Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Recorded vs. Live

As any music enthusiast would say, there is a difference between listening to music via a recording or enjoying a live performance. You really don't even need to be the most prominent music enthusiast to make this statement.

History of music has tended to write itself. For instance, the music business has evolved with the evolution of technology.  Generations used to go to "record stores" to buy records once released. The value wasn't contingent on the price, even as it is a business. From research and stories from people, the excitement of owning the music was just as much as exciting as hearing it on the radio or being lucky enough to see a live performance.

Music evokes emotions in people regardless of what you consider yourself. It has become a staple of life, through religion, pop culture, and sports. Try to think of a time where music isn't involved some way. The change in music itself over the years with new genres and collaborations has, regardless of your favorites it is important to acknowledge.  Being passionate about a artist or band or genre is great, but we must not lose sight of the beauty of differences.  

The reason there is this comparison between recorded vs. live is due to bands and artists failing to be honest with their fans. The band KISS is known for putting on a GREAT live show, and such their albums sales reflected that. The claims about lip syncing from artists since the 1980s continues as those in show business are being exposed. There seems to be that struggle between fans and artists to preserve the purity of music.  Perhaps that is why the present music landscape is not the best. It has become about smoke and mirrors, and why there has been a resurgence of bands and artists who were popular, left the limelight, and came back.

Experiencing a concert or live performance with friends, family, or fellow fans can be a rewarding experience. Appreciating the art of a live performance, and making it sound the same or better than the recording is a great reward of loving that art.

What do you prefer? The recording or live performance?

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