trance or you are a long time fan, you should be really pleased with the status of the genre.  The scene is producing really great tracks and remixes of these tracks. There really isn't a shortage of talent right now.

"Awake" showcases Mr. Ercole's talent once again. Time to become more acquainted with his talent through this upcoming release. "Awake" follows the pattern of layered melodies and beat drops that just bring out those uplifting vibes many with a love for trance have embraced. Are you 'awake' to this track? Looking forward to hearing this track in sets and on radio shows/podcasts for time to come! Please pick up your copy on November 24th!

Song Review: "Amber" by Bottle Note

The term "Indie" tends to be associated with alternative rock music or has in recent years. As recent posts on this blog suggest, "Indie Rock" is alive and well across United Kingdom and surrounding areas. Thus, when a band out of Edinburgh, UK by the name of Bottle Note found the blog, a review of their current single "Amber" was definitely in order.

"Amber" is an uptempo, catchy song from beginning to end. The intro hooks you, then more layers of the song kick in by guitar riffs, vocals, and drums. It may take a couple of listens to understand the lyrics, but overall, the song is well produced with great musicianship. The talent by all members of the band craft a great song. Looking forward to more and more "Indie" talent from the U.K. in the future! Please pick up or stream your copy of "Amber" right now via Apple Music, Spotify, or their Soundcloud!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Song Review: "Interstellar" by L Sicario

The world of alternative rock in the U.K. is alive and well via Sound-Hub Records these days. L. Sicario is a rock band with a diverse line-up in every sense of the word. "Interstellar" is a well-rounded song from its lyrics to the musicianship.  It may take a few listens of the song to understand the uniqueness of the lead and background vocals though. The lyrics are very simple, yet compliment the song well. Looking forward to following their career! Please support the release of "Interstellar" on November 24th!