Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Album Review: 'Introspection' by Solid Stone

The Coldharbour Recordings Family and Solid Stone proudly present the album 'Introspection'.  Coldharbour Recordings owner Markus Schulz has played many of these tracks in his sets this year, and a few of them have been revealed throughout the year on the Global DJ Broadcast. Solid Stone hails from Montreal, and the dark underground sound of the city is to be highlighted. The reputation of the city of Montreal with this more progressive trance sound has been credited to the delights of many fans visiting or residing there.

The album begins with the track "Introspection", and immediately gives you a sense of what is to come as the album progresses. "Broken" & "Ursa Major-Wellenrausch" continue the story of upbeat vibes, but with a sense of curiosity.  The journey progresses with even more upbeat, and feel good vibes from the track "Profound".  If you have had the chance to enjoy a set by Solid Stone, Markus Schulz, or have been listening to the Global DJ Broadcast you may recognize this track.  It is the perfect track to begin your night at a club or find yourself in the rabbit hole.

"Heart Call" and "Pushing Up" both featuring the vocals from Jennifer Rene round off the journey in the album. Those who listen to this album in its entirety will have to figure out what that journey with the music is, but nevertheless Solid Stone, Coldharbour family, and Markus Schulz should be proud of this artist album release.

Which track or tracks are your favorite? 

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