Monday, December 22, 2014

M SQUARED's Love for DJing & EDM....

As person who has always been involved with music since a young age, and coming from a family who is ingrained in music in some sort of facet, it was only inevitable that, I would take my place in the family legacy and continue the tradition. From playing the Alto Saxophone at the age of six, then switching to drums during my middle school years, and then finally picking up the turntables in my late teenage years, my love for music was quite evident. 

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, during a time when the "Baltimore Club Music" sound was so prevalent and dominated the club scene, dance music was a very popular thing. This sound, was my first real taste of dance music, which caused me to dig further deeper into uptempo music. Along side my love for DJing, and music as a whole, my love for music expanded even further as I got into the radio industry as a DJ. 

Working for a college radio station, I got to experience a lot of music that was underground and not as popular as the mainstream sound. This sowed early seeds for me to later become a music producer, as my radio career led me to Dallas, Texas to become a dj on one of the biggest radio stations in all of Texas. Today, producing and DJing is not only my passion, but my career as well. 

Focusing on dance music as my main inspiration for creating, I also try to make sure I consume as much music from other genre's as well to help keep my thinking/creativity "Outside The Box", and keeps my perspective fresh. 

So for me, a love for all music drives me as a DJ, and my love for creating music drives me to become the best EDM Producer and Artist that I can be. 

Until we meet again, continue to Love each other...


M SQUARED "Next Level Anthem" - Anthem

M SQUARED's Electronica Mix -


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