Monday, May 23, 2016

E.P. Review: Space E.P. by Mr. Pit

If you are follower of this blog or like trance music, you may be aware of the FIRE coming from Coldharbour Recordings. Yes, the label spearheaded by Markus Schulz. You have been introduced to other artists and tracks released by this label, but now, it is time to talk about new the tracks produced by Mr. Pit.

"Destination Kepler" has that familiar dark Coldharbour sound, but with that uplifting trance vibe. The vocals are relaxing yet invigorating, then the first drop hits. You will immediately vibe, dance, and like this track. To dive a bit deeper than just the overarching melody, the background beats are infectious even for the novice trance fan.

"Lychees" has a progressive vibe from the very first beat. However, as the track progresses, you will hear the melodies. Just like the tracks before it, the infectious progressive trance vibe will suck you in, and keep you in a relaxing state of trance. Oh, and the ending of the track is a quite refreshing.

"Space Toy" is has that building, dark, Coldharbour sound from the very beginning, and it does not end. Then the melodies begin to infiltrate your ears. The build up from each new second of the song really is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the listening experience. Take a listen for yourself:


It is HIGHLY recommended that you buy these tracks and spread the word to your fellow trance family. Nice work by Mr. Pit and the Coldharbour crew!

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