Thursday, August 20, 2015

Concert Review: 'Heart & Soul Tour' featuring Earth, Wind, & Fire & Chicago

When you talk about longevity in the music business, you might think of Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones, but in my case Earth, Wind, & Fire & Chicago define that word. They have been touring, and creating music for more than 45 years! Yes, that is close to 20 more years than I have been on this Earth.

Let's get in to the 'Heart & Sour Tour' shall we? So due to popular demand from the prior 4 tours from these two bands, another one was born.  The amount of hit songs each band has produced over their 45 year career, was probably enough to get fans to buy a ticket to a date, but from previous experience of attending prior tours, it was to be enjoyed.

The concert began with a brief, but awesome trip down memory lane of their hits over the years. Then both bands came out swinging with a collaborative opening of songs from both bands. Upon that, Earth, Wind, & Fire began their set of favorite hits spanning their career.  Despite the age of Philip Bailey, Maurice White, and Verdine White, the show they put on with other younger members is something to rival the newest of act out there today.  Legitimate musicianship and vocals from great bands just adds to a great show.  Chicago followed suit after a brief intermission to keep the show going.

The best part of the concert was the finale of both bands playing their most popular hits.  Everybody FINALLY stood up to enjoy the music. Yes, I don't agree with the behavior of the crowd when the band is older and putting on a great show. Get up, dance, sing along, and enjoy a concert or don't ruin it for others. We ALL pay for tickets!

Enjoying these two bands with my mother was an added bonus knowing how much she adores both bands. If you ever have the chance to catch a show on this tour or any future tours, it's HIGHLY recommended!
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