Sunday, November 8, 2015

Album Review: "Unbreakable" by Janet Jackson

Just in case you haven't been paying attention this year, another music icon has released a new album and is currently touring to support this album as well as all of the former hits. That icon would be Janet Jackson. There may have been claims over the years that Janet followed in her brother's footsteps, but if you have any musical awareness whatsoever, then you would know that this woman has set herself apart in many ways.

This brings us to the review of her latest album "Unbreakable", which fittingly begins with the song "Unbreakable" where Janet sings lyrics about a great love and connection she has learned to embrace over the years to a great R&B/Funk vibe.  The next song is a collaboration with hip/hop icon herself Missy Elliot "BURNITUP!" that immediately starts with a catchy vibe on its own as well as rhymes from Missy.  This song will sure to get plays at clubs, parties, and road trips alike. What Missy Elliot has done for the music business will be kept for a separate post. The next song is "Dammn Baby", and well if you like great R&B musicality mixed with Janet's vocals you will be shaking your head along to this song; oh, don't discount the breakdown of the song for a change of pace.

Next song is "The Great Forever" that begins with funky electronic vibe with a lyrics and vocals from Ms. Jackson that provide great story telling. Just listen. The following songs "Shoulda Known Better", "After You Fall", "Broken Hearts Heal", "Night", "No Sleeep" featuring J.Cole, and "Dream Maker/Euphoria" provide a narrative to the album along with remaining songs on the album.

As you listen to this album from the first track to the last one, you will notice that the adoption of electronic music has been adopted by Janet and her producers.  Electronic Dance Music is not considered a underground genre anymore, thus lending to the R&B, Funk, Rock, Classical undertones that has always been associated with Janet Jackson throughout her illustrious career. This album deserves to be bought, but if you are the streaming type, check it out on Spotify, then add the album to your collection. It's clear that Ms. Jackson took some time to live life, observe music, and put a labor of love into this album since it's been since 2008 for a new album.

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