Sunday, April 28, 2019

Track Review: "Attack" by Nifra & Fisherman

Time for another track review from the Coldharbour Recordings family.  Both Nifra & Fisherman have been featured on this blog before, but this is the first track collaboration highlighted. Feel free to check out past reviews featuring these artists.  The model within electronic dance music, more specifically trance music, is to test the track out in DJ sets and on radio shows/podcasts for reaction and sound quality. That being said, this track has been an "ID" for awhile, and finally premiered on a recent episode of Global DJ Broadcast presented by Markus Schulz.

"Attack" is a driving big room trance track aligning with familiar Coldharbour sound that "attacks" your senses. As shown above by artwork, your imagination is triggered by the melodic layers and driving beats.  Looking forward to supporting this track when released May 3rd!

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