Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Package Tour 2013-NKOTB, Boyz II Men, & 98 Degrees

Decided to delete an old blog started almost 8 years ago. Instead of deleting all posts, I will post many that were needed at different points of my life. Enjoy!

  Originally posted June 17, 2013

 Hello. How are you? Yep, it's been awhile. Life is busy. For those who keep track of my statements via social media, I had this plan of cruising with NKOTB and my fellow Blockheads. Yeah, that didn't go as plan. Thus, as The Package Tour approached I got the fever, and really the ONLY prescription was to go. I have had so many good times with my fellow Blockheads, and I wanted to keep my "traditions" going. One of these days, I will see Dave Matthews Band and others in concert. Despite having the fever, I really wasn't stressing out about buying tickets. Why? Well, it is normal for Blockheads to over buy tickets of any form. It was inevitable that as shows approached and friends, family or others backed out, tickets would become available. In case you are new, I haven't ever done a 5* (Meet & Greet) for a show. Mainly because the specific package sold out so quickly, and I had never seen the point. Well, there is a first time for everything. While trying to find tickets as plans changed daily, 5* from people became available. I decided that I should try what everybody who has experienced one or many find so great. Not to mention I had only planned on the Las Vegas & Phoenix shows. I appreciate every experience I get when it comes to NKOTB. You can say I continue to grow as a person. It isn't so much about the concert or event as it is hanging out with people who "GET IT". After talking to people selling 5*, it was established that I was finally going to do this. I found groups to join. Honestly, I could care less who I stand with, as long as I had the chance to hug every member and say a few words. I don't get star struck, so I leading up to the day, & majority of the day I was completely calm. Just taking in the experience, such as completing the group. It was nice that there wasn't any drama about spots, and people just filled the spots we needed last minute. I have heard horror story after horror story. Blockheads need to chill. I know we all have a favorite, but GEEZ. I must repeat what I have said in other blog entries about looking at New Kids on the Block as GUYS. Yes, they are human. The experience is what you make it. Upon lining up in the order of how NKOTB was standing, the 5* went as planned. Danny Wood is an absolute sweetheart. Mister asked us how were were doing, if we were enjoying ourselves, and a short conversation about Big Dan Wood. Thanks for hug Jordan (Buddy).  Then came Donnie (Big Papa). Upon receiving my hug, I said "What's up Big Papa? I am saxy15 on Twitter." To which he replied, "Oh, I know who you are, and you are cool one." Then I went for a hug from Joe. I asked him if he remembered the banner I gave him from his "One Too Many at Midnight" run at The Palms Lounge. Special paused, then said, "Oh, I remember you," followed by another hug. Last, but certainly not least Jon (Dude) was next. He gave me a hug then said," Thanks for coming again."  Hilarious considering it was my first time meeting him. Perhaps he's used to seeing people over and over. ;-)  All in all, a great first experience.
The following week was my local show. Yes, the Phoenix (technically Glendale), but I digress. Upon talking to seller(s) of 5*, I was all set to have one for Sunday. Or so I thought. After a morning of hanging out with fellow Blockheads and brunch, I contacted the person I was buying it from to give her the money. I wanted her to know I was good for it.  I proceeded to go to another Blockhead meet up at the Yard House to see and meet everybody I could. While chilling at the table, I received texts from the seller about not being comfortable with me giving her a check. I proceeded to ask her if she would reconsider if I gave her cash. Freaking ATM fees. The time to check in for 5* arrives. She is nowhere to be found. I began texting her, trying to call her. She kept responding with I can't get out of line, and other excuses. Umm, when I see you hours before and tell you the plan of exchange, just be straight up.  I even got permission from VIP Nation to go down to the room to get everything from her, but I am PRETTY sure she ducked into the restroom. Just FUCKING say you are going to take it. I figured it out, and I can take it. Needless to say, I had a plan B. I don't trust people just as much. I had a floor seat available. Which was my plan A at one point. I am too practical, and OCD about planning things. I HATE stressing out before fun. I ended up front row barricade again with this ticket. I didn't get to share Big Papa with a friend, but I knew I had the after party still. After checking in to the after party. I joined a group. Despite "special guests", I went straight for Big Papa.  I have been drawn to that man since I was 3 years old. Standing next to Wanya from Boyz II Men as I was holding the rose he gave me wasn't bad either.
I would have to say my favorite moment other than just partying with everybody would be when Big Papa handed me his mic during "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan for me to sing; since I knew the lyrics. Having him look directly in my eyes as I was "singing" will forever be a memory. I then proceeded to hand the mic back, but he looked surprised. You are the host man, I didn't want to take over. ;-)
As much as I try to quit these guys, I just can't. The shenanigans with friends as well as the overall events just  get better and better.

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