Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Artist Review: Straight No Chaser

If you are a music enthusiast, you may have heard of this 10 part A Capella group from Indiana. If you the music novice you probably have not considering the genre of music is not as popular as it once was, and well as it should be now.

Straight No Chaser began at Indian University in 1996 breaking off from a bigger choir to 10 guys to basically sing for girls and food as they tell their story.  Just like any group formed in college, they all graduated, went on to do other things, keep the legacy group at the IU, and well lived life. When the 10 year reunion rolled around, one of their founding members Randy Stine uploaded a video to YouTube for them to reminisce. 

This upload went VIRAL, and the president of Atlantic Records sent a message to get the gang back together as they would be needed to sign a record deal.  Speaking as a Chaser (fan of SNC), their appeal isn't just limited to their RAW TALENT, it's also attributed to their sense of humor.

This brings me to the records, albums, lists of songs, or whatever the kids use these days. They began as a group that does holiday songs, but is also known for their covers of pop songs that you know and love.  Their "Straight No Chaser Twist" is just what is needed to a group that not only loves music, but loves to have fun as well. It's translated in their performances throughout their many tours that they have had up until now. This is where you are highly urged to check out "Christmas Cheers", "With A Twist", "Six Pack", "Six Pack Vol. 2", "Holiday Spirits", "Under The Influence", & "Under The Influence: Holiday Edition".

This group is BRILLIANT, been suggested on the Podcast Trending Topics with BB, and deserves even more praise for their talent.

I will leave you with a few more videos for your auditory, and visionary pleasure.

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