Wednesday, May 22, 2013

L*A*W PAYS HOMAGE TO KRIS KROSS (Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelly RIP)

It was the So So Def Records Anniversary in honor of its mogul/founder Jermaine Dupri who launched the label that would end up becoming a powerhouse in the 90’s all the way to the mid-2000’s in a very competitive industry. Though members of Xscape, Da Brat & other artists who were signed to the label or benefited from Jermaine’s production like Usher, Lil Jon, Dem Franchise Boyz & many others, THE MAIN BUZZ FOR THAT NIGHT WAS THE REUNION OF KRIS KROSS. After years of You Tube Footage & interviews which showed the trailblazing former teen rap duo in their separate different directions, many fans had been waiting to see Mack Daddy (Chris Kelly) & Daddy Mack (Chris Smith) in their adult stages performing the classics that made them a household name like “Jump”, “It’s Alright”, “Warm It Up Kris”, “I Missed The Bus”, “Tonight’s The Night” & “Live & Die For Hip-Hop”. When they came out, the crowd went crazy as the duo kicked ass & showed promise of easily being a great nostalgic touring Hip-Hop act.  It was almost like they never left & for a duo who hadn’t perform in damn near 20 years,  their timing, precision & breath control was super in point and would put many new artists to shame. That would make sense especially since Kris Kross was discovered just hanging out in the mall by Jermaine back in the early 90’s & almost overnight, they changed the game as teenagers in terms of their backwards clothing image (which was really their image) & carefully crafted songs which was rugged Hip-Hop production with serious Funk elements, strong catchy hooks & serious Pop appeal courtesy of Jermaine producing genius which enable their debut album to sell over a million copies. Later albums like “Da Bomb” & “Young, Rich & Dangerous” were critically acclaimed albums that showed they wasn’t afraid to grow whereas most labels would’ve tried to keep them as young cute teenagers but sadly on sales level (both these albums did go Platinum &Gold though), it didn’t resonate with the ever changing hip-hop public and before long, you would only see Kris Kross making rare appearances in Da Brat videos before falling out of public light with the exception of Chris Kelly who was reportedly dealing with drug related problems as well as a disease which had caused him to lose his hair over the years.  In between it all, There was talks of a solo career which also would’ve made sense because in all honesty, Kelly was the better MC between the two with his fiery delivery & rapid tongue flow & Smith’s laid back, down to earth complemented perfectly

Sad to say that this amazing reunion proved to be the last time we would see Kris Kross perform as a duo when the shocking news of  Chris “Mack Daddy” Kelly passing away soon after hit the music world. In his Eulogy, Daddy Mack said that he hopes the legacy of Kris Kross will always be remembered & never forgotten. The truth is us real hip-hoppers never did forget especially when you at a party & you witness the fact that the minute “Jump” comes on, EVERYBODY CAN’T DENY IT’S LONG LASTING IMPACT & IT BECOMES  ! All Hail The Daddy Mack & The Late Mack Daddy (RIP).

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