Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 2013 Grammy Awards by Planet12LAW

Ahhh….The Grammy’s….The Music Industry’s BIGGEST night & in the last 8 years in terms of performances & award snubs,  A HUGE NIGHTMARE. 2013 was no exception as we noticed that the award presentations are getting shorter & the majority of the awards including the major awards are given out in the pre-show. That brings me to our first form of expected fuckery that happened this year.

The eclectic Rock band Fun took home 2 Grammys for the popular chanting record “We Are Young” which also featured Janelle Monae. The group gets up to accept & DOESN’T EVEN THANK HER NOR ASK HER TO COME UP !!! It’s bad enough that she doesn’t get the press or accolades THAT SHE SHOULD’VE BEEN GOTTEN so for them NOT to be courteous enough to do the right thing just made me lose even more respect for them in addition to the fact that they are extremely wack. Then there’s Taylor Swift who opened the show with extreme theatrics which was by all accounts wack as hell. Thank God for Justin Timberlake’s comeback performance with Jay-Z & the amazing Bob Marley Tribute featuring Sting, Bruno Mars, Rihanna & 2 Of Marley’s children Ziggy & Damien which was hands down the 2 best performances that night.  Rihanna also turned in a good solo performance as well as Kelly Clarkson & SHOCKINGLY , Miguel did too though he really didn’t need Wiz Khalifah. OH AND THANKS TO JACK WHITE FOR SHOWING WHAT THE REAL DEFINITION OF ROCK N ROLL IS !  He may not be the best singer but his guitar grunge attack level was doing it for me !! Because honestly, I don’t know what them other bands thought they were doing though I have to say that I dig Mumford & Son’s vibe.

Frank Ocean…..the famous avaunt garde  artist who had a strong victory by beating out Chris Clown…oops that’s Chris Brown in every category they were competing in. It was the biggest revenge considering the beatdown that CB reportedly gave to Frank 2 weeks prior. But then it was short-lived when Frank Ocean performed & HE DIDN’T SOUND GOOD AT ALL which pretty much throws all the genius accolades out of the window. I hope Chris Brown wasn’t laughing at that because at least Frank WAS REALLY SINGING whereas we all know that CB has pretty much hasn’t sang live since his 2
nd album LOL. If Frank is the true artist that he claims to be, I hope he reviews his performance & work on it.

I truly miss the days where people would rush home to watch the Grammys, because you knew it was gonna be dope, exciting, & you expected the unexpected from your favorite artists. With the exception of us & some of the other kick ass real artists who are still around, those days are long gone. So when I watch any award show, I wait to see the artist who are constantly being praised by critics & co-signed by other artists to bring it, but as most times I get let down 90% of the time. Hopefully next year will be better, but that depends on the industry if you know what I mean.

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