Saturday, May 25, 2019

Album Review: 'Fate' by Rodg

Across electronic dance music genres trance, house, and techno, a particular sub-genre has been gaining steam in the form of progressive. Depending on who you talk to or your own particular research, the actual definition of progressive varies.  However, progressive styles feature a range of BPMs (beats per minute) from the lower 100s.  Thus, it provides a chill vibe, and wide array of melodic possibilities. Rodg has become a prolific artist on the Armada roster boasting great progressive trance. The ability to create aforementioned styles within the genre provides overall variety.

'Fate' is a wonderful 18 track album that takes you on a journey through progressive melodies and beats. It is hard to pin point a particular favorite track after listening through the entire album a couple of times. However, specific tracks featured on radio shows/podcasts tend to be top of mind as singles. If you like delightful progressive styles within electronic dance music, then support 'Fate' through your favorite music portal.


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