Friday, March 8, 2019

Track Review: "Heartbeat" by ATB & Markus Schulz

Many months ago, both ATB & Markus Schulz shared photos and videos of them on social media collaborating in the studio. It sparked some excitement for the trance music world to enjoy as both have contributed to the scene in different ways. As the trance music scene continues to grow, it is always nice to see unity in the form of collaboration of quality music when competition via music business tends to consume the scene as a whole.

As of today (March 8, 2018) you can now support "Heartbeat" as the first release on ATB's RUHRTONE RECORDS.  The beauty of this track is how they encompassed both of their signature sounds in the track through interesting vocal to intricate melodic layers to intriguing back beats to entice you to dance. Despite recent plays on radio shows/podcasts, looking forward to hearing this track in DJ sets for years to come.


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