Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Talent from the UK... Trips Inc.

"They have created a nail biter, that so diversely tells a story via party anthems and beautiful songs alike, that could so easily be a Hollywood blockbuster, yet alone a best selling album.
They are unlike anything you will ever see, or hear."

James Evans - Clear Cut Pictures.

Combine the hard-hitting, slickly polished and continental beats of producer Chuck Creese, with the haunting melodies, smooth tone and unique story-telling abilities of Christian Grace, and you get Trips Inc. 
Hailing from the UK, a distinct vintage, and almost Spanish undertone to their work has already caught the attention of production and mastering heavyweight Colin Leonard (Justin Bieber, Leona Lewis, Madcon, Kelly Rowland), and the result is Trips Inc.'s debut single 'Do You Want To Dance?'.
Set for big things, the single is now available to download on iTunes, with the duo's eagerly awaited debut album set to follow early Summer 2014.

Trips Inc.'s debut single 'Do You Want To Dance?' available to download on iTunes and Amazon:


Or from:-


We have just been approached to submit an entry towards, and drum roll please.........Glastonbury's very own EMERGING TALENT COMPETITION!

We were asked to record a live video to help with our attempts to play the biggest music festival in the UK!!!

Below is a link to the video that has been submitted for our new song 'Diablo' to give you a little insight into more of the album, and what we are like as the original Trippers, with a 100% live vocal recording!

And to get a glimpse of our newest track, 'Diablo', have a look at our SoundCloud:-

And always remember Trippers.... thoughts become things.

*Side note: Take a listen and watch their videos. You may be surprised to find you have a new music love. This blog is about The Love of Music. Enjoy! 

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