Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Markus Schulz Presents Coldharbour Selections Part 41

In past months, many who have attended a set by Markus Schulz or listen to his radio show/podcast Global DJ Broadcast weekly have been teased with ID tracks. Well, a few of them have been revealed with the latest release by Coldharbour Recordings.

Kris O' Neil has graced us with a great remix of "Perfect Imperfection" by Omair Mirza and Avari.  Without losing too much of the original track, O' Neil's remix has a great tempo, beat, and added a few new melodies to accompany Avari's vocals perfectly. Take a listen here...

"Brainstorm" by Mike Efex vs. Sean & Xander is a great track. They have collaborated nicely to incorporate the darker Coldharbour sound, then layering great melodies and beat drops sure to be a staple in many upcoming sets. This track is trance at it's finest. Take a listen here...

This compilation is great to add to your collection. Including the Jordan Suckley remix of "Tomorrow Never Dies [Bombay]" by Markus Schulz and VASSY.  Just DO IT!

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