Monday, February 23, 2015

The Sound & Connection of Black Stax

Our sound is one where we take all forms of 'Black music' and do our best to 'stack (stax)' them together to create the most Quality material. While paying homage and acknowledging those who have laid the path for us to build on.

Our connection to music is Genuine. We come from the admiration of the artists we have listened to growing up and those that inspire us as our peers. And, see the Future in our youth. Our connection is to the Community we come from, the Struggles that have been fought, the experiences we've had , the responsibility to continue the Culture and the Humbleness to be able to create. We believe we have to be Purposeful in our messages in our music, while having the ability to capture the audience (newborn-80) with the Soul and Spirit that resonates inside our US.

Always being Thankful for our God given Talents! And, speaking for those that are not always listened to or Represented.

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black_stax (on instagram)

'Black Stax at Madaraka Festival'-

'Black Stax VOL 2:Staxin Continues' (promo video)-

'STAR' Black Stax ft Naomi WamBoe (Kenyan vocalist)- Produced by DJ Shingi, Visual created by Lady Flava

Thank You!

Black Stax

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