Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Album Review: "Marshall Mathers LP 2" by Eminem through L*A*W


On his new album "MMLP2", Eminem takes it back to basics by stripping down his usual heavy orchestrated beats to give his excellent lyricism, spellbinding wordplay & maniac flow the spotlight especially with songs like my favorite "Rap God" where he basically goes into beast mode. My other favorites "Rhyme Or Reason", "Survival", "Asshole" & "Brainless" which pretty much solidifies how much Em has allllllways stood & represented Real Hip-Hop regardless of his mega super-stardom & winning Oscars/Grammys. Em recognizes the lack of creativity & potent lyricism in Hip-hop & he supplies that need viciously with this album ! 

 Eminem should also get an award for the best & smartest collaborations which he has been doing since his first album. Rihanna shows up again on the very future classic "The Monster" & of course, the brilliant "Love Game" with the one & only Kendrick Lamar. Overall, "MMLP2" is a combination of his last 2 releases which were "Recovery" & "Relapse" which in my personal opinion I thought were still excellent albums though many other critics didn't agree & it was all depending on what they was basing it off of especially since Eminem pretty much was outshining other artists on their own songs when he guest appeared during that run of those 2 albums. "MMLP2" also proves that age will never ever have nothing to do with skill level...Em is 41 & still raps circles around the 99% climate of today's younger MC's...and to top it off, HE WENT PLATINUM AGAIN. NUFF SAID ! 

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