Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Track Review: "Cygnus" by Novaspace

Yep, that is correct, ANOTHER Coldharbour Recordings artist Novaspace has a new track out now! The track, "Cygnus" has been supported in live sets and radio shows/podcasts such as the Global DJ Broadcast, Corsten's Countdown, & A State of Trance.  

The breakdown of the track is as follows:  the introduction of the track has a break beat that constantly adds more layers for that buildup feeling.  Then the melodies begin, and well, you are already enjoying the track's vibe. A few vocals, then the MAIN melody with that uplifting and big room vibe hits you out of nowhere. You are instantly sucked into this track, and are constantly hoping that this continues, then more beats drop WITH the melody. 

If you aren't as passionate about Trance or the breakdown of what makes a great Trance track, just be aware that this track is brilliant.  As mentioned before on this blog, the Coldharbour Family is on FIRE, and the quality of music will probably keep increasing as time goes on. The boss, Markus Schulz makes sure of this.  

Take a listen here:

Than make sure to BUY HERE: Beatport 

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