Friday, February 8, 2013


Have you noticed that popularity of reality singing competition shows is wavering these days, but "Glee" has a strong following? Now, I have watched "Glee" from the beginning, and seen the plot lines cover controversial, realistic topics, but in a musical and satirical way.  The shows's creator Ryan Murphy has gone on to create "American Horror Story" and "The New Normal", but his creative impact with "Glee" is unwavering.

I say this because of the it's natural way to bring people together via a musical show despite the society's hot and cold welcoming of breaking out into random song & dance. I personally think life would be that much better, if we could sing our feelings. However, not all of us can sing, or dance. I digress.

Before Oprah retired from her long running talk show, she had the cast on, and I remember one of her questions, "Why do you think this show has captured such an audience?" The response, because EVERYBODY can identify with music, and the emotion that accompanies music.

All who say you aren't 'Gleeks', you are, you just don't admit it. ;-)

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