Sunday, May 22, 2016

Album Review: 'Bagtown' by Nu Shooz

When you think of the genre of "Freestyle" from the 1980s, you think of Nu Shooz.  If you forgot their artist name, then you know the songs "I Can't Wait" or "Point of No Return".  If you have a TV subscription, you have heard a remixed version of "I Can't Wait" in Target commercials. You must respect that genre, and the artists to have emerged from that era. The Latin influence fused with electronic sounds can be credited with sparking the electronic dance music "movement" to an extent.

So this brings us to their "Nu" release, and as discussed months back on the Trending Topics with BB podcast, a return to the sound that they intended to release, but the history spoke for it self. 'Bagtown' influenced by their desire to create new music again and the artwork by founding member's son.  The opening and title song "Bagtown" immediately attracts you if you like the fusion of Latin styles with Jazz.  The vocals by all in this song are great.  The funky groove of  "Soul Cushion" will get your toe tapping or in another case you will be dancing along. "Your Perfect Day" is another funky song with a great vocals.

In fact, if you continue to listen to the entire album you will be finding yourself in a really good mood due to the passion that went into creating this album. From the musicianship in the horns to the vocals, to the rhythm section, this album was made for those appreciative of their craft. If you are looking for a "Nu" album to add to your collection, pick up a copy, add the album to your streaming favorites on Spotify, and simply enjoy it!


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