Sunday, May 1, 2016

'Watch the World' Album Release Show at Exchange LA

The anticipation of the new artist album my Markus Schulz has been building for quite some time.  The #UnicornSlayer takes his time perfecting his craft in the studio unlike other artists. After knowing the album was to be released in April, followed by the announcement of the official release date April 29, 2016, then another announcement of the album release shows. It was clear the decision to attend one or more of these shows was a must. Not to mention the amazing acoustic versions that have been available for weeks now. 

The night began with a great set by Solid Stone that easily set the tone of what was to be a great night. You see at these events, it is about the music and enjoying it with other like minded individuals. As mentioned by the man himself on the podcast Trending Topics with BB, creating and feeding off the energy by the #SchulzArmy and #TranceFamily becomes a spiritual like experience. 

The set was FIRE from the very first note of "Watch the World" till his drop of his New World Punx track "Memories".  The #RabbitHole "surprise" was the cherry on top of a completely sundae of a night.  How can you not enjoy the music released by the Coldharbour Recordings Family right now? This label is just en fuego on so many levels! Huge shout out to the Coldharbour, Schulz Music Group, Exchange LA, and Markus for an incredible night! 

It is already known, that music brings people together, but when you agree on the music, it almost becomes an out of body experience. Having been apart of other "fan groups", there really isn't a nicer more passionate group of people than the #SchulzArmy or #TranceFamily.  The common courtesy, inclusion, and overall encouragement to have a great time throughout is certainly the best HIGH available.  Creating lasting memories through mutual love and respect of a man who had declared his devotion to music and the fans over and over, as evident by this past weekend, will continue.

Thank you to all of you who are becoming new found friends, and till the next event, PLEASE BUY not just stream 'Watch the World'.

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