Monday, August 7, 2017

E.P. Review: 'State of Mind' by Arkham Knights

In the vast world of trance music, there seems to be this consistency of quality music. Yes, the blog is biased towards this sub-genre, but due to the passion from the entire scene, it can not go unnoticed. Thus, as explained before on this blog, Arkham Knights has been blowing up the scene. The brother duo signed on the Coldharbour Recordings label has provided some great tracks. Not only original tracks, but remixes of familiar trance tracks as well. 

As most tracks go through a process that includes by being played in sets or radio shows/podcasts as an ID you usually try to figure out the information surrounding the track. However, as these tracks were in this stage, the distinct sound from Arkham Knights was easily identifiable. "State of Mind, "Fractured Future", and "Phantom" have that sound you have come to love that aligns well with Coldharbour sound. The melodies hook you in then you are mesmerized by the melodies, then those beat drops add just that much more. That pinch of dark techno sounds mixed with trance melodies has made this duo one of the most sought out artists in the scene. Have you picked up your copy yet?

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