Friday, March 15, 2013


The Oscars….WHERE DO I START ?
Hollywood’s biggest night & one of the last racist institutions left that still has its own way of carrying on tradition. You would think after 75 years & with all the severe great accomplishments us blacks have made in films as well as change the film industry that we would be more celebrated or at least have special awards for black film innovators like Melvin Van Peebles, Spike Lee, John Singleton & Tyler Perry. Shit…Samuel L. Jackson should get a special merit Oscar  just for being one of the oldest dudes in the game STILL MAKING BOX OFFICE RECORD BREAKING MOVIES ! People always try to remind me of how far my people have came just because Halle & Denzel won a couple. True but the underlining is still the same & throwing us a few bones doesn’t change the premise. 3 Hours of often lackluster stage filler unless you are into movie making process or enjoy the flight of structured musicals.

Or maybe you like me where you just enjoy the recording artists who contribute an incredible song to a movie & you just want to hear them sing it live or see what type of stage presentation is gonna go along with it. Outside of seeing Ted The Bear on stage, THERE WERE GREAT MUSICAL MOMENTS ! This year’s Oscars rules in that department thanks to Jennifer Hudson who sang her classic rendition of “And I’m Tellin You” From “Dreamgirls” while Adele gave a wicked visual & audio performance of her hit “SkyFall” which is the theme for the latest James Bond movie that ended up winning the Oscar for Best New Song.  Moments like this at the Oscars are very much how it is at the Grammys now which is VERY RARE so I have to say it felt good to turn in on those solid moments. Everything else in between ? Nah….That’s what good movies or classic TV show reruns come in at. See You Next Year…PARTIALLY.

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